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X Display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP) is used for communicating between user's local X server and a remote X display manager. The primary purpose of the protocol is to provide a uniform mechanism for offering X login service independent of any particular host or implementation.

Install pip in docker

While T. Arboreus's answer might fix the issues with resolving '', I think the last error you're getting says that it doesn't know about the packages php5-mcrypt and python-pip. Nevertheless, the reduced Dockerfile of you with just these two packages worked for me (using Debian 8.4 and Docker 1.11.0), but I'm not quite sure if that could be the case because my host system is different than yours.

FROM ubuntu:14.04

# Install dependencies
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
    php5-mcrypt \

However, according to this answer you should think about installing the python3-pip package instead of the python-pip package when using Python 3.x.

Furthermore, to make the php5-mcrypt package installation working, you might want to add the universe repository like it's shown right here. I had trouble with the add-apt-repository command missing in the Ubuntu Docker image so I installed the package software-properties-common at first to make the command available.

Splitting up the statements and putting apt-get update and apt-get install into one RUN command is also recommended here.

Oh and by the way, you actually don't need the -y flag at apt-get update because there is nothing that has to be confirmed automatically.


FROM ubuntu:14.04

# Install dependencies
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
RUN add-apt-repository universe
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
    apache2 \
    curl \
    git \
    libapache2-mod-php5 \
    php5 \
    php5-mcrypt \
    php5-mysql \
    python3.4 \

Remark: The used versions (e.g. of Ubuntu) might be outdated in the future.

Forward X11 failed: Network error: Connection refused

X display location : localhost:0 Worked for me :)

How to solve munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer error in C++

The hint is, the output file is created even if you get this error. The automatic deconstruction of vector starts after your code executed. Elements in the vector are deconstructed as well. This is most probably where the error occurs. The way you access the vector is through vector::operator[] with an index read from stream. Try vector::at() instead of vector::operator[]. This won't solve your problem, but will show which assignment to the vector causes error.

Convert List<T> to ObservableCollection<T> in WP7

To convert List<T> list to observable collection you may use following code:

var oc = new ObservableCollection<T>();
list.ForEach(x => oc.Add(x));

How do I remove blue "selected" outline on buttons?

You can remove the blue outline by using outline: none.

However, I would highly recommend styling your focus states too. This is to help users who are visually impaired.

Check out: More reading here:

SQL Server AS statement aliased column within WHERE statement

SQL Server is tuned to apply the filters before it applies aliases (because that usually produces faster results). You could do a nested select statement. Example:

    SELECT Lat AS Latitude FROM poi_table
) A
WHERE Latitude < 500

I realize this may not be what you are looking for, because it makes your queries much more wordy. A more succinct approach would be to make a view that wraps your underlying table:

SELECT Lat AS Latitude FROM poi_table

Then you could say:

SELECT Latitude FROM vPoi_Table WHERE Latitude < 500

The multi-part identifier could not be bound

My error was to use a field that did not exist in table.

table1.field1 => is not exist

table2.field1 => is correct

Correct your Table Name.

my error occurred because of using WITH

  ON RCTE.CustomerID = Customer.ID 

when used in join with other tables ...

Photoshop text tool adds punctuation to the beginning of text

You can try : go to edit>preferencec>type.. select type > choose text engine options select east asian. Restart photoshop. Create new peroject. Try text tool again.

(if you want to use your project created with other text engine type) copy /paste all layers to new project.

Passing arrays as url parameter

Edit: Don't miss Stefan's solution above, which uses the very handy http_build_query() function:

knittl is right on about escaping. However, there's a simpler way to do this:

$url = '';
$url .= 'aValues[]=' . implode('&amp;aValues[]=', array_map('urlencode', $aValues));

If you want to do this with an associative array, try this instead:

PHP 5.3+ (lambda function)

$url = '';
$url .= implode('&amp;', array_map(function($key, $val) {
    return 'aValues[' . urlencode($key) . ']=' . urlencode($val);
  array_keys($aValues), $aValues)

PHP <5.3 (callback)

function urlify($key, $val) {
  return 'aValues[' . urlencode($key) . ']=' . urlencode($val);

$url = '';
$url .= implode('&amp;', array_map('urlify', array_keys($aValues), $aValues));

Java: Unresolved compilation problem

I got this error multiple times and struggled to work out. Finally, I removed the run configuration and re-added the default entries. It worked beautifully.

How to replace deprecated

There's no need for you to use super-call of the ActionBarDrawerToggle which requires the Toolbar. This means instead of using the following constructor:

ActionBarDrawerToggle(Activity activity, DrawerLayout drawerLayout, Toolbar toolbar, int openDrawerContentDescRes, int closeDrawerContentDescRes)

You should use this one:

ActionBarDrawerToggle(Activity activity, DrawerLayout drawerLayout, int openDrawerContentDescRes, int closeDrawerContentDescRes)

So basically the only thing you have to do is to remove your custom drawable:

super(mActivity, mDrawerLayout, R.string.ns_menu_open, R.string.ns_menu_close);

More about the "new" ActionBarDrawerToggle in the Docs (click).

Printing the value of a variable in SQL Developer

Make server output on First of all


  2. Go to the DBMS Output window (View->DBMS Output)

  3. then Press Ctrl+N for connecting server

Regex for checking if a string is strictly alphanumeric

It's 2016 or later and things have progressed. This matches Unicode alphanumeric strings:


See the reference (section "Classes for Unicode scripts, blocks, categories and binary properties"). There's also this answer that I found helpful.

Removing legend on charts with chart.js v2

You simply need to add that line legend: { display: false }

Graphical HTTP client for windows

Honestly, for simplistic stuff like that I typically whip up a quick HTML form in a local file and load that up in a browser.

TypeError: unhashable type: 'list' when using built-in set function

Sets remove duplicate items. In order to do that, the item can't change while in the set. Lists can change after being created, and are termed 'mutable'. You cannot put mutable things in a set.

Lists have an unmutable equivalent, called a 'tuple'. This is how you would write a piece of code that took a list of lists, removed duplicate lists, then sorted it in reverse.

result = sorted(set(map(tuple, my_list)), reverse=True)

Additional note: If a tuple contains a list, the tuple is still considered mutable.

Some examples:

>>> hash( tuple() )
>>> hash( dict() )

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#5>", line 1, in <module>
    hash( dict() )
TypeError: unhashable type: 'dict'
>>> hash( list() )

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#6>", line 1, in <module>
    hash( list() )
TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'

Set the maximum character length of a UITextField

For Swift 2.1+

func textField(textField: UITextField, shouldChangeCharactersInRange range: NSRange, replacementString string: String) -> Bool {

    if (range.length + range.location > textField.text!.characters.count )
        return false;

    let newLength = textField.text!.characters.count + string.characters.count - range.length
    return newLength <= 25

Hope it helps

Switch statement for string matching in JavaScript

RegExp can be used on the input string not just technically but practically with the match method too.

Because the output of the match() is an array we need to retrieve the first array element of the result. When the match fails, the function returns null. To avoid an exception error we will add the || conditional operator before accessing the first array element and test against the input property that is a static property of regular expressions that contains the input string.

str = 'XYZ test';
switch (str) {
  case (str.match(/^xyz/) || {}).input:
    console.log("Matched a string that starts with 'xyz'");
  case (str.match(/test/) || {}).input:
    console.log("Matched the 'test' substring");        
    console.log("Didn't match");

Another approach is to use the String() constructor to convert the resulting array that must have only 1 element (no capturing groups) and whole string must be captured with quanitifiers (.*) to a string. In case of a failure the null object will become a "null" string. Not convenient.

str = 'haystack';
switch (str) {
  case String(str.match(/^hay.*/)):
    console.log("Matched a string that starts with 'hay'");

Anyway, a more elegant solution is to use the /^find-this-in/.test(str) with switch (true) method which simply returns a boolean value and it's easier to search without case sensitivity.

LaTeX: Multiple authors in a two-column article

What about using a tabular inside \author{}, just like in IEEE macros:

\title{Hello, World}
I. M. Author  & M. Y. Coauthor \\
My Department & Coauthor Department \\ 
My Institute & Coauthor Institute \\
email, address & email, address

This will produce two columns authors with any documentclass.


enter image description here

How do function pointers in C work?

Starting from scratch function has Some Memory Address From Where They start executing. In Assembly Language They Are called as (call "function's memory address").Now come back to C If function has a memory address then they can be manipulated by Pointers in C.So By the rules of C

1.First you need to declare a pointer to function 2.Pass the Address of the Desired function

****Note->the functions should be of same type****

This Simple Programme will Illustrate Every Thing.

void (*print)() ;//Declare a  Function Pointers
void sayhello();//Declare The Function Whose Address is to be passed
                //The Functions should Be of Same Type
int main()
 print=sayhello;//Addressof sayhello is assigned to print
 print();//print Does A call To The Function 
 return 0;

void sayhello()
 printf("\n Hello World");

enter image description hereAfter That lets See How machine Understands Them.Glimpse of machine instruction of the above programme in 32 bit architecture.

The red mark area is showing how the address is being exchanged and storing in eax. Then their is a call instruction on eax. eax contains the desired address of the function.

How to move files from one git repo to another (not a clone), preserving history

If your history is sane, you can take the commits out as patch and apply them in the new repository:

cd repository
git log --pretty=email --patch-with-stat --reverse --full-index --binary -- path/to/file_or_folder > patch
cd ../another_repository
git am --committer-date-is-author-date < ../repository/patch 

Or in one line

git log --pretty=email --patch-with-stat --reverse -- path/to/file_or_folder | (cd /path/to/new_repository && git am --committer-date-is-author-date)

(Taken from Exherbo’s docs)

How to simulate a button click using code?

Just write this simple line of code :-


where button is the reference variable of Button class and defined as follows:-

private Button buttonToday ;
buttonToday = (Button) findViewById(;

That's it.

How do I remove all null and empty string values from an object?

const myObject = {
  key1: "Hello",
  key2: null,
  key3: "",
  key4: undefined,
  key5: "World"

const filteredObj = obj =>
      .filter(([_, value]) => !!value)
      .reduce((acc, [key, value]) => ({ ...acc, [key]: value }), {});

Display a loading bar before the entire page is loaded

Use a div #overlay with your loading info / .gif that will cover all your page:

<div id="overlay">
     <img src="loading.gif" alt="Loading" />



Here's an example with a Loading bar:

jsBin demo

  <div id="overlay">
    <div id="progstat"></div>
    <div id="progress"></div>

  <div id="container">
    <img src="">


body{ font: 200 16px/1 sans-serif; }
img{ width:32.2%; }

  transition: 1s 0.4s;
  width:0;                /* will be increased by JS */
  letter-spacing: 3px;


  function id(v){ return document.getElementById(v); }
  function loadbar() {
    var ovrl = id("overlay"),
        prog = id("progress"),
        stat = id("progstat"),
        img = document.images,
        c = 0,
        tot = img.length;
    if(tot == 0) return doneLoading();

    function imgLoaded(){
      c += 1;
      var perc = ((100/tot*c) << 0) +"%"; = perc;
      stat.innerHTML = "Loading "+ perc;
      if(c===tot) return doneLoading();
    function doneLoading(){ = 0;
      setTimeout(function(){ = "none";
      }, 1200);
    for(var i=0; i<tot; i++) {
      var tImg     = new Image();
      tImg.onload  = imgLoaded;
      tImg.onerror = imgLoaded;
      tImg.src     = img[i].src;
  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', loadbar, false);

Get final URL after curl is redirected

as another option:

$ curl -i
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 04:15:10 GMT
Expires: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 04:15:10 GMT
Cache-Control: public, max-age=2592000
Server: gws
Content-Length: 219
X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block

<HTML><HEAD><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">
<H1>301 Moved</H1>
The document has moved
<A HREF="">here</A>.

