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angular.element vs document.getElementById or jQuery selector with spin (busy) control

Maybe I am too late here but this will work :

var target = angular.element(appBusyIndicator);

Notice, there is no appBusyIndicator, it is plain ID value.

What is happening behind the scenes: (assuming it's applied on a div) (taken from angular.js line no : 2769 onwards...)

function JQLite(element) {     //element = div#appBusyIndicator
  if (element instanceof JQLite) {
    return element;

  var argIsString;

  if (isString(element)) {
    element = trim(element);
    argIsString = true;
  if (!(this instanceof JQLite)) {
    if (argIsString && element.charAt(0) != '<') {
      throw jqLiteMinErr('nosel', 'Looking up elements via selectors is not supported by jqLite! See:');
    return new JQLite(element);

By default if there is no jQuery on the page, jqLite will be used. The argument is internally understood as an id and corresponding jQuery object is returned.

Should I use px or rem value units in my CSS?

Yes, REM and PX are relative yet other answers have suggested to go for REM over PX, I would also like to back this up using an accessibility example.
When user sets different font-size on browser, REM automatically scale up and down elements like fonts, images etc on the webpage which is not the case with PX.

In the below gif left side text is set using font size REM unit while right side font is set by PX unit.

enter image description here

As you can see that REM is scaling up/down automatically when I resize the default font-size of webpage.(bottom-right side)

Default font-size of a webpage is 16px which is equal to 1 rem (only for default html page i.e. html{font-size:100%}), so, 1.25rem is equal to 20px.

P.S: who else is using REM? CSS Frameworks! like Bootstrap 4, Bulma CSS etc, so better get along with it.

When to use static classes in C#

I wrote my thoughts of static classes in an earlier Stack Overflow answer: Class with single method -- best approach?

I used to love utility classes filled up with static methods. They made a great consolidation of helper methods that would otherwise lie around causing redundancy and maintenance hell. They're very easy to use, no instantiation, no disposal, just fire'n'forget. I guess this was my first unwitting attempt at creating a service-oriented architecture - lots of stateless services that just did their job and nothing else. As a system grows however, dragons be coming.


Say we have the method UtilityClass.SomeMethod that happily buzzes along. Suddenly we need to change the functionality slightly. Most of the functionality is the same, but we have to change a couple of parts nonetheless. Had it not been a static method, we could make a derivate class and change the method contents as needed. As it's a static method, we can't. Sure, if we just need to add functionality either before or after the old method, we can create a new class and call the old one inside of it - but that's just gross.

Interface woes

Static methods cannot be defined through interfaces for logic reasons. And since we can't override static methods, static classes are useless when we need to pass them around by their interface. This renders us unable to use static classes as part of a strategy pattern. We might patch some issues up by passing delegates instead of interfaces.


This basically goes hand in hand with the interface woes mentioned above. As our ability of interchanging implementations is very limited, we'll also have trouble replacing production code with test code. Again, we can wrap them up, but it'll require us to change large parts of our code just to be able to accept wrappers instead of the actual objects.

Fosters blobs

As static methods are usually used as utility methods and utility methods usually will have different purposes, we'll quickly end up with a large class filled up with non-coherent functionality - ideally, each class should have a single purpose within the system. I'd much rather have a five times the classes as long as their purposes are well defined.

Parameter creep

To begin with, that little cute and innocent static method might take a single parameter. As functionality grows, a couple of new parameters are added. Soon further parameters are added that are optional, so we create overloads of the method (or just add default values, in languages that support them). Before long, we have a method that takes 10 parameters. Only the first three are really required, parameters 4-7 are optional. But if parameter 6 is specified, 7-9 are required to be filled in as well... Had we created a class with the single purpose of doing what this static method did, we could solve this by taking in the required parameters in the constructor, and allowing the user to set optional values through properties, or methods to set multiple interdependent values at the same time. Also, if a method has grown to this amount of complexity, it most likely needs to be in its own class anyway.

Demanding consumers to create an instance of classes for no reason

One of the most common arguments is: Why demand that consumers of our class create an instance for invoking this single method, while having no use for the instance afterwards? Creating an instance of a class is a very very cheap operation in most languages, so speed is not an issue. Adding an extra line of code to the consumer is a low cost for laying the foundation of a much more maintainable solution in the future. And finally, if you want to avoid creating instances, simply create a singleton wrapper of your class that allows for easy reuse - although this does make the requirement that your class is stateless. If it's not stateless, you can still create static wrapper methods that handle everything, while still giving you all the benefits in the long run. Finally, you could also make a class that hides the instantiation as if it was a singleton: MyWrapper.Instance is a property that just returns new MyClass();

Only a Sith deals in absolutes

Of course, there are exceptions to my dislike of static methods. True utility classes that do not pose any risk to bloat are excellent cases for static methods - System.Convert as an example. If your project is a one-off with no requirements for future maintenance, the overall architecture really isn't very important - static or non static, doesn't really matter - development speed does, however.

Standards, standards, standards!

Using instance methods does not inhibit you from also using static methods, and vice versa. As long as there's reasoning behind the differentiation and it's standardised. There's nothing worse than looking over a business layer sprawling with different implementation methods.

Pentaho Data Integration SQL connection

At the present time, there is a simple way to fix this problem:

  1. Go to Tools ? MarketPlace and search for "PDI MySQL Plugin"
  2. Install it ( this will automatically install the missing driver here: data-integration\plugins\databases\pdi-mysql-plugin\lib )
  3. Restart Pentaho
  4. Done.

How can I edit javascript in my browser like I can use Firebug to edit CSS/HTML?

Firefox Developer Edition (59.0b6) has Scratchpad (Shift +F4) where you can run javascript

Why does this code using random strings print "hello world"?

Random always return the same sequence. It's used for shuffling arrays and other operations as permutations.

To get different sequences, it's necessary initialize the sequence in some position, called "seed".

The randomSting get the random number in the i position (seed = -229985452) of the "random" sequence. Then uses the ASCII code for the next 27 character in the sequence after the seed position until this value are equal to 0. This return the "hello". The same operation is done for "world".

I think that the code did not work for any other words. The guy that programmed that knows the random sequence very well.

It's very great geek code!

How to concatenate two layers in keras?

Adding to the above-accepted answer so that it helps those who are using tensorflow 2.0

import tensorflow as tf

# some data
c1 = tf.constant([[1, 1, 1], [2, 2, 2]], dtype=tf.float32)
c2 = tf.constant([[2, 2, 2], [3, 3, 3]], dtype=tf.float32)
c3 = tf.constant([[3, 3, 3], [4, 4, 4]], dtype=tf.float32)

# bake layers x1, x2, x3
x1 = tf.keras.layers.Dense(10)(c1)
x2 = tf.keras.layers.Dense(10)(c2)
x3 = tf.keras.layers.Dense(10)(c3)

# merged layer y1
y1 = tf.keras.layers.Concatenate(axis=1)([x1, x2])

# merged layer y2
y2 = tf.keras.layers.Concatenate(axis=1)([y1, x3])

# print info
print("x1", x1.shape, "x2", x2.shape, "x3", x3.shape)
print("y1", y1.shape)
print("y2", y2.shape)


x1 (2, 10) x2 (2, 10) x3 (2, 10)
y1 (2, 20)
y2 (2, 30)

PHP json_encode encoding numbers as strings

Note that since PHP 5.3.3, there's a flag for auto-converting numbers (the options parameter was added in PHP 5.3.0):

$arr = array( 'row_id' => '1', 'name' => 'George' );
echo json_encode( $arr, JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK ); // {"row_id":1,"name":"George"}

How to encrypt and decrypt String with my passphrase in Java (Pc not mobile platform)?

I just want to add that if you want to somehow store the encrypted byte array as String and then retrieve it and decrypt it (often for obfuscation of database values) you can use this approach:

import javax.crypto.Cipher;
import javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec;
public class StrongAES 
    public void run() 
            String text = "Hello World";
            String key = "Bar12345Bar12345"; // 128 bit key
            // Create key and cipher
            Key aesKey = new SecretKeySpec(key.getBytes(), "AES");
            Cipher cipher = Cipher.getInstance("AES");
            // encrypt the text
            cipher.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, aesKey);
            byte[] encrypted = cipher.doFinal(text.getBytes());

            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
            for (byte b: encrypted) {

            // the encrypted String
            String enc = sb.toString();
            System.out.println("encrypted:" + enc);

            // now convert the string to byte array
            // for decryption
            byte[] bb = new byte[enc.length()];
            for (int i=0; i<enc.length(); i++) {
                bb[i] = (byte) enc.charAt(i);

            // decrypt the text
            cipher.init(Cipher.DECRYPT_MODE, aesKey);
            String decrypted = new String(cipher.doFinal(bb));
            System.err.println("decrypted:" + decrypted);

        catch(Exception e) 
    public static void main(String[] args) 
        StrongAES app = new StrongAES();;

Angular2: child component access parent class variable/function

What about a little trickery like NgModel does with NgForm? You have to register your parent as a provider, then load your parent in the constructor of the child.

That way, you don't have to put [sharedList] on all your children.

// Parent.ts
export var parentProvider = {
    provide: Parent,
    useExisting: forwardRef(function () { return Parent; })

    selector: 'parent',
    template: '<div><ng-content></ng-content></div>',
    providers: [parentProvider]
export class Parent {
    public sharedList = [];

// Child.ts
    selector: 'child',
    template: '<div>child</div>'
export class Child {
    constructor(private parent: Parent) {

Then your HTML

<parent [sharedList]="myArray">

You can find more information on the subject in the Angular documentation:

Search for one value in any column of any table inside a database

There is a nice script available on

To be able to use it on any database you can create it like in:

Not sure if there is other way.

To use it then use something like this:

use name_of_database

EXEC spUtil_SearchText 'value_searched', 0, 0

How can I open a link in a new window?

this solution also considered the case that url is empty and disabled(gray) the empty link.

$(function() {_x000D_
function changeAnchor() {_x000D_
  $("a[name$='aWebsiteUrl']").each(function() { // you can write your selector here_x000D_
    $(this).css("background", "none");_x000D_
    $(this).css("font-weight", "normal");_x000D_
    var url = $(this).attr('href').trim();_x000D_
    if (url == " " || url == "") { //disable empty link_x000D_
      $(this).attr("class", "disabled");_x000D_
      $(this).attr("href", "javascript:void(0)");_x000D_
    } else {_x000D_
      $(this).attr("target", "_blank");// HERE set the non-empty links, open in new window_x000D_
a.disabled {_x000D_
  text-decoration: none;_x000D_
  pointer-events: none;_x000D_
  cursor: default;_x000D_
  color: grey;_x000D_
<script src=""></script>_x000D_
<a name="aWebsiteUrl" href="" class='#'>[website]</a>_x000D_
<a name="aWebsiteUrl" href=" " class='#'>[website]</a>_x000D_
<a name="aWebsiteUrl" href="" class='#'>[website]</a>_x000D_
<a name="aWebsiteUrl" href="" class='#'>[website]</a>

Associating enums with strings in C#

New in .Net Core 3.0/C# 8.0 (if your work environment allows you to upgrade your project) is a short-hand switch statement that looks somewhat enum-ish. At the end of the day it's the same old boring switch statement we've been using for years.

Only real difference here is that the switch statement got a new suit.

public static RGBColor FromRainbow(Rainbow colorBand) =>
colorBand switch
    Rainbow.Red    => new RGBColor(0xFF, 0x00, 0x00),
    Rainbow.Orange => new RGBColor(0xFF, 0x7F, 0x00),
    Rainbow.Yellow => new RGBColor(0xFF, 0xFF, 0x00),
    Rainbow.Green  => new RGBColor(0x00, 0xFF, 0x00),
    Rainbow.Blue   => new RGBColor(0x00, 0x00, 0xFF),
    Rainbow.Indigo => new RGBColor(0x4B, 0x00, 0x82),
    Rainbow.Violet => new RGBColor(0x94, 0x00, 0xD3),
    _              => throw new ArgumentException(message: "invalid enum value", paramName: nameof(colorBand)),

You'll notice that the code above which I copied from here, is actually using an enum as a param.

It's not exactly what you want (and trust me, I've wanted something of similar to what the OP is requesting for a long time), but I actually feel like this is somewhat of an olive branch from MS. JMO.

Hope it helps someone!

Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/myapp/R$array;

  1. Close eclipse.
  2. Delete bin folder inside your project folder.
  3. Start eclipse and clean your project.
  4. Now run and the problem should be gone

Calling a Sub and returning a value

You should be using a Property:

Private _myValue As String
Public Property MyValue As String
        Return _myValue
    End Get
    Set(value As String)
        _myValue = value
     End Set
End Property

Then use it like so:

MyValue = "Hello"

How do I calculate the MD5 checksum of a file in Python?

