[javascript] Highcharts - how to have a chart with dynamic height?

I want to have a chart that resizes with the browser window, but the problem is that the height is fixed to 400px. This JSFiddle example has the same problem.

How can I do that? I tried using the chart.events.redraw event handler to resize the chart (using .setSize), but I guess it starts a never-ending loop (fire event handler, which calls setSize, which fires another event handler, etc.).

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The answer is

Remove the height will fix your problem because highchart is responsive by design if you adjust your screen it will also re-size.

Another good option is, to pass a renderTo HTML reference. If it is a string, the element by that id is used. Otherwise you can do:

chart: {
    renderTo: document.getElementById('container')

or with jquery:

chart: {
    renderTo: $('#container')[0]

Further information can be found here: https://api.highcharts.com/highstock/chart.renderTo

When using percentage, the height it relative to the width and will dynamically change along with it:

chart: {
    height: (9 / 16 * 100) + '%' // 16:9 ratio

JSFiddle Highcharts with percentage height

Alternatively, you can directly use javascript's window.onresize

As example, my code (using scriptaculos) is :

window.onresize = function (){
    var w = $("form").getWidth() + "px";
    $('gfx').setStyle( { width : w } );

Where form is an html form on my webpage and gfx the highchart graphics.

What if you hooked the window resize event:


See example fiddle here.

Highcharts API Reference : setSize().

I had the same problem and I fixed it with:

<div id="container" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; position:absolute"></div>

The chart fits perfect to the browser even if I resize it. You can change the percentage according to your needs.