[c#] How can I find a specific element in a List<T>?

My application uses a list like this:

List<MyClass> list = new List<MyClass>();

Using the Add method, another instance of MyClass is added to the list.

MyClass provides, among others, the following methods:

public void SetId(String Id);
public String GetId();

How can I find a specific instance of MyClass by means of using the GetId method? I know there is the Find method, but I don't know if this would work here?!

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The answer is

Or if you do not prefer to use LINQ you can do it the old-school way:

List<MyClass> list = new List<MyClass>();
foreach (MyClass element in list)
    if (element.GetId() == "heres_where_you_put_what_you_are_looking_for")

        break; // If you only want to find the first instance a break here would be best for your application

var list = new List<MyClass>();
var item = list.Find( x => x.GetId() == "TARGET_ID" );

or if there is only one and you want to enforce that something like SingleOrDefault may be what you want

var item = list.SingleOrDefault( x => x.GetId() == "TARGET" );

if ( item == null )
    throw new Exception();

You can also use LINQ extensions:

string id = "hello";
MyClass result = list.Where(m => m.GetId() == id).First();


 list.Find(item => item.id==myid);

You can create a search variable to hold your searching criteria. Here is an example using database.

 var query = from o in this.mJDBDataset.Products 
             where o.ProductStatus == textBox1.Text || o.Karrot == textBox1.Text 
             || o.ProductDetails == textBox1.Text || o.DepositDate == textBox1.Text 
             || o.SellDate == textBox1.Text
             select o;

 dataGridView1.DataSource = query.ToList();

 //Search and Calculate
 search = textBox1.Text;
 string query1 = string.Format("select * from Products where ProductStatus='"
               + search +"'");
 SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(query1, cnn);
 DataSet ds = new DataSet();
 da.Fill(ds, "Products");
 SqlDataReader reader;
 reader = new SqlCommand(query1, cnn).ExecuteReader();

 List<double> DuePayment = new List<double>();

 if (reader.HasRows)

  while (reader.Read())

   foreach (DataRow row in ds.Tables["Products"].Rows)

     DuePayment = DuePaymentstring.Select(x => double.Parse(x)).ToList();


  tdp = 0;
  tdp = DuePayment.Sum();                        
 label3.Text = Convert.ToString(tdp + " Due Payment Count: " + 
 DuePayment.Count + " Due Payment string Count: " + DuePaymentstring.Count);
 tdp = 0;
 //DuePayment.RemoveRange(0, DuePayment.Count);
 //Search and Calculate

Here "var query" is generating the search criteria you are giving through the search variable. Then "DuePaymentstring.Select" is selecting the data matching your given criteria. Feel free to ask if you have problem understanding.

You can solve your problem most concisely with a predicate written using anonymous method syntax:

MyClass found = list.Find(item => item.GetID() == ID);

public List<DealsCategory> DealCategory { get; set; }
int categoryid = Convert.ToInt16(dealsModel.DealCategory.Select(x => x.Id));

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