But it doesn't go past the first one.

c# regex matches example

This pattern should work:


foreach(var match in System.Text.RegularExpressions.RegEx.Matches(input, "#\d"))

(I'm not in front of Visual Studio, but even if that doesn't compile as-is, it should be close enough to tweak into something that works).

AngularJS: How do I manually set input to $valid in controller?

You cannot directly change a form's validity. If all the descendant inputs are valid, the form is valid, if not, then it is not.

What you should do is to set the validity of the input element. Like so;

addItem.capabilities.$setValidity("youAreFat", false);

Now the input (and so the form) is invalid. You can also see which error causes invalidation.

addItem.capabilities.errors.youAreFat == true;

How can I get all element values from Request.Form without specifying exactly which one with .GetValues("ElementIdName")

Here is a way to do it without adding an ID to the form elements.

<form method="post">
    <select name="List">
        <option value="1">Test1</option>
        <option value="2">Test2</option>
    <select name="List">
        <option value="3">Test3</option>
        <option value="4">Test4</option>

public ActionResult OrderProcessor()
    string[] ids = Request.Form.GetValues("List");

Then ids will contain all the selected option values from the select lists. Also, you could go down the Model Binder route like so:

public class OrderModel
    public string[] List { get; set; }

public ActionResult OrderProcessor(OrderModel model)
    string[] ids = model.List;

Hope this helps.

How to fix date format in ASP .NET BoundField (DataFormatString)?

Formatting depends on the server's culture setting. If you use en-US culture, you can use Short Date Pattern like {0:d}

For example, it formats 6/15/2009 1:45:30 to 6/15/2009

You can check more formats from BoundField.DataFormatString

Asynchronously wait for Task<T> to complete with timeout

I'm recombinging the ideas of some other answers here and this answer on another thread into a Try-style extension method. This has a benefit if you want an extension method, yet avoiding an exception upon timeout.

public static async Task<bool> TryWithTimeoutAfter<TResult>(this Task<TResult> task,
    TimeSpan timeout, Action<TResult> successor)

    using var timeoutCancellationTokenSource = new CancellationTokenSource();
    var completedTask = await Task.WhenAny(task, Task.Delay(timeout, timeoutCancellationTokenSource.Token))
                                  .ConfigureAwait(continueOnCapturedContext: false);

    if (completedTask == task)

        // propagate exception rather than AggregateException, if calling task.Result.
        var result = await task.ConfigureAwait(continueOnCapturedContext: false);
        return true;
    else return false;        

async Task Example(Task<string> task)
    string result = null;
    if (await task.TryWithTimeoutAfter(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1), r => result = r))

Android : Capturing HTTP Requests with non-rooted android device

It's 2020 now, for the latest solution, you can use Burp Suite to sniffing https traffic without rooting your Android device.


  1. Install Burp Suite

  2. Enable Proxy

  3. Import the certification in your Android phone

  4. Change you Wifi configuration to listening to proxy

  5. Profit!

I wrote the full tutorial and screenshot on how to do it at here:

How to customize <input type="file">?

Easiest way..

    <input type="file" style="visibility: hidden;"/>

How to search a string in multiple files and return the names of files in Powershell?

This will display the path, filename and the content line it found that matched the pattern.

Get-ChildItem -Path d:\applications\*config -recurse |  Select-String -Pattern "dummy" 

How to extract text from a PDF file?

For extracting Text from PDF use below code

import PyPDF2
pdfFileObj = open('mypdf.pdf', 'rb')

pdfReader = PyPDF2.PdfFileReader(pdfFileObj)


pageObj = pdfReader.getPage(0)

a = pageObj.extractText()


OS X Terminal Colors

If you are using tcsh, then edit your ~/.cshrc file to include the lines:

setenv CLICOLOR 1
setenv LSCOLORS dxfxcxdxbxegedabagacad

Where, like Martin says, LSCOLORS specifies the color scheme you want to use.

To generate the LSCOLORS you want to use, checkout this site

How to add a RequiredFieldValidator to DropDownList control?

InitialValue="0" : initial validation will fire when 0th index item is selected in ddl.

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator InitialValue="0" Display="Dynamic" CssClass="error" runat="server" ID="your_id" ValidationGroup="validationgroup" ControlToValidate="your_dropdownlist_id" />

How do I send a file in Android from a mobile device to server using http?

Easy, you can use a Post request and submit your file as binary (byte array).

String url = "http://yourserver";
File file = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getAbsolutePath(),
try {
    HttpClient httpclient = new DefaultHttpClient();

    HttpPost httppost = new HttpPost(url);

    InputStreamEntity reqEntity = new InputStreamEntity(
            new FileInputStream(file), -1);
    reqEntity.setChunked(true); // Send in multiple parts if needed
    HttpResponse response = httpclient.execute(httppost);
    //Do something with response...

} catch (Exception e) {
    // show error

c# - approach for saving user settings in a WPF application?

  1. In all the places I've worked, database has been mandatory because of application support. As Adam said, the user might not be at his desk or the machine might be off, or you might want to quickly change someone's configuration or assign a new-joiner a default (or team member's) config.

  2. If the settings are likely to grow as new versions of the application are released, you might want to store the data as blobs which can then be deserialized by the application. This is especially useful if you use something like Prism which discovers modules, as you can't know what settings a module will return. The blobs could be keyed by username/machine composite key. That way you can have different settings for every machine.

  3. I've not used the in-built Settings class much so I'll abstain from commenting. :)

remove space between paragraph and unordered list

This simple way worked fine for me:

<ul style="margin-top:-30px;">

Windows batch script to unhide files hidden by virus

this will unhide all files and folders on your computer

attrib -r -s -h /S /D

Store an array in HashMap

Your life will be much easier if you can save a List as the value instead of an array in that Map.

How can I keep a container running on Kubernetes?

Use this command inside you Dockerfile to keep the container running in your K8s cluster:

  • CMD tail -f /dev/null

How can I count occurrences with groupBy?

Here is the simple solution by StreamEx:

StreamEx.of(list).groupingBy(Function.identity(), MoreCollectors.countingInt());

This has the advantage of reducing the Java stream boilerplate code: collect(Collectors.

Seeking useful Eclipse Java code templates

I use following templates for Android development:

Verbose (Logv)

Log.v(TAG, ${word_selection}${});${cursor}

Debug (Logd)

Log.d(TAG, ${word_selection}${});${cursor}

Info (Logi)

Log.i(TAG, ${word_selection}${});${cursor}

Warn (Logw)

Log.w(TAG, ${word_selection}${});${cursor}

Error (Loge)

Log.e(TAG, ${word_selection}${});${cursor}

Assert (Loga)

Log.a(TAG, ${word_selection}${});${cursor}

TAG is a Constant I define in every activity.

How do I make a WinForms app go Full Screen

I recently made an Mediaplayer application and I used API-calls to make sure the taskbar was hidden when the program was running fullscreen and then restored the taskbar when the program was not in fullscreen or not had focus or was exited.

Private Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Integer
Private Declare Function FindWindowEx Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowExA" (ByVal hWnd1 As Integer, ByVal hWnd2 As Integer, ByVal lpsz1 As String, ByVal lpsz2 As String) As Integer
Private Declare Function ShowWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Integer, ByVal nCmdShow As Integer) As Integer

Sub HideTrayBar()

        Dim tWnd As Integer = 0
        Dim bWnd As Integer = 0
        tWnd = FindWindow("Shell_TrayWnd", vbNullString)
        bWnd = FindWindowEx(tWnd, bWnd, "BUTTON", vbNullString)
        ShowWindow(tWnd, 0)
        ShowWindow(bWnd, 0)
    Catch ex As Exception
        'Error hiding the taskbar, do what you want here..
    End Try
End Sub
Sub ShowTraybar()
        Dim tWnd As Integer = 0
        Dim bWnd As Integer = 0
        tWnd = FindWindow("Shell_TrayWnd", vbNullString)
        bWnd = FindWindowEx(tWnd, bWnd, "BUTTON", vbNullString)
        ShowWindow(bWnd, 1)
        ShowWindow(tWnd, 1)
    Catch ex As Exception
    'Error showing the taskbar, do what you want here..     
               End Try

End Sub

How to set MouseOver event/trigger for border in XAML?

Yes, this is confusing...

According to this blog post, it looks like this is an omission from WPF.

To make it work you need to use a style:

    <Border Name="ClearButtonBorder" Grid.Column="1" CornerRadius="0,3,3,0">
                <Setter Property="Border.Background" Value="Blue"/>
                    <Trigger Property="Border.IsMouseOver" Value="True">
                        <Setter Property="Border.Background" Value="Green" />
        <TextBlock HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="X" />

I guess this problem isn't that common as most people tend to factor out this sort of thing into a style, so it can be used on multiple controls.

Android AudioRecord example

Here is an end to end solution I implemented for streaming Android microphone audio to a server for playback: Android AudioRecord to Server over UDP Playback Issues

Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: Yes) after password reset LINUX

I had the same problem. You have to write mysql -u root -p

NOT mysql or mysql -u root -p root_password

make: Nothing to be done for `all'

Make is behaving correctly. hello already exists and is not older than the .c files, and therefore there is no more work to be done. There are four scenarios in which make will need to (re)build:

  • If you modify one of your .c files, then it will be newer than hello, and then it will have to rebuild when you run make.
  • If you delete hello, then it will obviously have to rebuild it
  • You can force make to rebuild everything with the -B option. make -B all
  • make clean all will delete hello and require a rebuild. (I suggest you look at @Mat's comment about rm -f *.o hello

Function vs. Stored Procedure in SQL Server

I realize this is a very old question, but I don't see one crucial aspect mentioned in any of the answers: inlining into query plan.

Functions can be...

  1. Scalar:


  2. Multi-statement table-valued:


  3. Inline table-valued:


The third kind (inline table-valued) are treated by the query optimizer essentially as (parametrized) views, which means that referencing the function from your query is similar to copy-pasting the function's SQL body (without actually copy-pasting), leading to the following benefits:

  • The query planner can optimize the inline function's execution just as it would any other sub-query (e.g. eliminate unused columns, push predicates down, pick different JOIN strategies etc.).
  • Combining several inline function doesn't require materializing the result from the first one before feeding it to the next.

The above can lead to potentially significant performance savings, especially when combining multiple levels of functions.

NOTE: Looks like SQL Server 2019 will introduce some form of scalar function inlining as well.

how to change text box value with jQuery?

Use ready event of document :

$(document).ready(function(){ /* the click code */ });

And it is better to use bind method for event handeling. because you don't want to call click action in every load of page

  $(':submit').bind('click' , function () { /* ... */ });

How to toggle a boolean?

In a case where you may be storing true / false as strings, such as in localStorage where the protocol flipped to multi object storage in 2009 & then flipped back to string only in 2011 - you can use JSON.parse to interpret to boolean on the fly:

this.sidebar = !JSON.parse(this.sidebar);

Using global variables between files?

I just came across this post and thought of posting my solution, just in case of anyone being in the same situation as me, where there are quite some files in the developed program, and you don't have the time to think through the whole import sequence of your modules (if you didn't think of that properly right from the start, such as I did).

In such cases, in the script where you initiate your global(s), simply code a class which says like:

class My_Globals:
  def __init__(self):
    self.global1 = "initial_value_1"
    self.global2 = "initial_value_2"

and then use, instead of the line in the script where you initiated your globals, instead of

global1 = "initial_value_1"


globals = My_Globals()

I was then able to retrieve / change the values of any of these globals via


in any script, and these changes were automatically also applied to all the other scripts using them. All worked now, by using the exact same import statements which previously failed, due to the problems mentioned in this post / discussion here. I simply thought of global object's properties being changing dynamically without the need of considering / changing any import logic, in comparison to simple importing of global variables, and that definitely was the quickest and easiest (for later access) approach to solve this kind of problem for me.