You can calculate the checksum of a file by reading the binary data and using hashlib.md5().hexdigest(). A function to do this would look like the following:

def File_Checksum_Dis(dirname):
    if not os.path.exists(dirname):
        print(dirname+" directory is not existing");
    for fname in os.listdir(dirname):
        if not fname.endswith('~'):
            fnaav = os.path.join(dirname, fname);
            fd = open(fnaav, 'rb');
            data =;
            print("File Name is: ",fname);          

What is the most efficient way to create HTML elements using jQuery?

If you have a lot of HTML content (more than just a single div), you might consider building the HTML into the page within a hidden container, then updating it and making it visible when needed. This way, a large portion of your markup can be pre-parsed by the browser and avoid getting bogged down by JavaScript when called. Hope this helps!

Using gdb to single-step assembly code outside specified executable causes error "cannot find bounds of current function"

Instead of gdb, run gdbtui. Or run gdb with the -tui switch. Or press C-x C-a after entering gdb. Now you're in GDB's TUI mode.

Enter layout asm to make the upper window display assembly -- this will automatically follow your instruction pointer, although you can also change frames or scroll around while debugging. Press C-x s to enter SingleKey mode, where run continue up down finish etc. are abbreviated to a single key, allowing you to walk through your program very quickly.

B+>|0x402670 <main>         push   %r15                                        |
   |0x402672 <main+2>       mov    %edi,%r15d                                  |
   |0x402675 <main+5>       push   %r14                                        |
   |0x402677 <main+7>       push   %r13                                        |
   |0x402679 <main+9>       mov    %rsi,%r13                                   |
   |0x40267c <main+12>      push   %r12                                        |
   |0x40267e <main+14>      push   %rbp                                        |
   |0x40267f <main+15>      push   %rbx                                        |
   |0x402680 <main+16>      sub    $0x438,%rsp                                 |
   |0x402687 <main+23>      mov    (%rsi),%rdi                                 |
   |0x40268a <main+26>      movq   $0x402a10,0x400(%rsp)                       |
   |0x402696 <main+38>      movq   $0x0,0x408(%rsp)                            |
   |0x4026a2 <main+50>      movq   $0x402510,0x410(%rsp)                       |
child process 21518 In: main                            Line: ??   PC: 0x402670
(gdb) file /opt/j64-602/bin/jconsole
Reading symbols from /opt/j64-602/bin/jconsole...done.
(no debugging symbols found)...done.
(gdb) layout asm
(gdb) start

Java division by zero doesnt throw an ArithmeticException - why?

This is behaviour of floating point arithmetic is by specification. Excerpt from the specification, § 15.17.2. Division Operator /:

Division of a nonzero finite value by a zero results in a signed infinity. The sign is determined by the rule stated above.

How to drop a unique constraint from table column?

SKINDER, your code does not use column name. Correct script is:

declare @table_name nvarchar(256)  
declare @col_name nvarchar(256)  
declare @Command  nvarchar(1000)  

set @table_name = N'users'
set @col_name = N'login'

select @Command = 'ALTER TABLE ' + @table_name + ' drop constraint ' +
    from sys.tables t 
    join sys.indexes d on d.object_id = t.object_id  and d.type=2 and d.is_unique=1
    join sys.index_columns ic on d.index_id=ic.index_id and ic.object_id=t.object_id
    join sys.columns c on ic.column_id = c.column_id  and c.object_id=t.object_id
    where = @table_name and

print @Command

--execute (@Command)


Yes, this is a current issue in Chrome. There is an issue report here.

The fix will appear in 40.x.y.z versions.

Until then? I don't think you can resolve the issue yourself. But you can ignore it. The shown error is only related to the dev tools and does not influence the behavior of your website. If you have any other problems they are not related to this error.

Using getResources() in non-activity class

We can use context Like this try now Where the parent is the ViewGroup.

Context context = parent.getContext();

Importing PNG files into Numpy?

This can also be done with the Image class of the PIL library:

from PIL import Image
import numpy as np

im_frame = + 'file.png')
np_frame = np.array(im_frame.getdata())

Note: The .getdata() might not be needed - np.array(im_frame) should also work

Sending Multipart File as POST parameters with RestTemplate requests

You may simply use MultipartHttpServletRequest


 @RequestMapping(value={"/upload"}, method = RequestMethod.POST,produces = "text/html; charset=utf-8")
 public String upload(MultipartHttpServletRequest request /*@RequestBody MultipartFile file*/){
    String responseMessage = "OK";
    MultipartFile file = request.getFile("file");
    String param = request.getParameter("param");
    try {
        System.out.println("some param = "+param);
        BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(file.getInputStream(), StandardCharsets.UTF_8));
        // read file
    catch(Exception ex){
        responseMessage = "fail";
     return responseMessage;

Where parameters names in request.getParameter() must be same with corresponding frontend names.

Note, that file extracted via getFile() while other additional parameters extracted via getParameter()

std::cin input with spaces?

It doesn't "fail"; it just stops reading. It sees a lexical token as a "string".

Use std::getline:

int main()
   std::string name, title;

   std::cout << "Enter your name: ";
   std::getline(std::cin, name);

   std::cout << "Enter your favourite movie: ";
   std::getline(std::cin, title);

   std::cout << name << "'s favourite movie is " << title;

Note that this is not the same as std::istream::getline, which works with C-style char buffers rather than std::strings.


Your edited question bears little resemblance to the original.

You were trying to getline into an int, not a string or character buffer. The formatting operations of streams only work with operator<< and operator>>. Either use one of them (and tweak accordingly for multi-word input), or use getline and lexically convert to int after-the-fact.

Android SharedPreferences in Fragment

Maybe this is helpfull to someone after few years. New way, on Androidx, of getting SharedPreferences() inside fragment is to implement into gradle dependencies

implementation "androidx.preference:preference:1.1.1"

and then, inside fragment call

SharedPreferences preferences;
preferences = androidx.preference.PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(getActivity());

How to show the Project Explorer window in Eclipse

  1. Please Select window in tool bar
  2. Move to show view
  3. Select project explorer

How do I create dynamic variable names inside a loop?

You can use eval() method to declare dynamic variables. But better to use an Array.

for (var i = 0; i < coords.length; ++i) {
    var str ="marker"+ i+" = undefined";

Error occurred during initialization of boot layer FindException: Module not found

The reason behind this is that meanwhile creating your own class, you had also accepted to create a default class as prescribed by your IDE and after writing your code in your own class, you are getting such an error. In order to eliminate this, go to the PROJECT folder ? src ? Default package. Keep only one class (in which you had written code) and delete others.

After that, run your program and it will definitely run without any error.

Converting xml to string using C#

As Chris suggests, you can do it like this:

public string GetXMLAsString(XmlDocument myxml)
    return myxml.OuterXml;

Or like this:

public string GetXMLAsString(XmlDocument myxml)

        StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
        XmlTextWriter tx = new XmlTextWriter(sw);

        string str = sw.ToString();// 
        return str;

and if you really want to create a new XmlDocument then do this

XmlDocument newxmlDoc= myxml

How to create a pulse effect using -webkit-animation - outward rings

Or if you want a ripple pulse effect, you could use this:

.gps_ring {
     border: 2px solid #fff;
     -webkit-border-radius: 50%;
     height: 18px;
     width: 18px;
     position: absolute;
    -webkit-animation: pulsate 1s ease-out;
    -webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite; 
    opacity: 0.0;
.gps_ring:before {
    border: 2px solid #fff;
    -webkit-border-radius: 50%;
    height: 30px;
    width: 30px;
    position: absolute;
    -webkit-animation: pulsate 1s ease-out;
    -webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite; 
    -webkit-animation-delay: 0.1s;
    opacity: 0.0;
.gps_ring:after {
    border:2px solid #fff;
    -webkit-border-radius: 50%;
    height: 50px;
    width: 50px;
    position: absolute;
    -webkit-animation: pulsate 1s ease-out;
    -webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite; 
    -webkit-animation-delay: 0.2s;
    opacity: 0.0;
@-webkit-keyframes pulsate {
    0% {-webkit-transform: scale(0.1, 0.1); opacity: 0.0;}
    50% {opacity: 1.0;}
    100% {-webkit-transform: scale(1.2, 1.2); opacity: 0.0;}

Best way to include CSS? Why use @import?

I think the key in this are the two reasons why you are actually writing multiple CSS style sheets.

  1. You write multiple sheets because the different pages of your website require different CSS definitions. Or at least not all of them require all the CSS definitions one other pages require. So you split up the CSS files in order to optimize what sheets are load on the different pages and avoid loading too many CSS definitions.
  2. The second reason that comes to mind is that your CSS is getting that large that is becomes clumsy to handle and in order to make it easier to maintain the large CSS file you split them up into multiple CSS files.

For the first reason the additional <link> tag would apply as this allows you to load different set of CSS files for different pages.

For the second reason the @import statement appears as the most handy because you get multiple CSS files but the files loaded are always the same.

From the perspective of the loading time there is no different. The browser has to check and download the seperated CSS files no matter how they are implemented.

How do you search an amazon s3 bucket?

Try this command:

aws s3api list-objects --bucket your-bucket --prefix sub-dir-path --output text --query 'Contents[].{Key: Key}'

Then you can pipe this into a grep to get specific file types to do whatever you want with them.

SAP Crystal Reports runtime for .Net 4.0 (64-bit)

I have found a variety of runtimes including Visual Studio(VS) versions are available at

What is the Oracle equivalent of SQL Server's IsNull() function?

You can use the condition if x is not null then.... It's not a function. There's also the NVL() function, a good example of usage here: NVL function ref.

Python iterating through object attributes

Iterate over an objects attributes in python:

class C:
    a = 5
    b = [1,2,3]
    def foobar():
        b = "hi"    

for attr, value in C.__dict__.iteritems():
    print "Attribute: " + str(attr or "")
    print "Value: " + str(value or "")


Attribute: a
Value: 5
Attribute: foobar
Value: <function foobar at 0x7fe74f8bfc08>
Attribute: __module__
Value: __main__
Attribute: b
Value: [1, 2, 3]
Attribute: __doc__

Angular 2 Sibling Component Communication

Shared service is a good solution for this issue. If you want to store some activity information too, you can add Shared Service to your main modules (app.module) provider list.

    imports: [
    bootstrap: [
    declarations: [
    providers: [

Then you can directly provide it to your components,

constructor(private sharedService: SharedService)

With Shared Service you can either use functions or you can create a Subject to update multiple places at once.

export class SharedService {
    public clickedItemInformation: Subject<string> = new Subject(); 

In your list component you can publish clicked item information,"something");

and then you can fetch this information at your detail component:

this.sharedService.clikedItemInformation.subscribe((information) => {
    // do something

Obviously, the data that list component shares can be anything. Hope this helps.

socket programming multiple client to one server

Here is code for Multiple Client to one Server Working Fine .. Give it a try :)

import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;

class Multi extends Thread{
private Socket s=null;
DataInputStream infromClient;
Multi() throws IOException{

Multi(Socket s) throws IOException{
    infromClient = new DataInputStream(s.getInputStream());
public void run(){  

    String SQL=new String();
    try {
        SQL = infromClient.readUTF();
    } catch (IOException ex) {
        Logger.getLogger(Multi.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);
    System.out.println("Query: " + SQL); 
    try {
        System.out.println("Socket Closing");
    } catch (IOException ex) {
        Logger.getLogger(Multi.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);
public class Server {

public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException, 

        ServerSocket ss=new ServerSocket(11111);
        System.out.println("Server is Awaiting"); 
        Socket s=ss.accept();
        Multi t=new Multi(s);




public class client1 {
   public static void main(String[] arg) {
  try {

     Socket socketConnection = new Socket("", 11111);

     DataOutputStream outToServer = new DataOutputStream(socketConnection.getOutputStream());

     String SQL="I  am  client 1";

  } catch (Exception e) {System.out.println(e); }


public class client2 {
    public static void main(String[] arg) {
  try {

     Socket socketConnection = new Socket("", 11111);

     DataOutputStream outToServer = new DataOutputStream(socketConnection.getOutputStream());

     String SQL="I am  Client 2";

  } catch (Exception e) {System.out.println(e); }

How to write an inline IF statement in JavaScript?

If you just want an inline IF (without the ELSE), you can use the logical AND operator:

(a < b) && /*your code*/;

If you need an ELSE also, use the ternary operation that the other people suggested.

How to get current timestamp in string format in Java? ""


new Timestamp();


new java.util.Date()

because there is no default constructor for Timestamp, or you can do it with the method:

new Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis());


There are three tables: persons, schools and persons_schools, which connects persons to the schools they study in. A reference to the person with id=6 is absent in the table persons_schools. However the person with id=6 is presented in the result lef-joined grid.

