[c#] How to use a global array in C#?

I am making an text-based adventure game for my first little project in C#. In order for my vision to work I need a few arrays that can be accessed in any of the functions. The game will only consist of a single class. And the arrays will need to be able to be changed in any function.

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The answer is

Your class shoud look something like this:

class Something {     int[] array; //global array, replace type of course     void function1() {        array = new int[10]; //let say you declare it here that will be 10 integers in size     }     void function2() {        array[0] = 12; //assing value at index 0 to 12.     } } 

That way you array will be accessible in both functions. However, you must be careful with global stuff, as you can quickly overwrite something.