How to determine whether a year is a leap year?

You test three different things on n:

n % 4
n % 100
n % 400

For 1900:

1900 % 4 == 0
1900 % 100 == 0
1900 % 400 == 300

So 1900 doesn't enter the if clause because 1900 % 100 != 0 is False

But 1900 also doesn't enter the else clause because 1900 % 4 != 0 is also False

This means that execution reaches the end of your function and doesn't see a return statement, so it returns None.

This rewriting of your function should work, and should return False or True as appropriate for the year number you pass into it. (Note that, as in the other answer, you have to return something rather than print it.)

def leapyr(n):
    if n % 400 == 0:
        return True
    if n % 100 == 0:
        return False
    if n % 4 == 0:
        return True
    return False
print leapyr(1900)

(Algorithm from Wikipedia)

Display image at 50% of its "native" size

It's somewhat weird, but it seems that Webkit, at least in newest stable version of Chrome, supports Microsoft's zoom property. The good news is that its behaviour is closer to what you want.

Unfortunately DOM clientWidth and similar properties still return the original values as if the image was not resized.

// hack: wait a moment for img to load_x000D_
setTimeout(function() {_x000D_
   var img = document.getElementsByTagName("img")[0];_x000D_
   document.getElementById("c").innerHTML = "clientWidth, clientHeight = " + img.clientWidth + ", " +_x000D_
}, 1000);
img {_x000D_
  zoom: 50%;_x000D_
/* -- not important below -- */_x000D_
#t {_x000D_
  width: 400px;_x000D_
  height: 300px;_x000D_
  background-color: #F88;_x000D_
#s {_x000D_
  width: 200px;_x000D_
  height: 150px;_x000D_
  background-color: #8F8;_x000D_
<img src="" />_x000D_
<div id="s">div with explicit size for comparison 200px by 150px</div>_x000D_
<div id="t">div with explicit size for comparison 400px by 300px</div>_x000D_
<div id="c"></div>

Fill DataTable from SQL Server database

If the variable table contains invalid characters (like a space) you should add square brackets around the variable.

public DataTable fillDataTable(string table)
    string query = "SELECT * FROM dstut.dbo.[" + table + "]";

    using(SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection(conSTR))
    using(SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(query, sqlConn))
        DataTable dt = new DataTable();
        return dt;

By the way, be very careful with this kind of code because is open to Sql Injection. I hope for you that the table name doesn't come from user input

Getting the class of the element that fired an event using JQuery

$(document).ready(function() {_x000D_
  $("a").click(function(event) {_x000D_
    var myClass = $(this).attr("class");_x000D_
    var myId = $(this).attr('id');_x000D_
    alert(myClass + " " + myId);_x000D_
  <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>_x000D_
  <a href="#" id="kana1" class="konbo">click me 1</a>_x000D_
  <a href="#" id="kana2" class="kinta">click me 2</a>_x000D_

This works for me. There is no function in jQuery.

Django: Calling .update() on a single model instance retrieved by .get()?

I am using the following code in such cases:

obj, created = Model.objects.get_or_create(id=some_id)

if not created:
   resp= "It was created"
   resp= "OK"

Access-Control-Allow-Origin error sending a jQuery Post to Google API's

In my case the sub domain name causes the problem. Here are details

I used, here underscore(_) sub domain is creating CORS error. After changing app_development to app-development it works fine.

Vim: How to insert in visual block mode?

Try this

After selecting a block of text, press Shift+i or capital I.

Lowercase i will not work.

Then type the things you want and finally to apply it to all lines, press Esc twice.

If this doesn't work...

Check if you have +visualextra enabled in your version of Vim.

You can do this by typing in :ver and scrolling through the list of features. (You might want to copy and paste it into a buffer and do incremental search because the format is odd.)

Enabling it is outside the scope of this question but I'm sure you can find it somewhere.

What exactly should be set in PYTHONPATH?

For most installations, you should not set these variables since they are not needed for Python to run. Python knows where to find its standard library.

The only reason to set PYTHONPATH is to maintain directories of custom Python libraries that you do not want to install in the global default location (i.e., the site-packages directory).

Make sure to read:

AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute

Variables names are only locally meaningful.

Once you hit

return s1,s2,s3,s4

at the end of the method, Python constructs a tuple with the values of s1, s2, s3 and s4 as its four members at index 0, 1, 2 and 3 - NOT a dictionary of variable names to values, NOT an object with variable names and their values, etc.

If you want the variable names to be meaningful after you hit return in the method, you must create an object or dictionary.

How to change xampp localhost to another folder ( outside xampp folder)?

Please follow @Sourav's advice.

If after restarting the server you get errors, you may need to set your directory options as well. This is done in the <Directory> tag in httpd.conf. Make sure the final config looks like this:

DocumentRoot "C:\alan"
<Directory "C:\alan">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

Twitter Bootstrap 3: how to use media queries?

Here are two examples.

Once the viewport becomes 700px wide or less make all h1 tags 20px.

@media screen and ( max-width: 700px ) {
  h1 {
     font-size: 20px;

Make all the h1's 20px until the viewport reaches 700px or larger.

@media screen and ( min-width: 700px ) {
  h1 {
     font-size: 20px;

Hope this helps :0)

What is the cleanest way to get the progress of JQuery ajax request?

jQuery has already implemented promises, so it's better to use this technology and not move events logic to options parameter. I made a jQuery plugin that adds progress promise and now it's easy to use just as other promises:

    /* do some actions */
    /* do something on uploading */

Check it out at github

Center an item with position: relative

If you have a relatively- (or otherwise-) positioned div you can center something inside it with margin:auto

Vertical centering is a bit tricker, but possible.

How to access the GET parameters after "?" in Express?

A nice technique i've started using with some of my apps on express is to create an object which merges the query, params, and body fields of express's request object.

const _ = require("lodash");

class ExpressData {

    * @param {Object} req - express request object
    constructor (req) {

        //Merge all data passed by the client in the request
        this.props = _.merge(req.body, req.params, req.query);


module.exports = ExpressData;

Then in your controller body, or anywhere else in scope of the express request chain, you can use something like below:


const ExpressData = require("./express-data.js");
const router = require("express").Router();

router.get("/:some_id", (req, res) => {

    let props = new ExpressData(req).props;

    //Given the request "/592363122?foo=bar&hello=world"
    //the below would log out 
    // {
    //   some_id: 592363122,
    //   foo: 'bar',
    //   hello: 'world'
    // }

    return res.json(props);

This makes it nice and handy to just "delve" into all of the "custom data" a user may have sent up with their request.


Why the 'props' field? Because that was a cut-down snippet, I use this technique in a number of my APIs, I also store authentication / authorisation data onto this object, example below.

 * @param {Object} req - Request response object
class ExpressData {

    * @param {Object} req - express request object
    constructor (req) {

        //Merge all data passed by the client in the request
        this.props = _.merge(req.body, req.params, req.query);

        //Store reference to the user
        this.user = req.user || null;

        //API connected devices (Mobile app..) will send x-client header with requests, web context is implied.
        //This is used to determine how the user is connecting to the API 
        this.client = (req.headers) ? (req.headers["x-client"] || (req.client || "web")) : "web";

Javascript to stop HTML5 video playback on modal window close

For anyone struggling with this issue with videos embedded using the <object> tag, the function you want is Quicktime's element.Stop(); For example, to stop any and all playing movies, use:

var videos = $("object");

for (var i=0; i < videos.length; i++)
    if (videos[i].Stop) { videos[i].Stop(); }

Note the non-standard capital "S" on Stop();

How to set Java SDK path in AndroidStudio?

This problem arises due to incompatible JDK version. Download and install latest JDK(currently its 8) from java official site in case you are using previous versions. Then in Android Studio go to File->Project Structure->SDK location -> JDK location and set it to 'C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_121' (Default location of JDK). Gradle sync your project and you are all set...

Getting each individual digit from a whole integer

Agree with previous answers.

A little correction: There's a better way to print the decimal digits from left to right, without allocating extra buffer. In addition you may want to display a zero characeter if the score is 0 (the loop suggested in the previous answers won't print anythng).

This demands an additional pass:

int div;
for (div = 1; div <= score; div *= 10)

    div /= 10;
    printf("%d\n", score / div);
    score %= div;
} while (score);

How to install ia32-libs in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr)

For me, I have to run

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

before running Mike Tang's answer. Otherwise, I can't install ia32-libs.

How to read a .xlsx file using the pandas Library in iPython?

If you use read_excel() on a file opened using the function open(), make sure to add rb to the open function to avoid encoding errors

Detecting a long press with Android

When you mean user presses, do you mean a click? A click is when the user presses down and then immediately lifts up finger. Therefore it is encompassing two onTouch Events. You should save the use of onTouchEvent for stuff that happens on the initial touch or the after release.

Thus, you should be using onClickListener if it is a click.

Your answer is analogous: Use onLongClickListener.

Mapping a JDBC ResultSet to an object

I would like to hint on q2o. It is a JPA based Java object mapper which helps with many of the tedious SQL and JDBC ResultSet related tasks, but without all the complexity an ORM framework comes with. With its help mapping a ResultSet to an object is as easy as this:

while( {
    users.add(Q2Obj.fromResultSet(rs, User.class));

More about q2o can be found here.

Is it possible to have a default parameter for a mysql stored procedure?

Unfortunately, MySQL doesn't support DEFAULT parameter values, so:

  myDefaultParam int DEFAULT 0
  -- Do something here

returns the error:

ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual
that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use 
near 'DEFAULT 0) BEGIN END' at line 3

To work around this limitation, simply create additional procedures that assign default values to the original procedure:



    SELECT param1, param2;

    CALL blah(param1, param2);

    CALL blah2(param1, 3);

    CALL blah1(4);

Then, running this:

CALL blah(1, 1);
CALL blah2(2, 2);
CALL blah1(3);
CALL blah0();

will return:

| param1 | param2 |
|      1 |      1 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

| param1 | param2 |
|      2 |      2 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

| param1 | param2 |
|      3 |      3 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

| param1 | param2 |
|      4 |      3 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

Then, if you make sure to only use the blah2(), blah1() and blah0() procedures, your code will not need to be immediately updated, when you add a third parameter to the blah() procedure.

Embed an External Page Without an Iframe?

You could load the external page with jquery:

<div id="testLoad"></div>
//would this help

Using Spring 3 autowire in a standalone Java application

For Spring 4, using Spring Boot we can have the following example without using the anti-pattern of getting the Bean from the ApplicationContext directly:

package com.yourproject;

public class TestBed implements CommandLineRunner {

    private MyService myService;

    public TestBed(MyService myService){
        this.myService = myService;

    public static void main(String... args) {, args);

    public void run(String... strings) throws Exception {
        System.out.println("myService: " + MyService );


public class MyService{
    public String getSomething() {
        return "something";

Make sure that all your injected services are under com.yourproject or its subpackages.

Best way to check function arguments?

def someFunc(a, b, c):
    params = locals()
    for _item in params:
        print type(params[_item]), _item, params[_item]


>> someFunc(1, 'asd', 1.0)
>> <type 'int'> a 1
>> <type 'float'> c 1.0
>> <type 'str'> b asd

more about locals()

Why are my CSS3 media queries not working on mobile devices?

Well, in my case, the px after the width value was missing ... Interestingly, the W3C validator did not even notice this error, just silently ignored the definition.

