[html] How to open a link in new tab using angular?

I have an angular 5 component that needs to open a link in new tab, I tried the following:

<a href="www.example.com" target="_blank">page link</a>

when I open the link, the application gets slow and opens a route like:


My question is: What is the correct way to do this in angular?

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The answer is

Some browser may block popup created by window.open(url, "_blank");. An alternative is to create a link and click on it.


  constructor(@Inject(DOCUMENT) private document: Document) {}

  openNewWindow(): void {
    const link = this.document.createElement('a');
    link.target = '_blank';
    link.href = 'http://www.your-url.com';

In the app-routing.modules.ts file:

    path: 'hero/:id', component: HeroComponent

In the component.html file:

target="_blank" [routerLink]="['/hero', '/sachin']"

<a [routerLink]="" (click)="openSite(SiteUrl)">{{SiteUrl}}</a>

and in your Component.ts

openSite(siteUrl) {
   window.open("//" + siteUrl, '_blank');

just use the full url as href like this:

<a href="https://www.example.com/" target="_blank">page link</a>

Try this:


No need to use '_blank'. window.open by default opens a link in a new tab.

Use window.open(). It's pretty straightforward !

In your component.html file-

<a (click)="goToLink("www.example.com")">page link</a>

In your component.ts file-

goToLink(url: string){
    window.open(url, "_blank");

Just add target="_blank" to the

<a mat-raised-button target="_blank" [routerLink]="['/find-post/post', post.postID]"
    class="theme-btn bg-grey white-text mx-2 mb-2">
    Open in New Window

you can try binding property whit route

in your component.ts user:any = 'linkABC';

in your component.html <a target="_blank" href="yourtab/{{user}}">new tab </a>

I have just discovered an alternative way of opening a new tab with the Router.

On your template,

<a (click)="openNewTab()" >page link</a>

And on your component.ts, you can use serializeUrl to convert the route into a string, which can be used with window.open()

openNewTab() {
  const url = this.router.serializeUrl(

  window.open(url, '_blank');

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