List<Person> persons = new List<Person>
    new Person { id = 1, name = "Alex", phone = "4235234" },
    new Person { id = 2, name = "Bob", phone = "0014352" },
    new Person { id = 3, name = "Sam", phone = "1345" },
    new Person { id = 4, name = "Den", phone = "3453452" },
    new Person { id = 5, name = "Alen", phone = "0353012" },
    new Person { id = 6, name = "Simon", phone = "0353012" }

List<School> schools = new List<School>
    new School { id = 1, name = "Saint. John's school"},
    new School { id = 2, name = "Public School 200"},
    new School { id = 3, name = "Public School 203"}

List<PersonSchool> persons_schools = new List<PersonSchool>
    new PersonSchool{id_person = 1, id_school = 1},
    new PersonSchool{id_person = 2, id_school = 2},
    new PersonSchool{id_person = 3, id_school = 3},
    new PersonSchool{id_person = 4, id_school = 1},
    new PersonSchool{id_person = 5, id_school = 2}
    //a relation to the person with id=6 is absent

var query = from person in persons
            join person_school in persons_schools on equals person_school.id_person
            into persons_schools_joined
            from person_school_joined in persons_schools_joined.DefaultIfEmpty()
            from school in schools.Where(var_school => person_school_joined == null ? false : == person_school_joined.id_school).DefaultIfEmpty()
            select new { Person =, School = school == null ? String.Empty : };

foreach (var elem in query)
    System.Console.WriteLine("{0},{1}", elem.Person, elem.School);

Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement <package>

Although it doesn't really answers this specific question. Others got the same error message with this mistake.

For those who like me initial forgot the -r: Use pip install -r requirements.txt the -r is essential for the command.

The original answer:

Cannot perform runtime binding on a null reference, But it is NOT a null reference


 Dictionary<int, string> states = new Dictionary<int, string>()

as a property outside the function and inside the function insert the entries, it should work.

Nesting queries in SQL

Query below should help you achieve what you want.

select scountry, headofstate from data 
where data.scountry like 'a%'and ttlppl>=100000

SQL Server 2008 - Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication

I was getting this error too, although my issue was that I kept switching between two corporate networks via my Virtual Machine, with different access credentials. I had to run the command prompt:

ipconfig /renew

After this my network issues were resolved and I could connect once again to SQL.

Getting NetworkCredential for current user (C#)

If the web service being invoked uses windows integrated security, creating a NetworkCredential from the current WindowsIdentity should be sufficient to allow the web service to use the current users windows login. However, if the web service uses a different security model, there isn't any way to extract a users password from the current identity ... that in and of itself would be insecure, allowing you, the developer, to steal your users passwords. You will likely need to provide some way for your user to provide their password, and keep it in some secure cache if you don't want them to have to repeatedly provide it.

Edit: To get the credentials for the current identity, use the following:

Uri uri = new Uri("");
ICredentials credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
NetworkCredential credential = credentials.GetCredential(uri, "Basic");

Change a HTML5 input's placeholder color with CSS


There are three different implementations: pseudo-elements, pseudo-classes, and nothing.

  • WebKit, Blink (Safari, Google Chrome, Opera 15+) and Microsoft Edge are using a pseudo-element: ::-webkit-input-placeholder. [Ref]
  • Mozilla Firefox 4 to 18 is using a pseudo-class: :-moz-placeholder (one colon). [Ref]
  • Mozilla Firefox 19+ is using a pseudo-element: ::-moz-placeholder, but the old selector will still work for a while. [Ref]
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11 are using a pseudo-class: :-ms-input-placeholder. [Ref]
  • April 2017: Most modern browsers support the simple pseudo-element ::placeholder [Ref]

Internet Explorer 9 and lower does not support the placeholder attribute at all, while Opera 12 and lower do not support any CSS selector for placeholders.

The discussion about the best implementation is still going on. Note the pseudo-elements act like real elements in the Shadow DOM. A padding on an input will not get the same background color as the pseudo-element.

CSS selectors

User agents are required to ignore a rule with an unknown selector. See Selectors Level 3:

a group of selectors containing an invalid selector is invalid.

So we need separate rules for each browser. Otherwise the whole group would be ignored by all browsers.

::-webkit-input-placeholder { /* WebKit, Blink, Edge */_x000D_
    color:    #909;_x000D_
:-moz-placeholder { /* Mozilla Firefox 4 to 18 */_x000D_
   color:    #909;_x000D_
   opacity:  1;_x000D_
::-moz-placeholder { /* Mozilla Firefox 19+ */_x000D_
   color:    #909;_x000D_
   opacity:  1;_x000D_
:-ms-input-placeholder { /* Internet Explorer 10-11 */_x000D_
   color:    #909;_x000D_
::-ms-input-placeholder { /* Microsoft Edge */_x000D_
   color:    #909;_x000D_
::placeholder { /* Most modern browsers support this now. */_x000D_
   color:    #909;_x000D_
<input placeholder="Stack Snippets are awesome!">

Usage notes

  • Be careful to avoid bad contrasts. Firefox's placeholder appears to be defaulting with a reduced opacity, so needs to use opacity: 1 here.
  • Note that placeholder text is just cut off if it doesn’t fit – size your input elements in em and test them with big minimum font size settings. Don’t forget translations: some languages need more room for the same word.
  • Browsers with HTML support for placeholder but without CSS support for that (like Opera) should be tested too.
  • Some browsers use additional default CSS for some input types (email, search). These might affect the rendering in unexpected ways. Use the properties -webkit-appearance and -moz-appearance to change that. Example:
    [type="search"] {
        -moz-appearance:    textfield;
        -webkit-appearance: textfield;
        appearance: textfield;

Open a webpage in the default browser

Dim URL As String 
Dim browser As String = TextBox1.Text
URL = TextBox1.Text
    If Not (browser = TextBox1.Text) Then
            Process.Start(browser, URL)
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
    End If

Catch ex As Exception
    MsgBox("There's something wrong!")
End Try

How to launch Safari and open URL from iOS app

openURL(:) was deprecated in iOS 10.0, instead you should use the following instance method on UIApplication: open(:options:completionHandler:)

Example using Swift
This will open "" in Safari.

if let url = URL(string: "") {
    if UIApplication.shared.canOpenURL(url) {, options: [:], completionHandler: nil)

Determining the current foreground application from a background task or service

Do something like this:

int showLimit = 20;

/* Get all Tasks available (with limit set). */
ActivityManager mgr = (ActivityManager) getSystemService(Context.ACTIVITY_SERVICE);
List<ActivityManager.RunningTaskInfo> allTasks = mgr.getRunningTasks(showLimit);
/* Loop through all tasks returned. */
for (ActivityManager.RunningTaskInfo aTask : allTasks) 
    Log.i("MyApp", "Task: " + aTask.baseActivity.getClassName()); 
    if (aTask.baseActivity.getClassName().equals("")) 

How do I read a large csv file with pandas?

Chunking shouldn't always be the first port of call for this problem.

  1. Is the file large due to repeated non-numeric data or unwanted columns?

    If so, you can sometimes see massive memory savings by reading in columns as categories and selecting required columns via pd.read_csv usecols parameter.

  2. Does your workflow require slicing, manipulating, exporting?

    If so, you can use dask.dataframe to slice, perform your calculations and export iteratively. Chunking is performed silently by dask, which also supports a subset of pandas API.

  3. If all else fails, read line by line via chunks.

    Chunk via pandas or via csv library as a last resort.

Android toolbar center title and custom font

Without toolbar TextView we can customize font by using below code


public void updateActionbar(String title){
    SpannableString spannableString = new SpannableString(title);
    spannableString.setSpan(new TypefaceSpanString(this,  "futurastdmedium.ttf"),
            0, spannableString.length(),

How add "or" in switch statements?

You may do this as of C# 9.0:

    case 2 or 5:
        // ...

    case 7 or 12:
        // ...
    // ...

connect local repo with remote repo

git remote add origin <remote_repo_url>
git push --all origin

If you want to set all of your branches to automatically use this remote repo when you use git pull, add --set-upstream to the push:

git push --all --set-upstream origin

What is the difference between Python and IPython?

There are few differences between Python and IPython but they are only the interpretation of few syntax like the few mentioned by @Ryan Chase but deep inside the true flavor of Python is maintained even in the Ipython.

The best part of the IPython is the IPython notebook. You can put all your work into a notebook like script, image files, etc. But with base Python, you can only make the script in a file and execute it.

At start, you need to understand that the IPython is developed with the intention of supporting rich media and Python script in a single integrated container.

Chrome / Safari not filling 100% height of flex parent

I have had a similar issue in iOS 8, 9 and 10 and the info above couldn't fix it, however I did discover a solution after a day of working on this. Granted it won't work for everyone but in my case my items were stacked in a column and had 0 height when it should have been content height. Switching the css to be row and wrap fixed the issue. This only works if you have a single item and they are stacked but since it took me a day to find this out I thought I should share my fix!

.wrapper {
    flex-direction: column; // <-- Remove this line
    flex-direction: row; // <-- replace it with
    flex-wrap: wrap; // <-- Add wrapping

.item {
    width: 100%;

How do I display Ruby on Rails form validation error messages one at a time?

A better idea,

if you want to put the error message just beneath the text field, you can do like this

    = f.label :first_name, "*Your First Name:"
    = f.text_field :first_name, :required => true, class: "form-control"
    = f.error_message_for(:first_name)

What is error_message_for?
--> Well, this is a beautiful hack to do some cool stuff

# Author Shiva Bhusal
# Aug 2016
# in config/initializers/modify_rails_form_builder.rb
# This will add a new method in the `f` object available in Rails forms
class ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder
  def error_message_for(field_name)
    if self.object.errors[field_name].present?
      model_name              =
      id_of_element           = "error_#{model_name}_#{field_name}"
      target_elem_id          = "#{model_name}_#{field_name}"
      class_name              = 'signup-error alert alert-danger'
      error_declaration_class = 'has-signup-error'

      "<div id=\"#{id_of_element}\" for=\"#{target_elem_id}\" class=\"#{class_name}\">"\
      "#{self.object.errors[field_name].join(', ')}"\
      "<!-- Later JavaScript to add class to the parent element -->"\
          "document.onreadystatechange = function(){"\

Result enter image description here

Markup Generated after error

<div id="error_user_email" for="user_email" class="signup-error alert alert-danger">has already been taken</div>
<script>document.onreadystatechange = function(){$('#error_user_email').parent().addClass('has-signup-error');}</script>

Corresponding SCSS

      background: transparent;
      color: $brand-danger;
      border: none;

    input, select{
      background-color: $bg-danger;
      border-color: $brand-danger;
      color: $gray-base;
      font-weight: 500;

          background-color: $bg-danger;
          border-color: $brand-danger;

Note: Bootstrap variables used here

How to set and reference a variable in a Jenkinsfile

We got around this by adding functions to the environment step, i.e.:

environment {
    ENVIRONMENT_NAME = defineEnvironment() 
def defineEnvironment() {
    def branchName = "${env.BRANCH_NAME}"
    if (branchName == "master") {
        return 'staging'
    else {
        return 'test'

How to install JDK 11 under Ubuntu?

sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk

after this, try

java -version

to make sure java version is 1.11.x, if found old one or different, check below command to see the available jdks,

sudo update-java-alternatives --list

you should see something like below,

java-1.11.0-openjdk-amd64 1111 /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.11.0-openjdk-amd64

java-1.8.0-openjdk-amd64 1081 /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-amd64

you can see java 1.11 available from above list, use below command to set java 11 to default,

sudo update-alternatives --config java

for above command, you will get something like below and also, will ask for an option to set,

There are 3 choices for the alternative java (providing /usr/bin/java).

Selection Path Priority Status

0 /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/bin/java 1111 auto mode

1 /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/bin/java 1111 manual mode

*2 /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java 1081 manual mode

3 /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.8.0_211/bin/java 0 manual mode

Press to keep the current choice[*], or type selection number:

you can select desired selection number, my case it's 0

for javac,

sudo update-alternatives --config javac

will result something like below,

There are 3 choices for the alternative javac (providing /usr/bin/javac).

Selection Path Priority Status

0 /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/bin/javac 1111 auto mode

1 /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/bin/javac 1111 manual mode

*2 /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/bin/javac 1081 manual mode
3 /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.8.0_211/bin/javac 0 manual mode

Press to keep the current choice[*], or type selection number:

in my case, it's 0 again

after above steps, try

java -version

it will display something like below,

openjdk version "11.0.4" 2019-07-16

OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 11.0.4+11-post-Ubuntu-1ubuntu218.04.3)

OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.4+11-post-Ubuntu-1ubuntu218.04.3, mixed > mode, sharing)

Detecting which UIButton was pressed in a UITableView

Am I missing something? Can't you just use sender to identify the button. Sender will give you info like this:

<UIButton: 0x4b95c10; frame = (246 26; 30 30); opaque = NO; tag = 104; layer = <CALayer: 0x4b95be0>>

Then if you want to change the properties of the button, say the background image you just tell sender:

[sender setBackgroundImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"new-image.png"] forState:UIControlStateNormal];

If you need the tag then ACBurk's method is fine.