SQL Server: Database stuck in "Restoring" state

Have you tried running a VERIFY ONLY? Just to make sure it's a sound backup.

Update ViewPager dynamically?

I know am late for the Party. I've fixed the problem by calling TabLayout#setupWithViewPager(myViewPager); just after FragmentPagerAdapter#notifyDataSetChanged();

Dump all documents of Elasticsearch

We can use elasticdump to take the backup and restore it, We can move data from one server/cluster to another server/cluster.

1. Commands to move one index data from one server/cluster to another using elasticdump.

# Copy an index from production to staging with analyzer and mapping:
elasticdump \
  --input= \
  --output= \
elasticdump \
  --input= \
  --output= \
elasticdump \
  --input= \
  --output= \

2. Commands to move all indices data from one server/cluster to another using multielasticdump.


multielasticdump \
  --direction=dump \
  --match='^.*$' \
  --limit=10000 \
  --input= \


multielasticdump \
  --direction=load \
  --match='^.*$' \
  --limit=10000 \
  --input=/tmp \


  • If the --direction is dump, which is the default, --input MUST be a URL for the base location of an ElasticSearch server (i.e. http://localhost:9200) and --output MUST be a directory. Each index that does match will have a data, mapping, and analyzer file created.

  • For loading files that you have dumped from multi-elasticsearch, --direction should be set to load, --input MUST be a directory of a multielasticsearch dump and --output MUST be a Elasticsearch server URL.

  • The 2nd command will take a backup of settings, mappings, template and data itself as JSON files.

  • The --limit should not be more than 10000 otherwise, it will give an exception.

  • Get more details here.

How can I put CSS and HTML code in the same file?

Or also you can do something like this.

<div style="background=#aeaeae; float: right">


We can add any CSS inside the style attribute of HTML tags.

Programmatically shut down Spring Boot application

This works, even done is printed., args).close();

So adding .close() after run()


public ConfigurableApplicationContext run(String... args)

Run the Spring application, creating and refreshing a new ApplicationContext. Parameters:

args - the application arguments (usually passed from a Java main method)

Returns: a running ApplicationContext


void close() Close this application context, releasing all resources and locks that the implementation might hold. This includes destroying all cached singleton beans. Note: Does not invoke close on a parent context; parent contexts have their own, independent lifecycle.

This method can be called multiple times without side effects: Subsequent close calls on an already closed context will be ignored.

So basically, it will not close the parent context, that's why the VM doesn't quit.

how to add value to combobox item

Although this question is 5 years old I have come across a nice solution.

Use the 'DictionaryEntry' object to pair keys and values.

Set the 'DisplayMember' and 'ValueMember' properties to:

   Me.myComboBox.DisplayMember = "Key"
   Me.myComboBox.ValueMember = "Value"

To add items to the ComboBox:

   Me.myComboBox.Items.Add(New DictionaryEntry("Text to be displayed", 1))

To retreive items like this:

MsgBox(Me.myComboBox.SelectedItem.Key & " " & Me.myComboBox.SelectedItem.Value)

How to move the layout up when the soft keyboard is shown android

Use this code in onCreate() method:


Select only rows if its value in a particular column is less than the value in the other column

df[df$aged <= df$laclen, ] 

Should do the trick. The square brackets allow you to index based on a logical expression.

How to refresh table contents in div using jquery/ajax

You can load HTML page partial, in your case is everything inside div#mytable.

   $( "#mytable" ).load( "your-current-page.html #mytable" );
}, 2000); //refresh every 2 seconds

more information read this

Update Code (if you don't want it auto-refresh)

<button id="refresh-btn">Refresh Table</button>

$(document).ready(function() {

   function RefreshTable() {
       $( "#mytable" ).load( "your-current-page.html #mytable" );

   $("#refresh-btn").on("click", RefreshTable);

   // $("#refresh-btn").on("click", function() {
   //    $( "#mytable" ).load( "your-current-page.html #mytable" );
   // });


Deserializing JSON data to C# using JSON.NET

Building off of bbant's answer, this is my complete solution for deserializing JSON from a remote URL.

using Newtonsoft.Json;
using System.Net.Http;

namespace Base
    public class ApiConsumer<T>
        public T data;
        private string url;

        public CalendarApiConsumer(string url)
            this.url = url;
   = getItems();

        private T getItems()
            T result = default(T);
            HttpClient client = new HttpClient();

            // This allows for debugging possible JSON issues
            var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings
                Error = (sender, args) =>
                    if (System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached)

            using (HttpResponseMessage response = client.GetAsync(this.url).Result)
                if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
                    result = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result, settings);
            return result;

Usage would be like:

ApiConsumer<FeedResult> feed = new ApiConsumer<FeedResult>("");

Where FeedResult is the class generated using the Xamasoft JSON Class Generator

Here is a screenshot of the settings I used, allowing for weird property names which the web version could not account for.

Xamasoft JSON Class Generator

How to print last two columns using awk

using gawk exhibits the problem:

 gawk '{ print $NF-1, $NF}' filename
1 2
2 3
-1 one
-1 three
# cat filename
1 2
2 3
one two three

I just put gawk on Solaris 10 M4000: So, gawk is the cuplrit on the $NF-1 vs. $(NF-1) issue. Next question what does POSIX say? per:

There is no direction one way or the other. Not good. gawk implies subtraction, other awks imply field number or subtraction. hmm.

Download JSON object as a file from browser

The download property of links is new and not is supported in Internet Explorer (see the compatibility table here). For a cross-browser solution to this problem I would take a look at FileSaver.js

Is it possible to set async:false to $.getJSON call

You need to make the call using $.ajax() to it synchronously, like this:

  url: myUrl,
  dataType: 'json',
  async: false,
  data: myData,
  success: function(data) {

This would match currently using $.getJSON() like this:

$.getJSON(myUrl, myData, function(data) { 

document.getElementById("test").style.display="hidden" not working

Using jQuery:


Using Javascript:


Threw an error "Cannot set property 'display' of undefined"

So, fix for this would be:


where your html code will look like this:

<div style="display:inline-block" id="test"></div>

Simple way to read single record from MySQL

I agree that mysql_result is the easy way to retrieve contents of one cell from a MySQL result set. Tiny code:

$r = mysql_query('SELECT id FROM table') or die(mysql_error());
if (mysql_num_rows($r) > 0) {
    echo mysql_result($r); // will output first ID
    echo mysql_result($r, 1); // will ouput second ID

Convert Xml to DataTable

I would first create a DataTable with the columns that you require, then populate it via Linq-to-XML.

You could use a Select query to create an object that represents each row, then use the standard approach for creating DataRows for each item ...

class Quest
    public string Answer1;
    public string Answer2;
    public string Answer3;
    public string Answer4;

public static void Main()
    var doc = XDocument.Load("filename.xml");

    var rows = doc.Descendants("QuestId").Select(el => new Quest
        Answer1 = el.Element("Answer1").Value,
        Answer2 = el.Element("Answer2").Value,
        Answer3 = el.Element("Answer3").Value,
        Answer4 = el.Element("Answer4").Value,

    // iterate over the rows and add to DataTable ...


WPF TemplateBinding vs RelativeSource TemplatedParent

They are used in a similar way but they have a few differences. Here is a link to the TemplateBinding documentation:

What's the difference between select_related and prefetch_related in Django ORM?

As Django documentation says:


Returns a QuerySet that will automatically retrieve, in a single batch, related objects for each of the specified lookups.

This has a similar purpose to select_related, in that both are designed to stop the deluge of database queries that is caused by accessing related objects, but the strategy is quite different.

select_related works by creating an SQL join and including the fields of the related object in the SELECT statement. For this reason, select_related gets the related objects in the same database query. However, to avoid the much larger result set that would result from joining across a ‘many’ relationship, select_related is limited to single-valued relationships - foreign key and one-to-one.

prefetch_related, on the other hand, does a separate lookup for each relationship, and does the ‘joining’ in Python. This allows it to prefetch many-to-many and many-to-one objects, which cannot be done using select_related, in addition to the foreign key and one-to-one relationships that are supported by select_related. It also supports prefetching of GenericRelation and GenericForeignKey, however, it must be restricted to a homogeneous set of results. For example, prefetching objects referenced by a GenericForeignKey is only supported if the query is restricted to one ContentType.

More information about this:

How to check for an active Internet connection on iOS or macOS?

import "Reachability.h"

    Reachability *test = [Reachability reachabilityForInternetConnection];
    return [test isReachable];

Get top first record from duplicate records having no unique identity

You can try the following:

  1. Create a view that simply selects all the columns from the original table but add an extra numeric column that increase in value with each record\row. You may need to make this column a non integer column (e.g a decimal and increment it by 1.00 for each record to use it in the RANK() SQL statement).

  2. Also add another column (e.g. 'RecordRank') to contain calculated ranked values for all columns using the RANK() OVER SQL clause to create values for this column - see references below. The RANK statement allows you to partition the records and then order each partition records according to the values in the order by column (use the Column with increasing values from step 1 for your order by). You use the columns with identical data in the partition clause so all those similar duplicates are partitioned or grouped together, and then ordered by the values in the extra column (order by column from step1).

3, After successfully creating the above view, just write another view to select only records with 'RecordRank' = 1

This should select only one of each record from the duplicates or partitions.

Hope this helps - malcom sankoh

Reload nginx configuration

If your system has systemctl

sudo systemctl reload nginx

If your system supports service (using debian/ubuntu) try this

sudo service nginx reload

If not (using centos/fedora/etc) you can try the init script

sudo /etc/init.d/nginx reload

Hibernate: best practice to pull all lazy collections

Try use Gson library to convert objects to Json

Example with servlets :

  List<Party> parties = bean.getPartiesByIncidentId(incidentId);
        String json = "";
        try {
            json = new Gson().toJson(parties);
        } catch (Exception ex) {

How do I make UITableViewCell's ImageView a fixed size even when the image is smaller

This solution essentially draws the image as 'aspect fit' within the given rect.

CGSize itemSize = CGSizeMake(80, 80);
UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(itemSize, NO, UIScreen.mainScreen.scale);
UIImage *image = cell.imageView.image;

CGRect imageRect;
if(image.size.height > image.size.width) {
    CGFloat width = itemSize.height * image.size.width / image.size.height;
    imageRect = CGRectMake((itemSize.width - width) / 2, 0, width, itemSize.height);
} else {
    CGFloat height = itemSize.width * image.size.height / image.size.width;
    imageRect = CGRectMake(0, (itemSize.height - height) / 2, itemSize.width, height);

[cell.imageView.image drawInRect:imageRect];
cell.imageView.image = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext();

Android WebView Cookie Problem

Solution:Webview CookieSyncManager

CookieSyncManager cookieSyncManager = CookieSyncManager.createInstance(mWebView.getContext());
CookieManager cookieManager = CookieManager.getInstance();
cookieManager.setCookie("","mid="+MySession.GetSession().sessionId+" ;");

String cookie = cookieManager.getCookie("");

Log.d(LOGTAG, "cookie ------>"+cookie);
mWebView.setWebViewClient(new TuWebViewClient());

Run git pull over all subdirectories

Run the following from the parent directory, plugins in this case:

find . -type d -depth 1 -exec git --git-dir={}/.git --work-tree=$PWD/{} pull origin master \;

To clarify:

  • find . searches the current directory
  • -type d to find directories, not files
  • -depth 1 for a maximum depth of one sub-directory
  • -exec {} \; runs a custom command for every find
  • git --git-dir={}/.git --work-tree=$PWD/{} pull git pulls the individual directories

To play around with find, I recommend using echo after -exec to preview, e.g.:

find . -type d -depth 1 -exec echo git --git-dir={}/.git --work-tree=$PWD/{} status \;

Note: if the -depth 1 option is not available, try -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1.

