How to export settings?


How is it possible to export all Visual Studio Code settings and plugins and import them to another machine?

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~ Asked on 2016-02-12 17:37:29

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There is an extension for Visual Studio Code, called Settings Sync.

It synchronises your settings by gist (Gist by GitHub). It works the same as the extension called settings-sync.


This feature is now build in VS Code, it is worth to switch to official feature. (

You can now sync all your settings across devices with VSCode's built-in Settings Sync. It's found under Code > Preferences > Turn on Settings Sync...

~ Answered on 2016-04-17 13:39:01


With the current version of Visual Studio Code as of this writing (1.22.1), you can find your settings in

  • ~/.config/Code/User on Linux (in my case, an, Ubuntu derivative)
  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Code\User on Windows 10
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Code/User/ on Mac OS X (thank you, Christophe De Troyer)

The files are settings.json and keybindings.json. Simply copy them to the target machine.

Your extensions are in

  • ~/.vscode/extensions on Linux and Mac OS X
  • C:\Users\username\.vscode\extensions on Windows 10 (e.g., essentially the same place)

Alternately, just go to the Extensions, show installed extensions, and install those on your target installation. For me, copying the extensions worked just fine, but it may be extension-specific, particularly if moving between platforms, depending on what the extension does.

~ Answered on 2018-04-07 10:33:08

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