What's the difference between .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Xamarin?

You can refer in this line - Difference between ASP.NET Core (.NET Core) and ASP.NET Core (.NET Framework)

.NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin

Xamarin is not a debate at all. When you want to build mobile (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile) apps using C#, Xamarin is your only choice.

The .NET Framework supports Windows and Web applications. Today, you can use Windows Forms, WPF, and UWP to build Windows applications in .NET Framework. ASP.NET MVC is used to build Web applications in .NET Framework.

.NET Core is the new open-source and cross-platform framework to build applications for all operating system including Windows, Mac, and Linux. .NET Core supports UWP and ASP.NET Core only. UWP is used to build Windows 10 targets Windows and mobile applications. ASP.NET Core is used to build browser based web applications.

you want more details refer this links

Change bootstrap datepicker date format on select

Easy way:

Open the file bootstrap-datepicker.js

Go to line 1399 and find format: 'mm/dd/yyyy'.

Now you can change the date format here.

How can I completely uninstall nodejs, npm and node in Ubuntu

I was crazy to delete node and npm and nodejs from my Ubuntu 14.04 but with this steps you will remove it:

sudo apt-get uninstall nodejs npm node
sudo apt-get remove nodejs npm node

If you uninstall correctly and it is still there, check these links:

You can also try using find:

find / -name "node"

Although since that is likely to take a long time and return a lot of confusing false positives, you may want to search only PATH locations:

find $(echo $PATH | sed 's/:/ /g') -name "node"

It would probably be in /usr/bin/node or /usr/local/bin. After finding it, you can delete it using the correct path, eg:

sudo rm /usr/bin/node

String to HtmlDocument

you could get a htmldocument by:

 System.Net.WebClient wc = new System.Net.WebClient();

 System.IO.Stream stream = wc.OpenRead(url);
 System.IO.StreamReader reader = new System.IO.StreamReader(stream);
 string s = reader.ReadToEnd();

 HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlDocument();

so you have getbiyid and getbyname ... but any further you'd better of with
HTML Agility Pack as suggested . f.e you can do: doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes(xpathselector) or regex to parse the doc ..

btw: why not regex ? . its soo cool if you can use it right... but xpath is also very mighty ... so "choose your poison"


Spring Boot application as a Service

Following up on Chad's excellent answer, if you get an error of "Error: Could not find or load main class" - and you spend a couple hours trying to troubleshoot it, whether your executing a shell script that starts your java app or starting it from systemd itself - and you know your classpath is 100% correct, e.g. manually running the shell script works as well as running what you have in systemd execstart. Be sure you're running things as the correct user! In my case, I had tried different users, after quite a while of troubleshooting - i finally had a hunch, put root as the user - voila, the app started correctly. After determining it was a wrong user issue, I chown -R user:user the folder and subfolders and the app ran correctly as the specified user and group so no longer needed to run it as root (bad security).

Android ADT error, dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder

Unzip the updated Android SDK in your current SDK folder. This solved my problem.

Javascript - object key->value

Use this syntax:


Note that obj.x is the same as obj["x"] for all valid JS identifiers, but the latter form accepts all string as keys (not just valid identifiers).

obj["Hey, this is ... neat?"] = 42


SELECT INTO is typically used to generate temp tables or to copy another table (data and/or structure).

In day to day code you use INSERT because your tables should already exist to be read, UPDATEd, DELETEd, JOINed etc. Note: the INTO keyword is optional with INSERT

That is, applications won't normally create and drop tables as part of normal operations unless it is a temporary table for some scope limited and specific usage.

A table created by SELECT INTO will have no keys or indexes or constraints unlike a real, persisted, already existing table

The 2 aren't directly comparable because they have almost no overlap in usage

In PHP how can you clear a WSDL cache?

Just for the reason of documentation:

I have now (2014) observed that from all these valuable and correct approaches only one was successful. I've added a function to the WSDL on the server, and the client wasn't recognizing the new function.

  • Adding WSDL_CACHE_NONE to the parameters didn't help.
  • Adding the cache-buster didn't help.
  • Setting soap.wsdl_cache_enabled to the PHP ini helped.

I am now unsure if it is the combination of all three, or if some features are terribly implemented so they may remain useless randomly, or if there is some hierarchy of features not understood.

So finally, expect that you have to check all three to solve problems like these.

Are complex expressions possible in ng-hide / ng-show?

This will work if you do not have too many expressions.

Example: ng-show="form.type === 'Limited Company' || form.type === 'Limited Partnership'"

For any more expressions than this use a controller.

How to combine results of two queries into a single dataset

The problem is that unless your tables are related you can't determine how to join them, so you'd have to arbitrarily join them, resulting in a cartesian product:

select Table1.col1, Table1.col2, Table2.col3, Table2.col4
from Table1
cross join Table2

If you had, for example, the following data:

col1  col2
a     1
b     2

col3  col4
y     98
z     99

You would end up with the following:

col1  col2  col3  col4
a     1     y     98
a     1     z     99
b     2     y     98
b     2     z     99

Is this what you're looking for? If not, and you have some means of relating the tables, then you'd need to include that in joining the two tables together, e.g.:

select Table1.col1, Table1.col2, Table2.col3, Table2.col4
from Table1
inner join Table2
on Table1.JoiningField = Table2.JoiningField

That would pull things together for you into however the data is related, giving you your result.

Conditionally Remove Dataframe Rows with R

Logic index:

d<-d[!(d$A=="B" & d$E==0),]

Is there a way to create multiline comments in Python?

AFAIK, Python doesn't have block comments. For commenting individual lines, you can use the # character.

If you are using Notepad++, there is a shortcut for block commenting. I'm sure others like gVim and Emacs have similar features.

You should not use <Link> outside a <Router>

I was getting this error because I was importing a reusable component from an npm library and the versions of react-router-dom did not match.

So make sure you use the same version in both places!

How do I drop a MongoDB database from the command line?

Surprised that we haven't seen this variation come up. This minimizes extra args on the command line and explicitly shows the DB being switched to FOO and then dropped:

$ mongo --host "mongodb://machine:port" --eval 'db.getSiblingDB("FOO").dropDatabase();'

display data from SQL database into php/ html table

refer to . If you are a beginner and want to learn, w3schools is a good place.

    // Check connection
    if (mysqli_connect_errno())
      echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();

    $result = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM employee");

    while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
      echo $row['FirstName'] . " " . $row['LastName']; //these are the fields that you have stored in your database table employee
      echo "<br />";


You can similarly echo it inside your table

 echo "<table>";
 while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
          echo "<tr><td>" . $row['FirstName'] . "</td><td> " . $row['LastName'] . "</td></tr>"; //these are the fields that you have stored in your database table employee
 echo "</table>";

How to obtain the total numbers of rows from a CSV file in Python?

After iterating the whole file with csv.reader() method, you have the total number of lines read, via instance variable line_num:

import csv
with open('csv_path_file') as f:
    csv_reader = csv.reader(f)
    for row in csv_reader:

Quoting the official documentation:


The number of lines read from the source iterator.

Small caveat:

  • total number of lines, includes the header, if the CSV has.

Allow access permission to write in Program Files of Windows 7

Add new item in the project: Application Manifest and save it.

Now open this file and look for <requestExecutionLevel>. It must be set to asInvoker.

Change it to highestAvailable. Now on executing your application, a prompt will appear asking for permission. Click yes!

Thats all :) now you can write and read from the system32 or any other file which requires admin right

You can verify your application by sigcheck.

sigcheck.exe -m yourapp.exe

And in the output check for element requestedExecutionLevel.

How to change the button color when it is active using bootstrap?

CSS has many pseudo selector like, :active, :hover, :focus, so you can use.


<div class="col-sm-12" id="my_styles">
     <button type="submit" class="btn btn-warning" id="1">Button1</button>
     <button type="submit" class="btn btn-warning" id="2">Button2</button>


    background: #ccc;
} .btn:focus{
    background: red;


How can I split a string with a string delimiter?

.Split(new string[] { "is Marco and" }, StringSplitOptions.None)

Consider the spaces surronding "is Marco and". Do you want to include the spaces in your result, or do you want them removed? It's quite possible that you want to use " is Marco and " as separator...

7-Zip command to create and extract a password-protected ZIP file on Windows?

I'm maybe a little bit late but I'm currently trying to develop a program which can brute force a password protected zip archive. First I tried all commands I found in the internet to extract it through cmd... But it never worked....Every time I tried it, the cmd output said, that the key was wrong but it was right. I think they just disenabled this function in a current version.

What I've done to Solve the problem was to download an older 7zip version(4.?) and to use this for extracting through cmd.

This is the command: "C:/Program Files (86)/old7-zip/7z.exe" x -pKey "C:/YOURE_ZIP_PATH"

The first value("C:/Program Files (86)/old7-zip/7z.exe") has to be the path where you have installed the old 7zip to. The x is for extract and the -p For you're password. Make sure you put your password without any spaces behind the -p! The last value is your zip archive to extract. The destination where the zip is extracted to will be the current path of cmd. You can change it with: cd YOURE_PATH

Now I let execute this command through java with my password trys. Then I check the error output stream of cmd and if it is null-> then the password is right!

How to edit .csproj file

Since the question is not directly mentioning Visual Studio, I will post how to do this in JetBrains Rider.

From context menu

  1. Right-click your project
  2. Go to edit
  3. Edit '{project-name.csproj}'

enter image description here

With shortcut

  1. Select project
  2. Press F4

How to install Visual C++ Build tools?

I just stumbled onto this issue accessing some Python libraries: Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required. Get it with "Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools". The latest link to that is actually here:

When you begin the installer, it will have several "options" enabled which will balloon the install size to 5gb. If you have Windows 10, you'll need to leave selected the "Windows 10 SDK" option as mentioned here.

enter image description here

I hope it helps save others time!

JavaScript unit test tools for TDD


JavaScript testing framework released by Google:

  • Extremely fast test startup and execution time, without having to run a browser.
  • Clean, readable output in the case of both passing and failing tests.
  • A browser-based test runner that can simply be refreshed whenever JS is changed.
  • Style and semantics that resemble Google Test for C++.
  • A built-in mocking framework that requires minimal boilerplate code (e.g. no $tearDown or $verifyAll) with style and semantics based on the Google C++ Mocking Framework.

There are currently no binaries for Windows

How do I get a list of folders and sub folders without the files?

I am using this from PowerShell:

dir -directory -name -recurse > list_my_folders.txt

How to copy data from another workbook (excel)?

Best practice is to open the source file (with a false visible status if you don't want to be bother) read your data and then we close it.

A working and clean code is avalaible on the link below :

How create table only using <div> tag and Css

This is an old thread, but I thought I should post my solution. I faced the same problem recently and the way I solved it is by following a three-step approach as outlined below which is very simple without any complex CSS.

(NOTE : Of course, for modern browsers, using the values of table or table-row or table-cell for display CSS attribute would solve the problem. But the approach I used will work equally well in modern and older browsers since it does not use these values for display CSS attribute.)


For table with divs only so you get cells and rows just like in a table element use the following approach.

  1. Replace table element with a block div (use a .table class)
  2. Replace each tr or th element with a block div (use a .row class)
  3. Replace each td element with an inline block div (use a .cell class)

.table {display:block; }_x000D_
.row { display:block;}_x000D_
.cell {display:inline-block;}
    <h2>Table below using table element</h2>_x000D_
    <table cellspacing="0" >_x000D_
          <td>36 years</td>_x000D_
          <td>45 years</td>_x000D_
          <td>Vice President aas</td>_x000D_
          <td>27 years</td>_x000D_
          <td>Junior Developer</td>_x000D_
    <h2>Table below is using Divs only</h2>_x000D_
    <div class="table">_x000D_
       <div class="row">_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
             36 years_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
       <div class="row">_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
             45 years_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
             Vice President_x000D_
       <div class="row">_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
             27 years_x000D_
          <div class="cell">_x000D_
             Junior Developer_x000D_


To get around the effect of same width not being maintained across all cells of a column as mentioned by thatslch in a comment, one could adopt either of the two approaches below.

  • Specify a width for cell class

    cell {display:inline-block; width:340px;}

  • Use CSS of modern browsers as below.

    .table {display:table; } .row { display:table-row;} .cell {display:table-cell;}

Enzyme - How to access and set <input> value?

here is my code..

const input = MobileNumberComponent.find('input')
// when
input.props().onChange({target: {
   id: 'mobile-no',
   value: '1234567900'
const Footer = (loginComponent.find('Footer'))

I have update my DOM with componentname.update() And then checking submit button validation(disable/enable) with length 10 digit.

Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.DateTime?' to 'System.DateTime'. An explicit conversion exists

You have 3 options:

1) Get default value

dt = datetime??DateTime.Now;

it will assign DateTime.Now (or any other value which you want) if datetime is null

2) Check if datetime contains value and if not return empty string

if(!datetime.HasValue) return "";
dt = datetime.Value;

3) Change signature of method to

public string ConvertToPersianToShow(DateTime  datetime)

It's all because DateTime? means it's nullable DateTime so before assigning it to DateTime you need to check if it contains value and only then assign.

Hide div after a few seconds

Using the jQuery timer will also allow you to have a name associated with the timers that are attached to the object. So you could attach several timers to an object and stop any one of them.

$("#myid").oneTime(1000, "mytimer1" function() {
}).oneTime(2000, "mytimer2" function() {


The eval function (and its relatives, Function, setTimeout, and setInterval) provide access to the JavaScript compiler. This is sometimes necessary, but in most cases it indicates the presence of extremely bad coding. The eval function is the most misused feature of JavaScript.

Get Value of Row in Datatable c#

Dont use a foreach then. Use a 'for loop'. Your code is a bit messed up but you could do something like...

for (Int32 i = 0; i < dt_pattern.Rows.Count; i++)
    double yATmax = ToDouble(dt_pattern.Rows[i+1]["Ampl"].ToString()) + AT;

Note you would have to take into account during the last row there will be no 'i+1' so you will have to use an if statement to catch that.

Splitting a string at every n-th character

Java does not provide very full-featured splitting utilities, so the Guava libraries do:

Iterable<String> pieces = Splitter.fixedLength(3).split(string);

Check out the Javadoc for Splitter; it's very powerful.

What are the "spec.ts" files generated by Angular CLI for?

.spec.ts file is used for unit testing of your application.

If you don't to get it generated just use --spec=false while creating new Component. Like this

ng generate component --spec=false mycomponentName

Removing the textarea border in HTML

Add this to your <head>:

<style type="text/css">
    textarea { border: none; }

Or do it directly on the textarea:

<textarea style="border: none"></textarea>

iOS 7: UITableView shows under status bar

override func viewDidLoad() {
 // your code

 if let nc = self.navigationController {
   yourView.frame.origin.y = nc.navigationBar.frame.origin.y + nc.navigationBar.frame.height

Using variables inside strings

This functionality is not built-in to C# 5 or below.
Update: C# 6 now supports string interpolation, see newer answers.

The recommended way to do this would be with String.Format:

string name = "Scott";
string output = String.Format("Hello {0}", name);

However, I wrote a small open-source library called SmartFormat that extends String.Format so that it can use named placeholders (via reflection). So, you could do:

string name = "Scott";
string output = Smart.Format("Hello {name}", new{name}); // Results in "Hello Scott".

Hope you like it!

What's the difference between display:inline-flex and display:flex?

You need a bit more information so that the browser knows what you want. For instance, the children of the container need to be told "how" to flex.

Updated Fiddle

I've added #wrapper > * { flex: 1; margin: auto; } to your CSS and changed inline-flex to flex, and you can see how the elements now space themselves out evenly on the page.

WinForms DataGridView font size

In winform datagrid, right click to view its properties. It has a property called DefaultCellStyle. Click the ellipsis on DefaultCellStyle, then it will present Cell Style Builder window which has the option to change the font size.

Its easy.

ruby LoadError: cannot load such file

The directory where st.rb lives is most likely not on your load path.

Assuming that st.rb is located in a directory called lib relative to where you invoke irb, you can add that lib directory to the list of directories that ruby uses to load classes or modules with this:

$: << 'lib'

For example, in order to call the module called 'foobar' (foobar.rb) that lives in the lib directory, I would need to first add the lib directory to the list of load path. Here, I am just appending the lib directory to my load path:

irb(main):001:0> require 'foobar'
LoadError: no such file to load -- foobar
        from /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `gem_original_require'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `require'
        from (irb):1
irb(main):002:0> $:
=> ["/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/spoon-0.0.1/lib", "/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/interactive_editor-0.0.10/lib", "/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8", "/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/i386-cygwin", "/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby", "/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.8", "/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.8/i386-cygwin", "/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby", "/usr/lib/ruby/1.8", "/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-cygwin", "."]
irb(main):004:0> $: << 'lib'
=> ["/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/spoon-0.0.1/lib", "/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/interactive_editor-0.0.10/lib", "/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8", "/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/i386-cygwin", "/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby", "/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.8", "/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.8/i386-cygwin", "/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby", "/usr/lib/ruby/1.8", "/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-cygwin", ".", "lib"]
irb(main):005:0> require 'foobar'
=> true

EDIT Sorry, I completely missed the fact that you are using ruby 1.9.x. All accounts report that your current working directory has been removed from LOAD_PATH for security reasons, so you will have to do something like in irb:

$: << "."

if A vs if A is not None:

python >= 2.6,

if we write such as

if A:

will generate warning as,

FutureWarning: The behavior of this method will change in future versions. Use specific 'len(elem)' or 'elem is not None' test instead.

So we can use

if A is not None:

set default schema for a sql query

What i sometimes do when i need a lot of tablenames ill just get them plus their schema from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA system table: value

(*select your table names*)

Transition color fade on hover?

For having a trasition effect like a highlighter just to highlight the text and fade off the bg color, we used the following:

.field-error {_x000D_
    color: #f44336;_x000D_
    padding: 2px 5px;_x000D_
    position: absolute;_x000D_
    font-size: small;_x000D_
    background-color: white;_x000D_
.highlighter {_x000D_
    animation: fadeoutBg 3s; /***Transition delay 3s fadeout is class***/_x000D_
    -moz-animation: fadeoutBg 3s; /* Firefox */_x000D_
    -webkit-animation: fadeoutBg 3s; /* Safari and Chrome */_x000D_
    -o-animation: fadeoutBg 3s; /* Opera */_x000D_
@keyframes fadeoutBg {_x000D_
    from { background-color: lightgreen; } /** from color **/_x000D_
    to { background-color: white; } /** to color **/_x000D_
@-moz-keyframes fadeoutBg { /* Firefox */_x000D_
    from { background-color: lightgreen; }_x000D_
    to { background-color: white; }_x000D_
@-webkit-keyframes fadeoutBg { /* Safari and Chrome */_x000D_
    from { background-color: lightgreen; }_x000D_
    to { background-color: white; }_x000D_
@-o-keyframes fadeoutBg { /* Opera */_x000D_
    from { background-color: lightgreen; }_x000D_
    to { background-color: white; }_x000D_
<div class="field-error highlighter">File name already exists.</div>

How to group by week in MySQL?

The accepted answer above did not work for me, because it ordered the weeks by alphabetical order, not chronological order:


Here's my solution to count and group by week:

SELECT CONCAT(YEAR(date), '/', WEEK(date)) AS week_name, 
       YEAR(date), WEEK(date), COUNT(*)
FROM column_name
GROUP BY week_name


2011/51     2011    51      15
2011/52     2011    52      14
2012/1      2012    1       20
2012/2      2012    2       14
2012/3      2012    3       19
2012/4      2012    4       19

Using JQuery to check if no radio button in a group has been checked

Use .length refer to

if ($('input[name="html_elements"]:checked').length === 0) alert("Not checked");
else alert("Checked");

How to make div same height as parent (displayed as table-cell)

The child can only take a height if the parent has one already set. See this exaple : Vertical Scrolling 100% height

 html, body {
        height: 100%;
        margin: 0;
        height: 10%;
        background-color: #a8d6fe;
    .middle {
        background-color: #eba5a3;
        min-height: 80%;
    .footer {
        height: 10%;
        background-color: #faf2cc;

    $(function() {_x000D_
      $('a[href*="#nav-"]').click(function() {_x000D_
        if (location.pathname.replace(/^\//, '') == this.pathname.replace(/^\//, '') && location.hostname == this.hostname) {_x000D_
          var target = $(this.hash);_x000D_
          target = target.length ? target : $('[name=' + this.hash.slice(1) + ']');_x000D_
          if (target.length) {_x000D_
            $('html, body').animate({_x000D_
              scrollTop: target.offset().top_x000D_
            }, 500);_x000D_
            return false;_x000D_
body {_x000D_
  height: 100%;_x000D_
  margin: 0;_x000D_
.header {_x000D_
  height: 100%;_x000D_
  background-color: #a8d6fe;_x000D_
.middle {_x000D_
  background-color: #eba5a3;_x000D_
  min-height: 100%;_x000D_
.footer {_x000D_
  height: 100%;_x000D_
  background-color: #faf2cc;_x000D_
nav {_x000D_
  position: fixed;_x000D_
  top: 10px;_x000D_
  left: 0px;_x000D_
nav li {_x000D_
  display: inline-block;_x000D_
<script src=""></script>_x000D_
        <a href="#nav-a">got to a</a>_x000D_
        <a href="#nav-b">got to b</a>_x000D_
        <a href="#nav-c">got to c</a>_x000D_
  <div class="header" id="nav-a">_x000D_
  <div class="middle" id="nav-b">_x000D_
  <div class="footer" id="nav-c">_x000D_

Remove special symbols and extra spaces and replace with underscore using the replace method

var str = "hello world & hello universe"

In order to replace both Spaces and Symbols in one shot, we can use the below regex code.


Note: \W -> represents Not Words (includes spaces/special characters) | + -> one or many matches

Try it!

How to reload a div without reloading the entire page?



whole code:

<div id="submit">ajax</div> 
<div id="div_element"></div> 


Remove an item from an IEnumerable<T> collection

users.toList().RemoveAll(user => <your condition>)

Sending an Intent to browser to open specific URL

Intent browserIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(""));

Sorting dropdown alphabetically in AngularJS

Angular has an orderBy filter that can be used like this:

<select ng-model="selected" ng-options=" for f in friends | orderBy:'name'"></select>

See this fiddle for an example.

It's worth noting that if track by is being used it needs to appear after the orderBy filter, like this:

<select ng-model="selected" ng-options=" for f in friends | orderBy:'name' track by"></select>

Interview Question: Merge two sorted singly linked lists without creating new nodes

Iteration can be done as below. Complexity = O(n)

public static LLNode mergeSortedListIteration(LLNode nodeA, LLNode nodeB) {
    LLNode mergedNode ;
    LLNode tempNode ;      

    if (nodeA == null) {
        return nodeB;
      if (nodeB == null) {
        return nodeA;

    if ( nodeA.getData() < nodeB.getData())
        mergedNode = nodeA;
        nodeA = nodeA.getNext();
        mergedNode = nodeB;
        nodeB = nodeB.getNext();

    tempNode = mergedNode; 

    while (nodeA != null && nodeB != null)

        if ( nodeA.getData() < nodeB.getData())
            nodeA = nodeA.getNext();
            nodeB = nodeB.getNext();                
        mergedNode = mergedNode.getNext();

    if (nodeA != null)

    if (nodeB != null)
    return tempNode;

There are no primary or candidate keys in the referenced table that match the referencing column list in the foreign key

Foreign keys work by joining a column to a unique key in another table, and that unique key must be defined as some form of unique index, be it the primary key, or some other unique index.

At the moment, the only unique index you have is a compound one on ISBN, Title which is your primary key.

There are a number of options open to you, depending on exactly what BookTitle holds and the relationship of the data within it.

I would hazard a guess that the ISBN is unique for each row in BookTitle. ON the assumption this is the case, then change your primary key to be only on ISBN, and change BookCopy so that instead of Title you have ISBN and join on that.

If you need to keep your primary key as ISBN, Title then you either need to store the ISBN in BookCopy as well as the Title, and foreign key on both columns, OR you need to create a unique index on BookTitle(Title) as a distinct index.

More generally, you need to make sure that the column or columns you have in your REFERENCES clause match exactly a unique index in the parent table: in your case it fails because you do not have a single unique index on Title alone.

How to set a time zone (or a Kind) of a DateTime value?

While the DateTime.Kind property does not have a setter, the static method DateTime.SpecifyKind creates a DateTime instance with a specified value for Kind.

Altenatively there are several DateTime constructor overloads that take a DateTimeKind parameter

Select value if condition in SQL Server

Try Case

         WHEN stock.quantity <20 THEN 'Buy urgent'
         ELSE 'There is enough'
FROM stock

How to make a HTML Page in A4 paper size page(s)?

    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"/>
    <title>DIN A4 Page</title>
    <style type="text/css">
        @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm }
        p { line-height: 120%; text-align: justify; background: transparent }
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do
eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim
ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut
aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in
reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla
pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in
culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.</p>
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do
eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim
ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut
aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. 

Determining if Swift dictionary contains key and obtaining any of its values

Why not simply check for dict.keys.contains(key)? Checking for dict[key] != nil will not work in cases where the value is nil. As with a dictionary [String: String?] for example.

Is there a way to pass jvm args via command line to maven?