Simple jQuery, PHP and JSONP example?

To make the server respond with a valid JSONP array, wrap the JSON in brackets () and preprend the callback:

echo $_GET['callback']."([{'fullname' : 'Jeff Hansen'}])";

Using json_encode() will convert a native PHP array into JSON:

$array = array(
    'fullname' => 'Jeff Hansen',
    'address' => 'somewhere no.3'
echo $_GET['callback']."(".json_encode($array).")";

Python: finding lowest integer

To find the minimum value of a list, you might just as well use min:

x = min(float(s) for s in l) # min of a generator

Or, if you want the result as a string, rather than a float, use a key function:

x = min(l, key=float)

Visual Studio 64 bit?

no, but it runs fine on win64, and can create win64 .EXEs

Get text of the selected option with jQuery

Change your selector to

val = j$("#select_2 option:selected").text();

You're selecting the <select> instead of the <option>

php/mySQL on XAMPP: password for phpMyAdmin and mysql_connect different?

if you open localhost/phpmyadmin you will find a tab called "User accounts". There you can define all your users that can access the mysql database, set their rights and even limit from where they can connect.

Passing std::string by Value or Reference

There are multiple answers based on what you are doing with the string.

1) Using the string as an id (will not be modified). Passing it in by const reference is probably the best idea here: (std::string const&)

2) Modifying the string but not wanting the caller to see that change. Passing it in by value is preferable: (std::string)

3) Modifying the string but wanting the caller to see that change. Passing it in by reference is preferable: (std::string &)

4) Sending the string into the function and the caller of the function will never use the string again. Using move semantics might be an option (std::string &&)

Entity Framework The underlying provider failed on Open

If you are using a local .mdf file, probably a sync software such Dropbox attempted to sync two log files (.ldf) in two different computers you can delete the log files from the bin Directory and make sure the .mdf properties->Copy to Output Directory ->Copy if newer that will copy the selected DB file and it's log to the bin Directory. !Alert- if your DB file has only changed in the bin Directory all the changes ill be discarded!

How to install a certificate in Xcode (preparing for app store submission)

These instructions are for XCode 6.4 (since I couldn't find the update for the recent versions even this was a bit outdated)

a) Part on the developers' website:

Sign in into:

Member Center

Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles


Click "+" to add, and then follow the instructions. You will need to open "Keychain", there under "Keychain Access" menu > "Certificate Assistant>", choose "Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority" etc.

b) XCode part:

After all, you need to go to XCode, and open XCode>Preferences..., choose your Apple ID > View Details... > click that rounded arrow to update as well as "+" to check for iOS Distribution or iOS Developer Signing Identities.

Which variable size to use (db, dw, dd) with x86 assembly?

The full list is:

DB, DW, DD, DQ, DT, DDQ, and DO (used to declare initialized data in the output file.)


They can be invoked in a wide range of ways: (Note: for Visual-Studio - use "h" instead of "0x" syntax - eg: not 0x55 but 55h instead):

    db      0x55                ; just the byte 0x55
    db      0x55,0x56,0x57      ; three bytes in succession
    db      'a',0x55            ; character constants are OK
    db      'hello',13,10,'$'   ; so are string constants
    dw      0x1234              ; 0x34 0x12
    dw      'A'                 ; 0x41 0x00 (it's just a number)
    dw      'AB'                ; 0x41 0x42 (character constant)
    dw      'ABC'               ; 0x41 0x42 0x43 0x00 (string)
    dd      0x12345678          ; 0x78 0x56 0x34 0x12
    dq      0x1122334455667788  ; 0x88 0x77 0x66 0x55 0x44 0x33 0x22 0x11
    ddq     0x112233445566778899aabbccddeeff00
    ; 0x00 0xff 0xee 0xdd 0xcc 0xbb 0xaa 0x99
    ; 0x88 0x77 0x66 0x55 0x44 0x33 0x22 0x11
    do      0x112233445566778899aabbccddeeff00 ; same as previous
    dd      1.234567e20         ; floating-point constant
    dq      1.234567e20         ; double-precision float
    dt      1.234567e20         ; extended-precision float

DT does not accept numeric constants as operands, and DDQ does not accept float constants as operands. Any size larger than DD does not accept strings as operands.

Regular expression [Any number]

var mask = /^\d+$/;
if ( myString.exec(mask) ){
   /* That's a number */

How to use C++ in Go

Looks it's one of the early asked question about Golang . And same time answers to never update . During these three to four years , too many new libraries and blog post has been out . Below are the few links what I felt useful .

SWIG and Go

Calling C++ Code From Go With SWIG

On comparing languages, C++ and Go


Equivalent of typedef in C#

For non-sealed classes simply inherit from them:

public class Vector : List<int> { }

But for sealed classes it's possible to simulate typedef behavior with such base class:

public abstract class Typedef<T, TDerived> where TDerived : Typedef<T, TDerived>, new()
    private T _value;

    public static implicit operator T(Typedef<T, TDerived> t)
        return t == null ? default : t._value;

    public static implicit operator Typedef<T, TDerived>(T t)
        return t == null ? default : new TDerived { _value = t };

// Usage examples

class CountryCode : Typedef<string, CountryCode> { }
class CurrencyCode : Typedef<string, CurrencyCode> { }
class Quantity : Typedef<int, Quantity> { }

void Main()
    var canadaCode = (CountryCode)"CA";
    var canadaCurrency = (CurrencyCode)"CAD";
    CountryCode cc = canadaCurrency;        // Compilation error
    Concole.WriteLine(canadaCode == "CA");  // true
    Concole.WriteLine(canadaCurrency);      // CAD

    var qty = (Quantity)123;
    Concole.WriteLine(qty);                 // 123

How to find the path of the local git repository when I am possibly in a subdirectory

git rev-parse --show-toplevel

could be enough if executed within a git repo.
From git rev-parse man page:


Show the absolute path of the top-level directory.

For older versions (before 1.7.x), the other options are listed in "Is there a way to get the git root directory in one command?":

git rev-parse --git-dir

That would give the path of the .git directory.

The OP mentions:

git rev-parse --show-prefix

which returns the local path under the git repo root. (empty if you are at the git repo root)

Note: for simply checking if one is in a git repo, I find the following command quite expressive:

git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree

And yes, if you need to check if you are in a .git git-dir folder:

git rev-parse --is-inside-git-dir

How do I convert an enum to a list in C#?

You could use the following generic method:

public static List<T> GetItemsList<T>(this int enums) where T : struct, IConvertible
    if (!typeof (T).IsEnum)
        throw new Exception("Type given must be an Enum");

    return (from int item in Enum.GetValues(typeof (T))
            where (enums & item) == item
            select (T) Enum.Parse(typeof (T), item.ToString(new CultureInfo("en")))).ToList();

enum to string in modern C++11 / C++14 / C++17 and future C++20

Well, yet another option. A typical use case is where you need constants for the HTTP verbs as well as using its string version values.

The example:

int main () {


  std::cout << a.toString() << std::endl;

  std::cout << a << std::endl;

  if ( a == VERB::GET ) {
    std::cout << "yes" << std::endl;

  if ( a == b ) {
    std::cout << "yes" << std::endl;

  if ( a != c ) {
    std::cout << "no" << std::endl;


The VERB class:

// -----------------------------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------------------------
class VERB {


  // private constants
  enum Verb {GET_=0, POST_, PUT_, DELETE_};

  // private string values
  static const std::string theStrings[];

  // private value
  const Verb value;
  const std::string text;

  // private constructor
  VERB (Verb v) :
  value(v), text (theStrings[v])
    // std::cout << " constructor \n";


  operator const char * ()  const { return text.c_str(); }

  operator const std::string ()  const { return text; }

  const std::string toString () const { return text; }

  bool operator == (const VERB & other) const { return (*this).value == other.value; }

  bool operator != (const VERB & other) const { return ! ( (*this) == other); }

  // ---

  static const VERB GET;
  static const VERB POST;
  static const VERB PUT;
  static const VERB DELETE;


const std::string VERB::theStrings[] = {"GET", "POST", "PUT", "DELETE"};

const VERB VERB::GET = VERB ( VERB::Verb::GET_ );
const VERB VERB::POST = VERB ( VERB::Verb::POST_ );
const VERB VERB::PUT = VERB ( VERB::Verb::PUT_ );
// end of file

Codeigniter - no input file specified

Just add the ? sign after index.php in the .htaccess file :

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L]

and it would work !

Linux: command to open URL in default browser

###1     Desktop's -or- Console use:
sensible-browser $URL; # Opinion: best. Target preferred APP.
# My-Server translates to: w3m [options] [URL or filename] 
## [ -z "$BROWSER" ] && echo "Empty"
# Then, Set the BROWSER environment variable to your desired browser.

###2     Alternative 
# Desktop (if [command-not-found] out-Dated)
x-www-browser # firefox

###3     !- A Must Know -!
# Desktop (/usr/share/applications/*.desktop)
xdg-open $URI # opens about anything on Linux (w/ .desktop file)

Android: Access child views from a ListView

This code is easier to use:

 View rowView = listView.getChildAt(viewIndex);//The item number in the List View
    if(rowView != null)
           // Your code here

Getting time difference between two times in PHP

You can also use DateTime class:

$time1 = new DateTime('09:00:59');
$time2 = new DateTime('09:01:00');
$interval = $time1->diff($time2);
echo $interval->format('%s second(s)');


1 second(s)

:touch CSS pseudo-class or something similar?

There is no such thing as :touch in the W3C specifications,

:active should work, I would think.

Order on the :active/:hover pseudo class is important for it to function correctly.

Here is a quote from that above link

Interactive user agents sometimes change the rendering in response to user actions. CSS provides three pseudo-classes for common cases:

  • The :hover pseudo-class applies while the user designates an element (with some pointing device), but does not activate it. For example, a visual user agent could apply this pseudo-class when the cursor (mouse pointer) hovers over a box generated by the element. User agents not supporting interactive media do not have to support this pseudo-class. Some conforming user agents supporting interactive media may not be able to support this pseudo-class (e.g., a pen device).
  • The :active pseudo-class applies while an element is being activated by the user. For example, between the times the user presses the mouse button and releases it.
  • The :focus pseudo-class applies while an element has the focus (accepts keyboard events or other forms of text input).

Laravel 5.2 - pluck() method returns array

I use laravel 7.x and I used this as a workaround:->get()->pluck('id')->toArray();

it gives back an array of ids [50,2,3] and this is the whole query I used:

   $article_tags = DB::table('tags')
    ->join('taggables', function ($join) use ($id) {
        $join->on('', '=', 'taggables.tag_id');
            ['taggable_id', '=', $id],

jQuery prevent change for select

None of the answers worked well for me. The easy solution in my case was:

$("#selectToNotAllow").focus(function(e) {

This accomplishes clicking or tabbing to the select drop down and simply moves the focus to a different field (a nearby text input that was set to readonly) when attempting to focus on the select. May sound like silly trickery, but very effective.

How to run Gulp tasks sequentially one after the other

Try this hack :-) Gulp v3.x Hack for Async bug

I tried all of the "official" ways in the Readme, they didn't work for me but this did. You can also upgrade to gulp 4.x but I highly recommend you don't, it breaks so much stuff. You could use a real js promise, but hey, this is quick, dirty, simple :-) Essentially you use:

var wait = 0; // flag to signal thread that task is done
if(wait == 0) setTimeout(... // sleep and let nodejs schedule other threads

Check out the post!

