[data-binding] Get user input from textarea

I'm new to angular2. I want to store user input from a text area in a variable in my component so I can apply some logic to this input. I tried ngModel but it doesn't work. My code for the textarea:

<textarea cols="30" rows="4" [(ngModel)] = "str"></textarea>

And inside my component:

str: string;
//some logic on str

But I don't get any value in str inside my component. Is there an error with the way I'm using ngModule ?

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The answer is

Remove the spaces around your =:

  <input type="text" [(ngModel)]="str" name="str">

But you need to have the variable named str on back-end, than its should work fine.

Tested with Angular2 RC2

I tried a code-snippet similar to yours and it works for me ;) see [(ngModel)] = "str" in my template If you push the button, the console logs the current content of the textarea-field. Hope it helps


import {Component} from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'textarea-comp',
  template: `
      <textarea cols="30" rows="4" [(ngModel)] = "str"></textarea>
      <p><button (click)="pushMe()">pushMeToLog</button></p>

  export class TextAreaComponent {
    str: string;

  pushMe() {
      console.log( "TextAreaComponent::str: " + this.str);

Here is full component example

import { Component } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'app-text-box',
  template: `
        <h1>Text ({{textValue}})</h1>
        <input #textbox type="text" [(ngModel)]="textValue" required>
        <button (click)="logText(textbox.value)">Update Log</button>
        <button (click)="textValue=''">Clear</button>

        <h2>Template Reference Variable</h2>
        Type: '{{textbox.type}}', required: '{{textbox.hasAttribute('required')}}',
        upper: '{{textbox.value.toUpperCase()}}'

        <h2>Log <button (click)="log=''">Clear</button></h2>
export class TextComponent {

  textValue = 'initial value';
  log = '';

  logText(value: string): void {
    this.log += `Text changed to '${value}'\n`;

Just in case, instead of [(ngModel)] you can use (input) (is fired when a user writes something in the input <textarea>) or (blur) (is fired when a user leaves the input <textarea>) event,

<textarea cols="30" rows="4" (input)="str = $event.target.value"></textarea>

  <input type="text"  #titleInput>
  <button type="submit" (click) = 'addTodo(titleInput.value)'>Add</button>

  addTodo(title:string) {

I think you should not use spaces between the [(ngModel)] the = and the str. Then you should use a button or something like this with a click function and in this function you can use the values of your inputfields.

<input id="str" [(ngModel)]="str"/>
<button (click)="sendValues()">Send</button>

and in your component file

str: string;
sendValues(): void {
//do sth with the str e.g. console.log(this.str);

Hope I can help you.

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