I think MAVEN_OPTS would be most appropriate for you. See here:

In Unix:

Add the MAVEN_OPTS environment variable to specify JVM properties, e.g. export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xms256m -Xmx512m". This environment variable can be used to supply extra options to Maven.

In Win, you need to set environment variable via the dialogue box

Add ... environment variable by opening up the system properties (WinKey + Pause),... In the same dialog, add the MAVEN_OPTS environment variable in the user variables to specify JVM properties, e.g. the value -Xms256m -Xmx512m. This environment variable can be used to supply extra options to Maven.

How do I make a fully statically linked .exe with Visual Studio Express 2005?

In regards Jared's response, having Windows 2000 or better will not necessarily fix the issue at hand. Rob's response does work, however it is possible that this fix introduces security issues, as Windows updates will not be able to patch applications built as such.

In another post, Nick Guerrera suggests packaging the Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable with your applications, which installs quickly, and is independent of Visual Studio.

Why rgb and not cmy?

This is nothing to do with hardware nor software. Simply that RGB are the 3 primary colours which can be combined in various ways to produce every other colour. It is more about the human convention/perception of colours which carried over.

You may find this article interesting.

Python: how to capture image from webcam on click using OpenCV

Here is a simple program that displays the camera feed in a cv2.namedWindow and will take a snapshot when you hit SPACE. It will also quit if you hit ESC.

import cv2

cam = cv2.VideoCapture(0)


img_counter = 0

while True:
    ret, frame =
    if not ret:
        print("failed to grab frame")
    cv2.imshow("test", frame)

    k = cv2.waitKey(1)
    if k%256 == 27:
        # ESC pressed
        print("Escape hit, closing...")
    elif k%256 == 32:
        # SPACE pressed
        img_name = "opencv_frame_{}.png".format(img_counter)
        cv2.imwrite(img_name, frame)
        print("{} written!".format(img_name))
        img_counter += 1



I think this should answer your question for the most part. If there is any line of it that you don't understand let me know and I'll add comments.

If you need to grab multiple images per press of the SPACE key, you will need an inner loop or perhaps just make a function that grabs a certain number of images.

Note that the key events are from the cv2.namedWindow so it has to have focus.

Non-resolvable parent POM using Maven 3.0.3 and relativePath notation

For me, it works when I double checked the parent´s "group ID" and "artifact ID" that in my case were the wrong ones and that was the problem.

MySQL maximum memory usage

We use these settings:

innodb_buffer_pool_size = 384M
key_buffer = 256M
query_cache_size = 1M
query_cache_limit = 128M
thread_cache_size = 8
max_connections = 400
innodb_lock_wait_timeout = 100

for a server with the following specifications:

Dell Server
CPU cores: Two
Processor(s): 1x Dual Xeon
Clock Speed: >= 2.33GHz
RAM: 2 GBytes
Disks: 1×250 GB SATA

How to get Last record from Sqlite?

Just simple, you can move with Cursor moveToLast(); method provides to move to the last record


Which exception should I raise on bad/illegal argument combinations in Python?

I've mostly just seen the builtin ValueError used in this situation.

Convert a positive number to negative in C#

I use myInt = -myInt;

So simple and easy

If you want to have only positive

myInt = myInt>0 ? myInt : -myInt;

Disabling Minimize & Maximize On WinForm?

How to make form minimize when closing was already answered, but how to remove the minimize and maximize buttons wasn't.
FormBorderStyle: FixedDialog
MinimizeBox: false
MaximizeBox: false

How to change font-size of a tag using inline css?

You should analyze your style.css file, possibly using Developer Tools in your favorite browser, to see which rule sets font size on the element in a manner that overrides the one in a style attribute. Apparently, it has to be one using the !important specifier, which generally indicates poor logic and structure in styling.

Primarily, modify the style.css file so that it does not use !important. Failing this, add !important to the rule in style attribute. But you should aim at reducing the use of !important, not increasing it.

How to get rid of blank pages in PDF exported from SSRS

In BIDS or SSDT-BI, do the following:

  1. Click on Report > Report Properties > Layout tab (Page Setup tab in SSDT-BI)
  2. Make a note of the values for Page width, Left margin, Right margin
  3. Close and go back to the design surface
  4. In the Properties window, select Body
  5. Click the + symbol to expand the Size node
  6. Make a note of the value for Width

To render in PDF correctly Body Width + Left margin + Right margin must be less than or equal to Page width. When you see blank pages being rendered it is almost always because the body width plus margins is greater than the page width.

Remember: (Body Width + Left margin + Right margin) <= (Page width)

How to locate the git config file in Mac

The global Git configuration file is stored at $HOME/.gitconfig on all platforms.

However, you can simply open a terminal and execute git config, which will write the appropriate changes to this file. You shouldn't need to manually tweak .gitconfig, unless you particularly want to.

Can an AWS Lambda function call another

There are a lot of answers, but none is stressing that calling another lambda function is not recommended solution for synchronous calls and the one that you should be using is really Step Functions

Reasons why it is not recommended solution:

  • you are paying for both functions
  • your code is responsible for retrials

You can also use it for quite complex logic, such as parallel steps and catch failures. Every execution is also being logged out which makes debugging much simpler.

What does "Use of unassigned local variable" mean?

The compiler is saying that annualRate will not have a value if the CreditPlan is not recognised.

When creating the local variables ( annualRate, monthlyCharge, and lateFee) assign a default value (0) to them.

Also, you should display an error if the credit plan is unknown.

Can we locate a user via user's phone number in Android?

Quick answer: No, at least not with native SMS service.

Long answer: Sure, but the receiver's phone should have the correct setup first. An app that detects incoming sms, and if a keyword matches, reports its current location to your server, which then pushes that info to the sender.

What does "for" attribute do in HTML <label> tag?

The for attribute of the <label> tag should be equal to the id attribute of the related element to bind them together.

Printing Java Collections Nicely (toString Doesn't Return Pretty Output)

Just Modified the previous example to print even collection containing user defined objects.

public class ToStringHelper {

    private  static String separator = "\n";

    public ToStringHelper(String seperator) {
        ToStringHelper.separator = seperator;


    public  static String toString(List<?> l) {
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        String sep = "";
        for (Object object : l) {
            String v = ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString(object);
            int start = v.indexOf("[");
            int end = v.indexOf("]");
            String st =  v.substring(start,end+1);
            sep = separator;
        return sb.toString();

    public static String toString(Map<?,?> m) {
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        String sep = "";
        for (Object object : m.keySet()) {
            String v = ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString(m.get(object));
            int start = v.indexOf("[");
            int end = v.indexOf("]");
            String st =  v.substring(start,end+1);
            sep = separator;
        return sb.toString();

    public static String toString(Set<?> s) {
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        String sep = "";
        for (Object object : s) {
            String v = ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString(object);
            int start = v.indexOf("[");
            int end = v.indexOf("]");
            String st =  v.substring(start,end+1);
            sep = separator;
        return sb.toString();

    public static void print(List<?> l) {
    public static void print(Map<?,?> m) {
    public static void print(Set<?> s) {


Current time in microseconds in java

Use Instant to compute microseconds since Epoch:

val instant =;
val currentTimeMicros = instant.getEpochSecond() * 1000_000 + instant.getNano() / 1000;

Django datetime issues (

In Django 3.0 auto_now_add seems to work with auto_now


Java 8 Stream and operation on arrays

Please note that create a LongStream (or IntStream, ...) instead of Stream so the map function cannot be used to modify the type. This is why .mapToLong, mapToObject, ... functions are provided.

Take a look at why-cant-i-map-integers-to-strings-when-streaming-from-an-array

What in the world are Spring beans?

For Spring, all objects are beans! The fundamental step in the Spring Framework is to define your objects as beans. Beans are nothing but object instances that would be created by the spring framework by looking at their class definitions. These definitions basically form the configuration metadata. The framework then creates a plan for which objects need to be instantiated, which dependencies need to be set and injected, the scope of the newly created instance, etc., based on this configuration metadata.

The metadata can be supplied in a simple XML file, just like in the first chapter. Alternatively, one could provide the metadata as Annotation or Java Configuration.

Book: Just Spring

How to increment variable under DOS?

I realize you've found another answer - but the fact is that your original code was nearly correct but for a syntax error.

Your code contained the line


and the syntax that would work is simply...


See for all the details on the SET command. I just thought I'd add this clarification for anyone else who doesn't have the option of using FreeDOS.

JavaScript alert not working in Android WebView

The following code will work:

private WebView mWebView;
final Activity activity = this;

// private Button b;
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    mWebView = (WebView) findViewById(;
    mWebView.setWebChromeClient(new WebChromeClient() {
        public void onProgressChanged(WebView view, int progress) {
            activity.setProgress(progress * 1000);


Maximum Length of Command Line String

As @Sugrue I'm also digging out an old thread.

To explain why there is 32768 (I think it should be 32767, but lets believe experimental testing result) characters limitation we need to dig into Windows API.

No matter how you launch program with command line arguments it goes to ShellExecute, CreateProcess or any extended their version. These APIs basically wrap other NT level API that are not officially documented. As far as I know these calls wrap NtCreateProcess, which requires OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES structure as a parameter, to create that structure InitializeObjectAttributes is used. In this place we see UNICODE_STRING. So now lets take a look into this structure:

typedef struct _UNICODE_STRING {
    USHORT Length;
    USHORT MaximumLength;
    PWSTR  Buffer;

It uses USHORT (16-bit length [0; 65535]) variable to store length. And according this, length indicates size in bytes, not characters. So we have: 65535 / 2 = 32767 (because WCHAR is 2 bytes long).

There are a few steps to dig into this number, but I hope it is clear.

Also, to support @sunetos answer what is accepted. 8191 is a maximum number allowed to be entered into cmd.exe, if you exceed this limit, The input line is too long. error is generated. So, answer is correct despite the fact that cmd.exe is not the only way to pass arguments for new process.

Java: splitting the filename into a base and extension

From :

Java has built-in functions to get the basename and dirname for a given file path, but the function names are not so self-apparent.


public class JavaFileDirNameBaseName {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    File theFile = new File("../foo/bar/baz.txt");
    System.out.println("Dirname: " + theFile.getParent());
    System.out.println("Basename: " + theFile.getName());

How do I set specific environment variables when debugging in Visual Studio?

If you can't use bat files to set up your environment, then your only likely option is to set up a system wide environment variable. You can find these by doing

  1. Right click "My Computer"
  2. Select properties
  3. Select the "advanced" tab
  4. Click the "environment variables" button
  5. In the "System variables" section, add the new environment variable that you desire
  6. "Ok" all the way out to accept your changes

I don't know if you'd have to restart visual studio, but seems unlikely. HTH

How to set user environment variables in Windows Server 2008 R2 as a normal user?

I created a godmode folder on the desktop. just create a new folder on the desktop and call it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} it will name the folder as godmode and populate the content with various config options, you can then just type in ENVIRO in the search to find the relevant config option, open it and it opens sysdm.cpl in the advanced tab, you can change the environment variables from there.

Eclipse error: "Editor does not contain a main type"

private int user_movie_matrix[][];Th. should be `private int user_movie_matrix[][];.

private int user_movie_matrix[][]; should be private static int user_movie_matrix[][];

cfiltering(numberOfUsers, numberOfMovies); should be new cfiltering(numberOfUsers, numberOfMovies);

Whether or not the code works as intended after these changes is beyond the scope of this answer; there were several syntax/scoping errors.

Android Studio does not show layout preview

After so many flip-flap I realised that on xml Preview size above,on the left side of Apptheme we have Android Icon with ears click it and change to your target api in case that its not the same as it targeted on built.gradle

How to check if a socket is connected/disconnected in C#?

As Alexander Logger pointed out in zendars answer, you have to send something to be completely sure. In case your connected partner does not read on this socket at all, you can use the following code.

bool SocketConnected(Socket s)
  // Exit if socket is null
  if (s == null)
    return false;
  bool part1 = s.Poll(1000, SelectMode.SelectRead);
  bool part2 = (s.Available == 0);
  if (part1 && part2)
    return false;
      int sentBytesCount = s.Send(new byte[1], 1, 0);
      return sentBytesCount == 1;
      return false;

But even then it might take a few seconds until a broken network cable or something similar is detected.

System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly (from installutil.exe)

OK, this is the problem I had, and, what fixed it, seems very relevant to the above.

I am using Visual Studio 2010 Express. I wrote a test service that didn't really do anything. It was just practice for the real thing later.

I wrote the service and tried to install it using installutil.exe and got the following error:

System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly '{filename.exe}' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

So far the same as the original author.

Ruben's observation above about the 32 bit output of Visual Studio 2010 was the saviour here.

I used the 64-bit version of the installutil.exe and sure enough, the output of the Visual Studio 2010 build was 32-bit. Just to add a little extra value here, you can find the 32-bit version of the latest .NET framework and the associated installutil.exe in the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\framework folder. Using this version of the installutil.exe fixed my problem; the service installed without a hitch!