Javascript : get <img> src and set as variable?

in this situation, you would grab the element by its id using getElementById and then just use .src

var youtubeimgsrc = document.getElementById("youtubeimg").src;

How can I set the initial value of Select2 when using AJAX?

You are doing most things correctly, it looks like the only problem you are hitting is that you are not triggering the change method after you are setting the new value. Without a change event, Select2 cannot know that the underlying value has changed so it will only display the placeholder. Changing your last part to


Should fix your issue, and you should see the UI update right away.

This is assuming that you have an <option> already that has a value of initial_creditor_id. If you do not Select2, and the browser, will not actually be able to change the value, as there is no option to switch to, and Select2 will not detect the new value. I noticed that your <select> only contains a single option, the one for the placeholder, which means that you will need to create the new <option> manually.

var $option = $("<option selected></option>").val(initial_creditor_id).text("Whatever Select2 should display");

And then append it to the <select> that you initialized Select2 on. You may need to get the text from an external source, which is where initSelection used to come into play, which is still possible with Select2 4.0.0. Like a standard select, this means you are going to have to make the AJAX request to retrieve the value and then set the <option> text on the fly to adjust.

var $select = $('.creditor_select2');

$select.select2(/* ... */); // initialize Select2 and any events

var $option = $('<option selected>Loading...</option>').val(initial_creditor_id);

$select.append($option).trigger('change'); // append the option and update Select2

$.ajax({ // make the request for the selected data object
  type: 'GET',
  url: '/api/for/single/creditor/' + initial_creditor_id,
  dataType: 'json'
}).then(function (data) {
  // Here we should have the data object
  $option.text(data.text).val(; // update the text that is displayed (and maybe even the value)
  $option.removeData(); // remove any caching data that might be associated
  $select.trigger('change'); // notify JavaScript components of possible changes

While this may look like a lot of code, this is exactly how you would do it for non-Select2 select boxes to ensure that all changes were made.

What is the difference between 'SAME' and 'VALID' padding in tf.nn.max_pool of tensorflow?

I am quoting this answer from official tensorflow docs For the 'SAME' padding, the output height and width are computed as:

out_height = ceil(float(in_height) / float(strides[1]))
out_width  = ceil(float(in_width) / float(strides[2]))

and the padding on the top and left are computed as:

pad_along_height = max((out_height - 1) * strides[1] +
                    filter_height - in_height, 0)
pad_along_width = max((out_width - 1) * strides[2] +
                   filter_width - in_width, 0)
pad_top = pad_along_height // 2
pad_bottom = pad_along_height - pad_top
pad_left = pad_along_width // 2
pad_right = pad_along_width - pad_left

For the 'VALID' padding, the output height and width are computed as:

out_height = ceil(float(in_height - filter_height + 1) / float(strides[1]))
out_width  = ceil(float(in_width - filter_width + 1) / float(strides[2]))

and the padding values are always zero.

How do I use Notepad++ (or other) with msysgit?


If you unpack/install Notepad++ into c:\utils\npp\ and rename notepad++.exe to npp.exe for simplicity, then all you have to do is

git config --global core.editor c:/utils/npp/npp.exe

No wrapper scripts or other trickery. No need to have Notepad++ in PATH.

Rails: How does the respond_to block work?

This is a block of Ruby code that takes advantage of a Rails helper method. If you aren't familiar with blocks yet, you will see them a lot in Ruby.

respond_to is a Rails helper method that is attached to the Controller class (or rather, its super class). It is referencing the response that will be sent to the View (which is going to the browser).

The block in your example is formatting data - by passing in a 'format' paramater in the block - to be sent from the controller to the view whenever a browser makes a request for html or json data.

If you are on your local machine and you have your Post scaffold set up, you can go to http://localhost:3000/posts and you will see all of your posts in html format. But, if you type in this: http://localhost:3000/posts.json, then you will see all of your posts in a json object sent from the server.

This is very handy for making javascript heavy applications that need to pass json back and forth from the server. If you wanted, you could easily create a json api on your rails back-end, and only pass one view - like the index view of your Post controller. Then you could use a javascript library like Jquery or Backbone (or both) to manipulate data and create your own interface. These are called asynchronous UIs and they are becomming really popular (Gmail is one). They are very fast and give the end-user a more desktop-like experience on the web. Of course, this is just one advantage of formatting your data.

The Rails 3 way of writing this would be this:

    class PostsController < ApplicationController
      # GET /posts
      # GET /posts.xml

      respond_to :html, :xml, :json

      def index
        @posts = Post.all


# All your other REST methods


By putting respond_to :html, :xml, :json at the top of the class, you can declare all the formats that you want your controller to send to your views.

Then, in the controller method, all you have to do is respond_with(@whatever_object_you_have)

It just simplifies your code a little more than what Rails auto-generates.

If you want to know about the inner-workings of this...

From what I understand, Rails introspects the objects to determine what the actual format is going to be. The 'format' variables value is based on this introspection. Rails can do a whole lot with a little bit of info. You'd be surprised at how far a simple @post or :post will go.

For example, if I had a _user.html.erb partial file that looked like this:


    <%= link_to, user %>

Then, this alone in my index view would let Rails know that it needed to find the 'users' partial and iterate through all of the 'users' objects:


 <ul class="users">
   <%= render @users %>     

would let Rails know that it needed to find the 'user' partial and iterate through all of the 'users' objects:

You may find this blog post useful:

You can also peruse the source:

How to play or open *.mp3 or *.wav sound file in c++ program?

Use a library to (a) read the sound file(s) and (b) play them back. (I'd recommend trying both yourself at some point in your spare time, but...)

Perhaps (*nix):

Windows: DirectX.

Remove last 3 characters of string or number in javascript

Remove last 3 characters of a string

var str = '1437203995000';
str = str.substring(0, str.length-3);
// '1437203995'

Remove last 3 digits of a number

var a = 1437203995000;
a = (a-(a%1000))/1000;
// a = 1437203995

Javascript: How to generate formatted easy-to-read JSON straight from an object?

JSON.stringify takes more optional arguments.


 JSON.stringify({a:1,b:2,c:{d:1,e:[1,2]}}, null, 4); // Indented 4 spaces
 JSON.stringify({a:1,b:2,c:{d:1,e:[1,2]}}, null, "\t"); // Indented with tab


How can I beautify JSON programmatically?

Should work in modern browsers, and it is included in json2.js if you need a fallback for browsers that don't support the JSON helper functions. For display purposes, put the output in a <pre> tag to get newlines to show.

How can I remove the top and right axis in matplotlib?

Library Seaborn has this built in with function .despine().

Just add:

import seaborn as sns

Now create your graph. And add at the end:


If you look at some of the default parameter values of the function it removes the top and right spine and keeps the bottom and left spine:

sns.despine(top=True, right=True, left=False, bottom=False)

Check out further documentation here:

Effective way to find any file's Encoding

I'd try the following steps:

1) Check if there is a Byte Order Mark

2) Check if the file is valid UTF8

3) Use the local "ANSI" codepage (ANSI as Microsoft defines it)

Step 2 works because most non ASCII sequences in codepages other that UTF8 are not valid UTF8.

Downloading Java JDK on Linux via wget is shown license page instead

This works for the JDK 6, you just need to replace the download url with the latest version.

wget --no-cookies --header "Cookie:;"

How to style child components from parent component's CSS file?

Had same issue, so if you're using angular2-cli with scss/sass use '/deep/' instead of '>>>', last selector isn't supported yet (but works great with css).

ReferenceError: event is not defined error in Firefox

It is because you forgot to pass in event into the click function:

$('.menuOption').on('click', function (e) { // <-- the "e" for event

    e.preventDefault(); // now it'll work

    var categories = $(this).attr('rel');

On a side note, e is more commonly used as opposed to the word event since Event is a global variable in most browsers.

VB.NET Empty String Array

Dim strEmpty(-1) As String

How to choose an AWS profile when using boto3 to connect to CloudFront

I think the docs aren't wonderful at exposing how to do this. It has been a supported feature for some time, however, and there are some details in this pull request.

So there are three different ways to do this:

Option A) Create a new session with the profile

    dev = boto3.session.Session(profile_name='dev')

Option B) Change the profile of the default session in code


Option C) Change the profile of the default session with an environment variable

    $ AWS_PROFILE=dev ipython
    >>> import boto3
    >>> s3dev = boto3.resource('s3')

Python object.__repr__(self) should be an expression?

>>> from datetime import date
>>> repr(        # calls
', 1, 16)'
>>> eval(_)                   # _ is the output of the last command, 1, 16)

The output is a string that can be parsed by the python interpreter and results in an equal object.

If that's not possible, it should return a string in the form of <...some useful description...>.

Why can't I initialize non-const static member or static array in class?

This seems a relict from the old days of simple linkers. You can use static variables in static methods as workaround:

// header.hxx
#include <vector>

class Class {
    static std::vector<int> & replacement_for_initialized_static_non_const_variable() {
        static std::vector<int> Static {42, 0, 1900, 1998};
        return Static;

int compilation_unit_a();


// compilation_unit_a.cxx
#include "header.hxx"

int compilation_unit_a() {  
    return Class::replacement_for_initialized_static_non_const_variable()[1]++;


// main.cxx
#include "header.hxx"

#include <iostream>

int main() {
    << compilation_unit_a()
    << Class::replacement_for_initialized_static_non_const_variable()[1]++
    << compilation_unit_a()
    << Class::replacement_for_initialized_static_non_const_variable()[1]++
    << std::endl;


g++ -std=gnu++0x -save-temps=obj -c compilation_unit_a.cxx 
g++ -std=gnu++0x -o main main.cxx compilation_unit_a.o



The fact that this works (consistently, even if the class definition is included in different compilation units), shows that the linker today (gcc 4.9.2) is actually smart enough.

Funny: Prints 0123 on arm and 3210 on x86.

Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string

In General to get rid of

Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string.

try to use echo '<pre>'; print_r($sql_query); for my SQL Query got the result as

stdClass Object
    [num_rows] => 1
    [row] => Array
            [option_id] => 2
            [type] => select
            [sort_order] => 0

    [rows] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [option_id] => 2
                    [type] => select
                    [sort_order] => 0



In order to acces there are different methods E.g.: num_rows, row, rows

echo $query2->row['option_id'];

Will give the result as 2

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Only fullscreen opaque activities can request orientation

In android Oreo (API 26) you can not change orientation for Activity that have below line(s) in style

 <item name="android:windowIsTranslucent">true</item>


 <item name="android:windowIsFloating">true</item>

You have several way to solving this :

1) You can simply remove above line(s) (or turn it to false) and your app works fine.

2) Or you can first remove below line from manifest for that activity


Then you must add this line to your activity (in onCreate())

    //android O fix bug orientation
    if (android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT != Build.VERSION_CODES.O) {

3) You can create new styles.xml in values-v26 folder and add this to your style.xml. (Thanks to AbdelHady comment)

 <item name="android:windowIsTranslucent">false</item>
 <item name="android:windowIsFloating">false</item>

Export result set on Dbeaver to CSV

Is there a reason you couldn't select your results and right click and choose Advanced Copy -> Advanced Copy? I'm on a Mac and this is how I always copy results to the clipboard for pasting.

How can I send an Ajax Request on button click from a form with 2 buttons?

Use jQuery multiple-selector if the only difference between the two functions is the value of the button being triggered.

