[javascript] How do you get the cursor position in a textarea?

I have a textarea and I would like to know if I am on the last line in the textarea or the first line in the textarea with my cursor with JavaScript.

I thought of grabbing the position of the first newline character and the last newline character and then grabbing the position of the cursor.

var firstNewline = $('#myTextarea').val().indexOf('\n');
var lastNewline = $('#myTextarea').val().lastIndexOf('\n');

var cursorPosition = ?????;

if (cursorPosition < firstNewline)
    // I am on first line.
else if (cursorPosition > lastNewline)
    // I am on last line.
  • Is it possible to grab the cursor position within the textarea?
  • Do you have a better suggestion for finding out if I am on the first or last line of a textarea?

jQuery solutions preferred unless JavaScript is as simple or simpler.

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The answer is

If there is no selection, you can use the properties .selectionStart or .selectionEnd (with no selection they're equal).

var cursorPosition = $('#myTextarea').prop("selectionStart");

Note that this is not supported in older browsers, most notably IE8-. There you'll have to work with text ranges, but it's a complete frustration.

I believe there is a library somewhere which is dedicated to getting and setting selections/cursor positions in input elements, though. I can't recall its name, but there seem to be dozens on articles about this subject.

Here is code to get line number and column position

function getLineNumber(tArea) {

    return tArea.value.substr(0, tArea.selectionStart).split("\n").length;

function getCursorPos() {
    var me = $("textarea[name='documenttext']")[0];
    var el = $(me).get(0);
    var pos = 0;
    if ('selectionStart' in el) {
        pos = el.selectionStart;
    } else if ('selection' in document) {
        var Sel = document.selection.createRange();
        var SelLength = document.selection.createRange().text.length;
        Sel.moveStart('character', -el.value.length);
        pos = Sel.text.length - SelLength;
    var ret = pos - prevLine(me);

    return ret; 

function prevLine(me) {
    var lineArr = me.value.substr(0, me.selectionStart).split("\n");

    var numChars = 0;

    for (var i = 0; i < lineArr.length-1; i++) {
        numChars += lineArr[i].length+1;

    return numChars;

tArea is the text area DOM element

Here's a cross browser function I have in my standard library:

function getCursorPos(input) {
    if ("selectionStart" in input && document.activeElement == input) {
        return {
            start: input.selectionStart,
            end: input.selectionEnd
    else if (input.createTextRange) {
        var sel = document.selection.createRange();
        if (sel.parentElement() === input) {
            var rng = input.createTextRange();
            for (var len = 0;
                     rng.compareEndPoints("EndToStart", rng) > 0;
                     rng.moveEnd("character", -1)) {
            rng.setEndPoint("StartToStart", input.createTextRange());
            for (var pos = { start: 0, end: len };
                     rng.compareEndPoints("EndToStart", rng) > 0;
                     rng.moveEnd("character", -1)) {
            return pos;
    return -1;

Use it in your code like this:

var cursorPosition = getCursorPos($('#myTextarea')[0])

Here's its complementary function:

function setCursorPos(input, start, end) {
    if (arguments.length < 3) end = start;
    if ("selectionStart" in input) {
        setTimeout(function() {
            input.selectionStart = start;
            input.selectionEnd = end;
        }, 1);
    else if (input.createTextRange) {
        var rng = input.createTextRange();
        rng.moveStart("character", start);
        rng.moveEnd("character", end - start);


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