I hope this helps someone else out there.

SQL Server : check if variable is Empty or NULL for WHERE clause

WHERE p.[Type] = isnull(@SearchType, p.[Type])

What does ||= (or-equals) mean in Ruby?

||= is called a conditional assignment operator.

It basically works as = but with the exception that if a variable has already been assigned it will do nothing.

First example:

x ||= 10

Second example:

x = 20
x ||= 10

In the first example x is now equal to 10. However, in the second example x is already defined as 20. So the conditional operator has no effect. x is still 20 after running x ||= 10.

jQuery $.ajax(), $.post sending "OPTIONS" as REQUEST_METHOD in Firefox

I was looking through source 1.3.2, when using JSONP, the request is made by building a SCRIPT element dynamically, which gets past the browsers Same-domain policy. Naturally, you can't make a POST request using a SCRIPT element, the browser would fetch the result using GET.

As you are requesting a JSONP call, the SCRIPT element is not generated, because it only does this when the Type of AJAX call is set to GET.

How to copy a row and insert in same table with a autoincrement field in MySQL?

I tend to use a variation of what mu is too short posted:

INSERT INTO something_log
FROM something AS s
WHERE = 1;

As long as the tables have identical fields (excepting the auto increment on the log table), then this works nicely.

Since I use stored procedures whenever possible (to make life easier on other programmers who aren't too familiar with databases), this solves the problem of having to go back and update procedures every time you add a new field to a table.

It also ensures that if you add new fields to a table they will start appearing in the log table immediately without having to update your database queries (unless of course you have some that set a field explicitly)

Warning: You will want to make sure to add any new fields to both tables at the same time so that the field order stays the same... otherwise you will start getting odd bugs. If you are the only one that writes database interfaces AND you are very careful then this works nicely. Otherwise, stick to naming all of your fields.

Note: On second thought, unless you are working on a solo project that you are sure won't have others working on it stick to listing all field names explicitly and update your log statements as your schema changes. This shortcut probably is not worth the long term headache it can cause... especially on a production system.

How to POST form data with Spring RestTemplate?

How to POST mixed data: File, String[], String in one request.

You can use only what you need.

private String doPOST(File file, String[] array, String name) {
    RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate(true);

    //add file
    LinkedMultiValueMap<String, Object> params = new LinkedMultiValueMap<>();
    params.add("file", new FileSystemResource(file));

    //add array
    UriComponentsBuilder builder = UriComponentsBuilder.fromHttpUrl("https://my_url");
    for (String item : array) {
        builder.queryParam("array", item);

    //add some String
    builder.queryParam("name", name);

    //another staff
    String result = "";
    HttpHeaders headers = new HttpHeaders();

    HttpEntity<LinkedMultiValueMap<String, Object>> requestEntity =
            new HttpEntity<>(params, headers);

    ResponseEntity<String> responseEntity =

    HttpStatus statusCode = responseEntity.getStatusCode();
    if (statusCode == HttpStatus.ACCEPTED) {
        result = responseEntity.getBody();
    return result;

The POST request will have File in its Body and next structure:

POST https://my_url?array=your_value1&array=your_value2&name=bob 

What is a stored procedure?

A stored procedure is a set of precompiled SQL statements that are used to perform a special task.

Example: If I have an Employee table

Employee ID  Name       Age  Mobile
001          Sidheswar  25   9938885469
002          Pritish    32   9178542436

First I am retrieving the Employee table:

Create Procedure Employee details
    Select * from Employee

To run the procedure on SQL Server:

Execute   Employee details

--- (Employee details is a user defined name, give a name as you want)

Then second, I am inserting the value into the Employee Table

Create Procedure employee_insert
    (@EmployeeID int, @Name Varchar(30), @Age int, @Mobile int)
    Insert Into Employee
    Values (@EmployeeID, @Name, @Age, @Mobile)

To run the parametrized procedure on SQL Server:

Execute employee_insert 003,’xyz’,27,1234567890

  --(Parameter size must be same as declared column size)

Example: @Name Varchar(30)

In the Employee table the Name column's size must be varchar(30).

How do I limit the number of decimals printed for a double?

Formatter class is also a good option. fmt.format("%.2f", variable); 2 here is showing how many decimals you want. You can change it to 4 for example. Don't forget to close the formatter.

 private static int nJars, nCartons, totalOunces, OuncesTolbs, lbs;

 public static void main(String[] args)

  public static void computeShippingCost()
   System.out.print("Enter a number of jars: ");
   Scanner kboard = new Scanner (;
   nJars = kboard.nextInt();
   int nCartons = (nJars + 11) / 12;
   int totalOunces = (nJars * 21) + (nCartons * 25);
   int lbs = totalOunces / 16;

   double shippingCost =  ((nCartons * 1.44) + (lbs + 1) * 0.96) + 3.0;

     Formatter fmt = new Formatter();
     fmt.format("%.2f", shippingCost);

   System.out.print("$" + fmt);



How to get a random value from dictionary?

With modern versions of Python(since 3), the objects returned by methods dict.keys(), dict.values() and dict.items() are view objects*. And hey can be iterated, so using directly random.choice is not possible as now they are not a list or set.

One option is to use list comprehension to do the job with random.choice:

import random

colors = {
    'purple': '#7A4198',
    'orange': '#EF5C35',
    'blue': '#19457D',
    'green': '#5AF9B5',
    'red': ' #E04160',
    'yellow': '#F9F985'

color=random.choice([hex_color for color_value in colors.values()]

print(f'The new color is: {color}')


How to completely DISABLE any MOUSE CLICK

You can overlay a big, semi-transparent <div> that takes all the clicks. Just append a new <div> to <body> with this style:

.overlay {
    background-color: rgba(1, 1, 1, 0.7);
    bottom: 0;
    left: 0;
    position: fixed;
    right: 0;
    top: 0;

Java TreeMap Comparator

The comparator should be only for the key, not for the whole entry. It sorts the entries based on the keys.

You should change it to something as follows

SortedMap<String, Double> myMap = 
    new TreeMap<String, Double>(new Comparator<String>()
        public int compare(String o1, String o2)
            return o1.compareTo(o2);


You can do something as follows (create a list of entries in the map and sort the list base on value, but note this not going to sort the map itself) -

List<Map.Entry<String, Double>> entryList = new ArrayList<Map.Entry<String, Double>>(myMap.entrySet());
    Collections.sort(entryList, new Comparator<Map.Entry<String, Double>>() {
        public int compare(Entry<String, Double> o1, Entry<String, Double> o2) {
            return o1.getValue().compareTo(o2.getValue());

How to execute a shell script in PHP?

Residuum did provide a correct answer to how you should get shell exec to find your script, but in regards to security, there are a couple of points.

I would imagine you don't want your shell script to be in your web root, as it would be visible to anyone with web access to your server.

I would recommend moving the shell script to outside of the webroot

      $tempFolder = '/tmp';
      $webRootFolder = '/var/www';
      $scriptName = '';
      $moveCommand = "mv $webRootFolder/$scriptName $tempFolder/$scriptName";
      $output = shell_exec($moveCommand);

In regards to the:

i added www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL to /etc/sudoers works

You can modify this to only cover the specific commands in your script which require sudo. Otherwise, if none of the commands in your sh script require sudo to execute, you don't need to do this at all anyway.

Try running the script as the apache user (use the su command to switch to the apache user) and if you are not prompted for sudo or given permission denied, etc, it'll be fine.


sudo su apache (or www-data)
cd /var/www
sh ./myscript

Also... what brought me here was that I wanted to run a multi line shell script using commands that are dynamically generated. I wanted all of my commands to run in the same shell, which won't happen using multiple calls to shell_exec(). The answer to that one is to do it like Jenkins - create your dynamically generated multi line of commands, put it in a variable, save it to a file in a temp folder, execute that file (using shell_exec in() php as Jenkins is Java), then do whatever you want with the output, and delete the temp file

... voila

Responsive web design is working on desktop but not on mobile device

Though it is answered above and it is right to use

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

but if you are using React and webpack then don't forget to close the element tag

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

How can I interrupt a running code in R with a keyboard command?

Self Answer (pretty much summary of other's comments and answers):

  • In RStudio, Esc works, on windows, Mac, and ubuntu (and I would guess on other linux distributions as well).

  • If the process is ran in say ubuntu shell (and this is not R specific), for example using:

    Rscript my_file.R

    Ctrl + c kills the process

    Ctrl + z suspends the process

  • Within R shell, Ctrl + C kills helps you escape it

How to display raw html code in PRE or something like it but without escaping it

echo '<pre>' . htmlspecialchars("<div><b>raw HTML</b></div>") . '</pre>';

I think that's what you're looking for?

In other words, use htmlspecialchars() in PHP

Count table rows

As mentioned by Santosh, I think this query is suitably fast, while not querying all the table.

To return integer result of number of data records, for a specific tablename in a particular database:

select TABLE_ROWS from information_schema.TABLES where TABLE_SCHEMA = 'database' 
AND table_name='tablename';

How to convert a factor to integer\numeric without loss of information?

You can use hablar::convert if you have a data frame. The syntax is easy:

Sample df


df <- dplyr::tibble(a = as.factor(c("7", "3")),
                    b = as.factor(c("1.5", "6.3")))


df %>% 
  convert(num(a, b))

gives you:

# A tibble: 2 x 2
      a     b
  <dbl> <dbl>
1    7.  1.50
2    3.  6.30

Or if you want one column to be integer and one numeric:

df %>% 

results in:

# A tibble: 2 x 2
      a     b
  <int> <dbl>
1     7  1.50
2     3  6.30

regex with space and letters only?

use this expression

var RegExpression = /^[a-zA-Z\s]*$/;  

for more refer this

How can I declare enums using java

public enum MyEnum {
   private int value;
   private MyEnum(int value) {
      this.value = value;
   public int getValue() {
      return value;

In short - you can define any number of parameters for the enum as long as you provide constructor arguments (and set the values to the respective fields)

As Scott noted - the official enum documentation gives you the answer. Always start from the official documentation of language features and constructs.

Update: For strings the only difference is that your constructor argument is String, and you declare enums with TEST("test")

SQL Server Management Studio, how to get execution time down to milliseconds

I don't know about expanding the information bar.

But you can get the timings set as a default for all queries showing in the "Messages" tab.

When in a Query window, go to the Query Menu item, select "query options" then select "advanced" in the "Execution" group and check the "set statistics time" / "set statistics IO" check boxes. These values will then show up in the messages area for each query without having to remember to put in the set stats on and off.

You could also use Shift + Alt + S to enable client statistics at any time

Send json post using php

Beware that file_get_contents solution doesn't close the connection as it should when a server returns Connection: close in the HTTP header.

CURL solution, on the other hand, terminates the connection so the PHP script is not blocked by waiting for a response.

Table scroll with HTML and CSS

Table with Fixed Header

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="325">_x000D_
       <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" border="1" width="300" >_x000D_
         <tr style="color:white;background-color:grey">_x000D_
            <th>Header 1</th>_x000D_
            <th>Header 2</th>_x000D_
       <div style="width:320px; height:80px; overflow:auto;">_x000D_
         <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" border="1" width="300" >_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
             <td>new item</td>_x000D_
         </table>  _x000D_


Demo Image

This is working in all browser

Demo jsfiddle

How do I use namespaces with TypeScript external modules?

Nothing wrong with Ryan's answer, but for people who came here looking for how to maintain a one-class-per-file structure while still using ES6 namespaces correctly please refer to this helpful resource from Microsoft.

One thing that's unclear to me after reading the doc is: how to import the entire (merged) module with a single import.

Edit Circling back to update this answer. A few approaches to namespacing emerge in TS.

All module classes in one file.

export namespace Shapes {
    export class Triangle {}
    export class Square {}      

Import files into namespace, and reassign

import { Triangle as _Triangle } from './triangle';
import { Square as _Square } from './square';

export namespace Shapes {
  export const Triangle = _Triangle;
  export const Square = _Square;


// ./shapes/index.ts
export { Triangle } from './triangle';
export { Square } from './square';

// in importing file:
import * as Shapes from './shapes/index.ts';
// by node module convention, you can ignore '/index.ts':
import * as Shapes from './shapes';
let myTriangle = new Shapes.Triangle();

A final consideration. You could namespace each file

// triangle.ts
export namespace Shapes {
    export class Triangle {}

// square.ts
export namespace Shapes {
    export class Square {}

But as one imports two classes from the same namespace, TS will complain there's a duplicate identifier. The only solution as this time is to then alias the namespace.

import { Shapes } from './square';
import { Shapes as _Shapes } from './triangle';

// ugh
let myTriangle = new _Shapes.Shapes.Triangle();

This aliasing is absolutely abhorrent, so don't do it. You're better off with an approach above. Personally, I prefer the 'barrel'.