$("#button_1, #button_2").on("click", function(e) {
    $.ajax({type: "POST",
        url: "/pages/test/",
        data: { id: $(this).val(), access_token: $("#access_token").val() },
        success:function(result) {
        error:function(result) {

Get value of multiselect box using jQuery or pure JS

I think the answer may be easier to understand like this:

$('#empid').on('change',function() {_x000D_
<script src=""></script>_x000D_
<select id="empid" name="empname" multiple="multiple">_x000D_
  <option value="0">Potato</option>_x000D_
  <option value="1">Carrot</option>_x000D_
  <option value="2">Apple</option>_x000D_
  <option value="3">Raisins</option>_x000D_
  <option value="4">Peanut</option>_x000D_
<br />_x000D_
Hold CTRL / CMD for selecting multiple fields

If you select "Carrot" and "Raisins" in the list, the output will be "1,3".

jQuery append and remove dynamic table row

        var add = '<tr valign="top"><th scope="row"><label for="customFieldName">Custom Field</label></th><td>';
        add+= '<input type="text" class="code" id="customFieldName" name="customFieldName[]" value="" placeholder="Input Name" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
        add+= '<input type="text" class="code" id="customFieldValue" name="customFieldValue[]" value="" placeholder="Input Value" />&nbsp;';
        add+= '<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="remCF">Remove</a></td></tr>';

        $(".addCF").click(function(){ $("#customFields").append(add); });

            var inx = $('.remCF').index(this);

How can I enter latitude and longitude in Google Maps?

You don't need to convert to decimal; you can also enter 46 23S, 115 22E. You can add seconds after the minutes, also separated by a space.

Message 'src refspec master does not match any' when pushing commits in Git

Maybe GitHub doesn't know who you are.

First you have to run:

git config --global "[email protected]"
git config --global "Your Name"

How do I ignore all files in a folder with a Git repository in Sourcetree?

Ignore full folder on source tree.

   Just Open Repository >Repository setting > Edit git ignore File and 
   you can rite some thing like this :


For bin folder and obj folder just write : */bin/ */obj/

CSS3 Transform Skew One Side

I know this is old, but I would like to suggest using a linear-gradient to achieve the same effect instead of margin offset. This is will maintain any content at its original place.


    <li><a href="#">One</a></li>
    <li><a href="#">Two</a></li>
    <li><a href="#">Three</a></li>


/* reset */
ul, li, a {
    margin: 0; padding: 0;
/* nav stuff */
ul, li, a {
    display: inline-block;
    text-align: center;
/* appearance styling */
ul {
    /* hacks to make one side slant only */
    overflow: hidden;
    background: linear-gradient(to right, red, white, white, red);
li {
    background-color: red;
li a {
    padding: 3px 6px 3px 6px;
    color: #ffffff;
    text-decoration: none;
    width: 80px;

String variable interpolation Java

Just to add that there is also java.text.MessageFormat with the benefit of having numeric argument indexes.

Appending the 1st example from the documentation

int planet = 7;
String event = "a disturbance in the Force";

String result = MessageFormat.format(
    "At {1,time} on {1,date}, there was {2} on planet {0,number,integer}.",
    planet, new Date(), event);


At 12:30 PM on Jul 3, 2053, there was a disturbance in the Force on planet 7.

How do I create a readable diff of two spreadsheets using git diff?

We faced the exact same issue in our co. Our tests output excel workbooks. Binary diff was not an option. So we rolled out our own simple command line tool. Check out the ExcelCompare project. Infact this allows us to automate our tests quite nicely. Patches / Feature requests quite welcome!

error: expected declaration or statement at end of input in c

You probably have syntax error. You most likely forgot to put a } or ; somewhere above this function.

HTML checkbox onclick called in Javascript

You can also extract the event code from the HTML, like this :

<input type="checkbox" id="check_all_1" name="check_all_1" title="Select All" />
<label for="check_all_1">Select All</label>

function selectAll(frmElement, chkElement) {
    // ...
document.getElementById("check_all_1").onclick = function() {
    selectAll(document.wizard_form, this);

Get random boolean in Java

Have you tried looking at the Java Documentation?

Returns the next pseudorandom, uniformly distributed boolean value from this random number generator's sequence ... the values true and false are produced with (approximately) equal probability.

For example:

import java.util.Random;

Random random = new Random();

Remove decimal values using SQL query

If it's a decimal data type and you know it will never contain decimal places you can consider setting the scale property to 0. For example to decimal(18, 0). This will save you from replacing the ".00" characters and the query will be faster. In such case, don't forget to to check if the "prevent saving option" is disabled (SSMS menu "Tools>Options>Designers>Table and database designer>prevent saving changes that require table re-creation").

Othewise, you of course remove it using SQL query:

select replace(cast([height] as varchar), '.00', '') from table

Edit a text file on the console using Powershell

You can do the following:

bash -c "nano index.html"

The command above opens the index.html file with the nano editor within Powershell.

Alternatively, you can use the vim editor with the following command

bash -c "vi index.html"

Visual Studio: ContextSwitchDeadlock

I was getting this error and switched the queries to async (await (...).ToListAsync()). All good now.

What are the differences between delegates and events?

In addition to the syntactic and operational properties, there's also a semantical difference.

Delegates are, conceptually, function templates; that is, they express a contract a function must adhere to in order to be considered of the "type" of the delegate.

Events represent ... well, events. They are intended to alert someone when something happens and yes, they adhere to a delegate definition but they're not the same thing.

Even if they were exactly the same thing (syntactically and in the IL code) there will still remain the semantical difference. In general I prefer to have two different names for two different concepts, even if they are implemented in the same way (which doesn't mean I like to have the same code twice).

powershell - extract file name and extension

If is from a text file and and presuming name file are surrounded by white spaces this is a way:

$a = get-content c:\myfile.txt

$b = $a | select-string -pattern "\s.+\..{3,4}\s" | select -ExpandProperty matches | select -ExpandProperty value

$b | % {"File name:{0} - Extension:{1}" -f $_.substring(0, $_.lastindexof('.')) , $_.substring($_.lastindexof('.'), ($_.length - $_.lastindexof('.'))) }

If is a file you can use something like this based on your needs:

$a = dir .\my.file.xlsx # or $a = get-item c:\my.file.xlsx 

    Directory: Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::C:\ps

Mode           LastWriteTime       Length Name
----           -------------       ------ ----
-a---      25/01/10    11.51          624 my.file.xlsx


How to link html pages in same or different folders?

This worked for me <a href="preferedfile name.html">to be clicked <a/>

Show Error on the tip of the Edit Text Android

You have written your code in onClick event. This will call when you click on EditText. But this is something like you are checking it before entering.

So what my suggestion is, you should use focus changed. When any view get focus, you are setting no error and when focus changed, you check whether there is valid input or not like below.

firstName.setOnFocusChangeListener(new View.OnFocusChangeListener() {
    public void onFocusChange(View arg0, boolean arg1) {
        if (firstName.getText().toString().trim().equalsIgnoreCase("")) {
            firstName.setError("Enter FirstName");

How to load a text file into a Hive table stored as sequence files

You can load the text file into a textfile Hive table and then insert the data from this table into your sequencefile.

Start with a tab delimited file:

% cat /tmp/input.txt
a       b
a2      b2

create a sequence file

hive> create table test_sq(k string, v string) stored as sequencefile;

try to load; as expected, this will fail:

hive> load data local inpath '/tmp/input.txt' into table test_sq;

But with this table:

hive> create table test_t(k string, v string) row format delimited fields terminated by '\t' stored as textfile;

The load works just fine:

hive> load data local inpath '/tmp/input.txt' into table test_t;
hive> select * from test_t;
a       b
a2      b2

Now load into the sequence table from the text table:

insert into table test_sq select * from test_t;

Can also do load/insert with overwrite to replace all.

Find the paths between two given nodes?

Dijkstra's algorithm applies more to weighted paths and it sounds like the poster was wanting to find all paths, not just the shortest.

For this application, I'd build a graph (your application sounds like it wouldn't need to be directed) and use your favorite search method. It sounds like you want all paths, not just a guess at the shortest one, so use a simple recursive algorithm of your choice.

The only problem with this is if the graph can be cyclic.

With the connections:

  • 1, 2
  • 1, 3
  • 2, 3
  • 2, 4

While looking for a path from 1->4, you could have a cycle of 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1.

In that case, then I'd keep a stack as traversing the nodes. Here's a list with the steps for that graph and the resulting stack (sorry for the formatting - no table option):

current node (possible next nodes minus where we came from) [stack]

  1. 1 (2, 3) [1]
  2. 2 (3, 4) [1, 2]
  3. 3 (1) [1, 2, 3]
  4. 1 (2, 3) [1, 2, 3, 1] //error - duplicate number on the stack - cycle detected
  5. 3 () [1, 2, 3] // back-stepped to node three and popped 1 off the stack. No more nodes to explore from here
  6. 2 (4) [1, 2] // back-stepped to node 2 and popped 1 off the stack.
  7. 4 () [1, 2, 4] // Target node found - record stack for a path. No more nodes to explore from here
  8. 2 () [1, 2] //back-stepped to node 2 and popped 4 off the stack. No more nodes to explore from here
  9. 1 (3) [1] //back-stepped to node 1 and popped 2 off the stack.
  10. 3 (2) [1, 3]
  11. 2 (1, 4) [1, 3, 2]
  12. 1 (2, 3) [1, 3, 2, 1] //error - duplicate number on the stack - cycle detected
  13. 2 (4) [1, 3, 2] //back-stepped to node 2 and popped 1 off the stack
  14. 4 () [1, 3, 2, 4] Target node found - record stack for a path. No more nodes to explore from here
  15. 2 () [1, 3, 2] //back-stepped to node 2 and popped 4 off the stack. No more nodes
  16. 3 () [1, 3] // back-stepped to node 3 and popped 2 off the stack. No more nodes
  17. 1 () [1] // back-stepped to node 1 and popped 3 off the stack. No more nodes
  18. Done with 2 recorded paths of [1, 2, 4] and [1, 3, 2, 4]

What's a good IDE for Python on Mac OS X?

TextMate or Panic's Coda. NetBeans works very well, if you want a full-blown kitchen sink IDE.

Automatically set appsettings.json for dev and release environments in core?

In ASP.NET Core you should rather use Environment Variables instead of build configuration for proper appsettings.json

  1. Right click on you project > Properties > Debug > Environment Variables

    environment variables

  2. ASP.NET Core will use the appropriate appsettings.json file:

    example of appsettings files in solution explorer

  3. Now you can use that Environment Variable like this:

    public Startup(IHostingEnvironment env)
        var builder = new ConfigurationBuilder()
            .AddJsonFile("appsettings.json", optional: true, reloadOnChange: true)
            .AddJsonFile($"appsettings.{env.EnvironmentName}.json", optional: true)
        Configuration = builder.Build();

Note: If you use @Dmitry's answer, you can run into problems eg. when overriding appsettings.json values on Azure.

Regular expression \p{L} and \p{N}

\p{L} matches a single code point in the category "letter".
\p{N} matches any kind of numeric character in any script.


If you're going to work with regular expressions a lot, I'd suggest bookmarking that site, it's very useful.

jQuery UI DatePicker to show month year only

Here's what I came up with. It hides the calendar without needing an extra style block and adds a clear button to deal with the problem of not being able to clear the value once you click on the input. Also works nicely with multiple monthpickers on the same page.


<input type='text' class='monthpicker'>


    changeMonth: true,
    changeYear: true,
    dateFormat: "yy-mm",
    showButtonPanel: true,
    currentText: "This Month",
    onChangeMonthYear: function (year, month, inst) {
        $(this).val($.datepicker.formatDate('yy-mm', new Date(year, month - 1, 1)));
    onClose: function(dateText, inst) {
        var month = $(".ui-datepicker-month :selected").val();
        var year = $(".ui-datepicker-year :selected").val();
        $(this).val($.datepicker.formatDate('yy-mm', new Date(year, month, 1)));
}).focus(function () {
    $("<a href='javascript: void(0);'>clear</a>").click(function() {

How to style SVG with external CSS?

What works for me: style tag with @import rule

    <style type="text/css">
        @import url("svg-common.css");

How to Apply Corner Radius to LinearLayout

You would use a Shape Drawable as the layout's background and set its cornerRadius. Check this blog for a detailed tutorial

How to run a Runnable thread in Android at defined intervals?

Kotlin with Coroutines

In Kotlin, using coroutines you can do the following:

CoroutineScope(Dispatchers.Main).launch { // Main, because UI is changed
    ticker(delayMillis = 1000, initialDelayMillis = 1000).consumeEach {
        tv.append("Hello World")

Try it out here!

How to replace a character by a newline in Vim

\r can do the work here for you.

How to append binary data to a buffer in node.js

This is to help anyone who comes here looking for a solution that wants a pure approach. I would recommend understanding this problem because it can happen in lots of different places not just with a JS Buffer object. By understanding why the problem exists and how to solve it you will improve your ability to solve other problems in the future since this one is so fundamental.

For those of us that have to deal with these problems in other languages it is quite natural to devise a solution, but there are people who may not realize how to abstract away the complexities and implement a generally efficient dynamic buffer. The code below may have potential to be optimized further.

I have left the read method unimplemented to keep the example small in size.

The realloc function in C (or any language dealing with intrinsic allocations) does not guarantee that the allocation will be expanded in size with out moving the existing data - although sometimes it is possible. Therefore most applications when needing to store a unknown amount of data will use a method like below and not constantly reallocate, unless the reallocation is very infrequent. This is essentially how most file systems handle writing data to a file. The file system simply allocates another node and keeps all the nodes linked together, and when you read from it the complexity is abstracted away so that the file/buffer appears to be a single contiguous buffer.

For those of you who wish to understand the difficulty in just simply providing a high performance dynamic buffer you only need to view the code below, and also do some research on memory heap algorithms and how the memory heap works for programs.

Most languages will provide a fixed size buffer for performance reasons, and then provide another version that is dynamic in size. Some language systems opt for a third-party system where they keep the core functionality minimal (core distribution) and encourage developers to create libraries to solve additional or higher level problems. This is why you may question why a language does not provide some functionality. This small core functionality allows costs to be reduced in maintaining and enhancing the language, however you end up having to write your own implementations or depending on a third-party.

var Buffer_A1 = function (chunk_size) {
    this.buffer_list = [];
    this.total_size = 0;
    this.cur_size = 0;
    this.cur_buffer = [];
    this.chunk_size = chunk_size || 4096;

    this.buffer_list.push(new Buffer(this.chunk_size));

Buffer_A1.prototype.writeByteArrayLimited = function (data, offset, length) {
    var can_write = length > (this.chunk_size - this.cur_size) ? (this.chunk_size - this.cur_size) : length;

    var lastbuf = this.buffer_list.length - 1;

    for (var x = 0; x < can_write; ++x) {
        this.buffer_list[lastbuf][this.cur_size + x] = data[x + offset];

    this.cur_size += can_write;
    this.total_size += can_write;

    if (this.cur_size == this.chunk_size) {
        this.buffer_list.push(new Buffer(this.chunk_size));
        this.cur_size = 0;

    return can_write;

    The `data` parameter can be anything that is array like. It just must
    support indexing and a length and produce an acceptable value to be
    used with Buffer.
Buffer_A1.prototype.writeByteArray = function (data, offset, length) {
    offset = offset == undefined ? 0 : offset;
    length = length == undefined ? data.length : length;

    var rem = length;
    while (rem > 0) {
        rem -= this.writeByteArrayLimited(data, length - rem, rem);

Buffer_A1.prototype.readByteArray = function (data, offset, length) {
        If you really wanted to implement some read functionality
        then you would have to deal with unaligned reads which could
        span two buffers.

Buffer_A1.prototype.getSingleBuffer = function () {
    var obuf = new Buffer(this.total_size);
    var cur_off = 0;
    var x;

    for (x = 0; x < this.buffer_list.length - 1; ++x) {
        this.buffer_list[x].copy(obuf, cur_off);
        cur_off += this.buffer_list[x].length;

    this.buffer_list[x].copy(obuf, cur_off, 0, this.cur_size);

    return obuf;

Render HTML string as real HTML in a React component

If you have control over where the string containing html is coming from (ie. somewhere in your app), you can benefit from the new <Fragment> API, doing something like:

import React, {Fragment} from 'react'

const stringsSomeWithHtml = {
  testOne: (
      Some text <strong>wrapped with strong</strong>
  testTwo: `This is just a plain string, but it'll print fine too`,


render() {
  return <div>{stringsSomeWithHtml[prop.key]}</div>

How to send string from one activity to another?

Intents are intense.

Intents are useful for passing data around the android framework. You can communicate with your own Activities and even other processes. Check the developer guide and if you have specific questions (it's a lot to digest up front) come back.

Hamcrest compare collections

Make sure that the Objects in your list have equals() defined on them. Then

assertThat(generatedList, is(equalTo(expectedList)));


DBCC CHECKIDENT Sets Identity to 0

I have used this in SQL to set IDENTITY to a particular value:-

DECLARE @ID int = 42;
DECLARE @TABLENAME  varchar(50) = 'tablename'

DECLARE @SQL nvarchar(1000) = 'IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.identity_columns WHERE OBJECT_NAME(OBJECT_ID) = '''+@TABLENAME+''' AND last_value IS NOT NULL)

And this in C# to set a particular value:-

SetIdentity(context, "tablename", 42);
private static void SetIdentity(DbContext context, string table,int id)
    string str = "IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.identity_columns WHERE OBJECT_NAME(OBJECT_ID) = '" + table
        + "' AND last_value IS NOT NULL)\nBEGIN\n";
    str += "DBCC CHECKIDENT('" + table + "', RESEED," + (id - 1).ToString() + ");\n";
    str += "END\nELSE\nBEGIN\n";
    str += "DBCC CHECKIDENT('" + table + "', RESEED," + (id).ToString() + ");\n";
    str += "END\n";

This builds on the above answers and always makes sure the next value is 42 (in this case).

How do you create a Spring MVC project in Eclipse?

You want to create a "Dynamic Web Project". Follow the steps here: Spring MVC Tutorial with Eclipse and Tomcat.

Also, here is the Eclipse documentation for Dynamic Web Projects:

How do I pass named parameters with Invoke-Command?

My solution to this was to write the script block dynamically with [scriptblock]:Create:

# Or build a complex local script with MARKERS here, and do substitutions
# I was sending install scripts to the remote along with MSI packages
# ...for things like Backup and AV protection etc.

$p1 = "good stuff"; $p2 = "better stuff"; $p3 = "best stuff"; $etc = "!"
$script = [scriptblock]::Create("MyScriptOnRemoteServer.ps1 $p1 $p2 $etc")
#strings get interpolated/expanded while a direct scriptblock does not

# the $parms are now expanded in the script block itself
# just call it:
$result = invoke-command $computer -script $script

Passing arguments was very frustrating, trying various methods, e.g.,
-arguments, $using:p1, etc. and this just worked as desired with no problems.

Since I control the contents and variable expansion of the string which creates the [scriptblock] (or script file) this way, there is no real issue with the "invoke-command" incantation.

(It shouldn't be that hard. :) )

Change Default branch in gitlab

To change default branch in GitLab:
1. Settings > General > General project settings > Expand
2. Default Branch > Change your project default branch
3. Save changes

enter image description here

What character represents a new line in a text area

&#10;- Line Feed and &#13; Carriage Return

These HTML entities will insert a new line or carriage return inside a text area.

How to reload/refresh jQuery dataTable?

if using datatable v1.10.12 then simply calling .draw() method and passing your required draw types ie full-reset, page then you will re-draw your dt with new data

let dt = $("#my-datatable").datatable()

// do some action


for more check out datatable docs

Sqlite in chrome

You can use Web SQL API which is an ordinary SQLite database in your browser and you can open/modify it like any other SQLite databases for example with Lita.

Chrome locates databases automatically according to domain names or extension id. A few months ago I posted on my blog short article on how to delete Chrome's database because when you're testing some functionality it's quite useful.

Reading values from DataTable

For VB.Net is

        Dim con As New OleDb.OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + "database path")
        Dim cmd As New OleDb.OleDbCommand
        Dim dt As New DataTable
        Dim da As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter
        cmd.Connection = con
        cmd.CommandText = sql
        da.SelectCommand = cmd


        For i As Integer = 0 To dt.Rows.Count
            someVar = dt.Rows(i)("fieldName")

How to add display:inline-block in a jQuery show() function?

You can use animate insted of show/hide

Something like this:

function switch_tabs(obj)
    $('.tabs a').removeClass("selected");
    var id = obj.attr("rel");


Maven:Non-resolvable parent POM and 'parent.relativePath' points at wrong local POM

The normal layout for a maven multi module project is:

+-- pom.xml
+-- module
    +-- pom.xml

Check that you use this layout.


  1. the relativePath looks strange. Instead of '..'


    try '../' instead:


    You can also remove relativePath if you use the standard layout. This is what I always do, and on the command line I can build as well the parent (and all modules) or only a single module.

  2. The module path may be wrong. In the parent you define the module as:


    You must specify the name of the folder of the child module, not an artifact identifier. If junitcategorizer.cutdetection is not the name of the folder than change it accordingly.

Hope that helps..

EDIT have a look at the other post, I answered there.

Getting "java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException" when trying to write to a folder

I was getting the same error when trying to copy a file. Closing a channel associated with the target file solved the problem.

Path destFile = Paths.get("dest file");
SeekableByteChannel destFileChannel = Files.newByteChannel(destFile);
destFileChannel.close();  //removing this will throw java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException:
Files.copy(Paths.get("source file"), destFile);

How can I parse a time string containing milliseconds in it with python?

from python mailing lists: parsing millisecond thread. There is a function posted there that seems to get the job done, although as mentioned in the author's comments it is kind of a hack. It uses regular expressions to handle the exception that gets raised, and then does some calculations.

You could also try do the regular expressions and calculations up front, before passing it to strptime.

Create a new line in Java's FileWriter

Try System.getProperty( "line.separator" )

   writer.write(System.getProperty( "line.separator" ));


Its best practice to have TOP 1 1 always.

What if I use SELECT 1 -> If condition matches more than one record then your query will fetch all the columns records and returns 1.

What if I use SELECT TOP 1 1 -> If condition matches more than one record also, it will just fetch the existence of any row (with a self 1-valued column) and returns 1.

IF EXISTS (SELECT TOP 1 1 FROM tblGLUserAccess WHERE GLUserName ='xxxxxxxx') 
   SELECT 1 
    SELECT 2

Using OR in SQLAlchemy

From the tutorial:

from sqlalchemy import or_
filter(or_( == 'ed', == 'wendy'))

How is Pythons glob.glob ordered?

Order is arbitrary, but you can sort them yourself

If you want sorted by name:


sorted by modification time:

import os
sorted(glob.glob('*.png'), key=os.path.getmtime)

sorted by size:

import os
sorted(glob.glob('*.png'), key=os.path.getsize)


How to fix C++ error: expected unqualified-id

Semicolon should be at the end of the class definition rather than after the name:

class WordGame

How to Verify if file exist with VB script

There is no built-in functionality in VBS for that, however, you can use the FileSystemObject FileExists function for that :

Option Explicit
DIM fso    
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If (fso.FileExists("C:\Program Files\conf")) Then
  WScript.Echo("File exists!")
  WScript.Echo("File does not exist!")
End If