Using sed, Insert a line above or below the pattern?

More portable to use ed; some systems don't support \n in sed

printf "/^lorem ipsum dolor sit amet/a\nconsectetur adipiscing elit\n.\nw\nq\n" |\
    /bin/ed $filename

Add column to SQL query results

why dont you add a "source" column to each of the queries with a static value like

select 'source 1' as Source, column1, column2...
from table1


select 'source 2' as Source, column1, column2...
from table2

Process list on Linux via Python

IMO looking at the /proc filesystem is less nasty than hacking the text output of ps.

import os
pids = [pid for pid in os.listdir('/proc') if pid.isdigit()]

for pid in pids:
        print open(os.path.join('/proc', pid, 'cmdline'), 'rb').read().split('\0')
    except IOError: # proc has already terminated

Get the new record primary key ID from MySQL insert query?

I just want to share my approach to this in PHP, some of you may found it not an efficient way but this is a 100 better than other available options.

generate a random key and insert it into the table creating a new row. then you can use that key to retrieve the primary key. use the update to add data and do other stuff.

doing this way helps to secure a row and have the correct primary key.

I really don't recommend this unless you don't have any other options.

Changing permissions via chmod at runtime errors with "Operation not permitted"

In order to perform chmod, you need to be owner of the file you are trying to modify, or the root user.

How do you set a JavaScript onclick event to a class with css

You could do it with jQuery.

$('.myClass').click(function() {

Insertion sort vs Bubble Sort Algorithms

insertion sort:

1.In the insertion sort swapping is not required.

2.the time complexity of insertion sort is O(n)for best case and O(n^2) worst case.

3.less complex as compared to bubble sort.

4.example: insert books in library, arrange cards.

bubble sort: 1.Swapping required in bubble sort.

2.the time complexity of bubble sort is O(n)for best case and O(n^2) worst case.

3.more complex as compared to insertion sort.

xml.LoadData - Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1

Use Load() method instead, it will solve the problem. See more

How to download Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition for offline installation?

Just use the following for a "minimal" C# installation:

vs_Community.exe --layout f:\vs2017c --lang en-US --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.ManagedDesktop

This works for sure. The error in your first commandline was the trailing backslash. Without it it works. You don't have to download all..

You can add for example the following workloads (or a subset) to the commandline:

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.Data Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.NetWeb Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.Universal Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.NetCoreTools

Sometimes the downloader seems to not like too much packages. But you can download the packages (add the other workloads) step-by-step, this works. Like you want.

The interesting thing. The installer afterwards will download (only) the packages you selected which you have NOT downloaded before, so it is quite smart (in this point).

(Of course there are more packages available).

c# .net change label text

When I had this problem I could see only a part of my text and this is the solution for that:

Be sure to set the AutoSize property to true.

output.AutoSize = true;

How to convert answer into two decimal point

If you just want to print a decimal number with 2 digits after decimal point in specific format no matter of locals use something like this

dim d as double = 1.23456789
dim s as string = d.Tostring("0.##", New System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US"))

How to set column header text for specific column in Datagridview C#




Databound drop down list - initial value

dropdownlist.Items.Insert(0, new Listitem("--Select One--", "0");

Breaking/exit nested for in

If I want to exit a for-to loop, I just set the index beyond the limit:

    For i = 1 To max
        some code
        if this(i) = 25 Then i = max + 1
        some more code...


Get decimal portion of a number with JavaScript

The following works regardless of the regional settings for decimal separator... on the condition only one character is used for a separator.

var n = 2015.15;
var integer = Math.floor(n).toString();
var strungNumber = n.toString();
if (integer.length === strungNumber.length)
  return "0";
return strungNumber.substring(integer.length + 1);

It ain't pretty, but it's accurate.

Difference between Divide and Conquer Algo and Dynamic Programming

The other difference between divide and conquer and dynamic programming could be:

Divide and conquer:

  1. Does more work on the sub-problems and hence has more time consumption.
  2. In divide and conquer the sub-problems are independent of each other.

Dynamic programming:

  1. Solves the sub-problems only once and then stores it in the table.
  2. In dynamic programming the sub-problem are not independent.

Test for array of string type in TypeScript

Here is the most concise solution so far:

function isArrayOfStrings(value: any): boolean {
   return Array.isArray(value) && value.every(item => typeof item === "string");

Note that value.every will return true for an empty array. If you need to return false for an empty array, you should add value.length to the condition clause:

function isNonEmptyArrayOfStrings(value: any): boolean {
    return Array.isArray(value) && value.length && value.every(item => typeof item === "string");

There is no any run-time type information in TypeScript (and there won't be, see TypeScript Design Goals > Non goals, 5), so there is no way to get the type of an empty array. For a non-empty array all you can do is to check the type of its items, one by one.

Command Prompt Error 'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

I believe James Hunt's answer will solve the problem.

@user3731784: In your new message, the compiler seems to be confused because of the "C:\Program Files\IAR systems\Embedded Workbench 7.0\430\lib\dlib\d1430fn.h" argument. Why are you giving this header file at the middle of other compiler switches? Please correct this and try again. Also, it probably is a good idea to give the source file name after all the compiler switches and not at the beginning.

why does DateTime.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy") give me dd-MM-yyyy?

Slash is a date delimiter, so that will use the current culture date delimiter.

If you want to hard-code it to always use slash, you can do something like this:


Returning a regex match in VBA (excel)

You need to access the matches in order to get at the SDI number. Here is a function that will do it (assuming there is only 1 SDI number per cell).

For the regex, I used "sdi followed by a space and one or more numbers". You had "sdi followed by a space and zero or more numbers". You can simply change the + to * in my pattern to go back to what you had.

Function ExtractSDI(ByVal text As String) As String

Dim result As String
Dim allMatches As Object
Dim RE As Object
Set RE = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")

RE.pattern = "(sdi \d+)"
RE.Global = True
RE.IgnoreCase = True
Set allMatches = RE.Execute(text)

If allMatches.count <> 0 Then
    result = allMatches.Item(0).submatches.Item(0)
End If

ExtractSDI = result

End Function

If a cell may have more than one SDI number you want to extract, here is my RegexExtract function. You can pass in a third paramter to seperate each match (like comma-seperate them), and you manually enter the pattern in the actual function call:

Ex) =RegexExtract(A1, "(sdi \d+)", ", ")

Here is:

Function RegexExtract(ByVal text As String, _
                      ByVal extract_what As String, _
                      Optional seperator As String = "") As String

Dim i As Long, j As Long
Dim result As String
Dim allMatches As Object
Dim RE As Object
Set RE = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")

RE.pattern = extract_what
RE.Global = True
Set allMatches = RE.Execute(text)

For i = 0 To allMatches.count - 1
    For j = 0 To allMatches.Item(i).submatches.count - 1
        result = result & seperator & allMatches.Item(i).submatches.Item(j)

If Len(result) <> 0 Then
    result = Right(result, Len(result) - Len(seperator))
End If

RegexExtract = result

End Function

*Please note that I have taken "RE.IgnoreCase = True" out of my RegexExtract, but you could add it back in, or even add it as an optional 4th parameter if you like.

Detect if string contains any spaces

function hasSpaces(str) {
  if (str.indexOf(' ') !== -1) {
    return true
  } else {
    return false

How to check if a date is in a given range?

Convert both dates to timestamps then do


if date_from_user > start_date && date_from_user < end_date
    return true

How do you clear the SQL Server transaction log?

To Truncate the log file:

  • Backup the database
  • Detach the database, either by using Enterprise Manager or by executing : Sp_DetachDB [DBName]
  • Delete the transaction log file. (or rename the file, just in case)
  • Re-attach the database again using: Sp_AttachDB [DBName]
  • When the database is attached, a new transaction log file is created.

To Shrink the log file:

  • Backup log [DBName] with No_Log
  • Shrink the database by either:

    Using Enterprise manager :- Right click on the database, All tasks, Shrink database, Files, Select log file, OK.

    Using T-SQL :- Dbcc Shrinkfile ([Log_Logical_Name])

You can find the logical name of the log file by running sp_helpdb or by looking in the properties of the database in Enterprise Manager.

How do I decode a string with escaped unicode?

I don't have enough rep to put this under comments to the existing answers:

unescape is only deprecated for working with URIs (or any encoded utf-8) which is probably the case for most people's needs. encodeURIComponent converts a js string to escaped UTF-8 and decodeURIComponent only works on escaped UTF-8 bytes. It throws an error for something like decodeURIComponent('%a9'); // error because extended ascii isn't valid utf-8 (even though that's still a unicode value), whereas unescape('%a9'); // © So you need to know your data when using decodeURIComponent.

decodeURIComponent won't work on "%C2" or any lone byte over 0x7f because in utf-8 that indicates part of a surrogate. However decodeURIComponent("%C2%A9") //gives you © Unescape wouldn't work properly on that // © AND it wouldn't throw an error, so unescape can lead to buggy code if you don't know your data.

Laravel blank white screen

in my case, the BLANK WHITE SCREEN issue was as simple as a typo or wrong character on the env file. I was implementing socialite, so when I was setting up the .env credentials for Google+ like this:

G+_CLIENT_ID = Your G+ Client ID
G+_CLIENT_SECRET = Your G+ Client secret
G+_REDIRECT = 'http://localhost:8000/callback/google'

But, the .env file can't use the '+' sign, so I have to make this correction:

GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET = Your G+ Client secret
GOOGLE_REDIRECT = 'http://localhost:8000/callback/google'

I hope this help you find a dumb error...

How to copy folders to docker image from Dockerfile?

Use ADD (docs)

The ADD command can accept as a <src> parameter:

  1. A folder within the build folder (the same folder as your Dockerfile). You would then add a line in your Dockerfile like this:
ADD folder /path/inside/your/container


  1. A single-file archive anywhere in your host filesystem. To create an archive use the command:
tar -cvzf newArchive.tar.gz /path/to/your/folder

You would then add a line to your Dockerfile like this:

ADD /path/to/archive/newArchive.tar.gz  /path/inside/your/container


  • ADD will automatically extract your archive.
  • presence/absence of trailing slashes is important, see the linked docs

Android check permission for LocationManager

Use my custome class to check or request permisson

public class Permissons {

        //Request Permisson
        public static void Request_STORAGE(Activity act,int code)

            ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(act, new
        public static void Request_CAMERA(Activity act,int code)
            ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(act, new
        public static void Request_FINE_LOCATION(Activity act,int code)
            ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(act, new
        public static void Request_READ_SMS(Activity act,int code)
            ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(act, new
        public static void Request_READ_CONTACTS(Activity act,int code)
            ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(act, new
        public static void Request_READ_CALENDAR(Activity act,int code)
            ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(act, new
        public static void Request_RECORD_AUDIO(Activity act,int code)
            ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(act, new

        //Check Permisson
        public static boolean Check_STORAGE(Activity act)
            int result = ContextCompat.checkSelfPermission(act,android.Manifest.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE);
            return result == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED;
        public static boolean Check_CAMERA(Activity act)
            int result = ContextCompat.checkSelfPermission(act, Manifest.permission.CAMERA);
            return result == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED;
        public static boolean Check_FINE_LOCATION(Activity act)
            int result = ContextCompat.checkSelfPermission(act, Manifest.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION);
            return result == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED;
        public static boolean Check_READ_SMS(Activity act)
            int result = ContextCompat.checkSelfPermission(act, Manifest.permission.READ_SMS);
            return result == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED;
        public static boolean Check_READ_CONTACTS(Activity act)
            int result = ContextCompat.checkSelfPermission(act, Manifest.permission.READ_CONTACTS);
            return result == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED;
        public static boolean Check_READ_CALENDAR(Activity act)
            int result = ContextCompat.checkSelfPermission(act, Manifest.permission.READ_CALENDAR);
            return result == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED;
        public static boolean Check_RECORD_AUDIO(Activity act)
            int result = ContextCompat.checkSelfPermission(act, Manifest.permission.RECORD_AUDIO);
            return result == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED;


   //if not permisson granted so request permisson with request code

MySQL: Can't create table (errno: 150)

Change the engines of your tables, only innoDB supports foreign keys

Chart.js canvas resize

I had a similar problem and found your answer.. I eventually came to a solution.

It looks like the source of Chart.js has the following(presumably because it is not supposed to re-render and entirely different graph in the same canvas):

    //High pixel density displays - multiply the size of the canvas height/width by the device pixel ratio, then scale.
if (window.devicePixelRatio) { = width + "px"; = height + "px";
    context.canvas.height = height * window.devicePixelRatio;
    context.canvas.width = width * window.devicePixelRatio;
    context.scale(window.devicePixelRatio, window.devicePixelRatio);

This is fine if it is called once, but when you redraw multiple times you end up changing the size of the canvas DOM element multiple times causing re-size.

Hope that helps!