[c#] C# - insert values from file into two arrays

I want to read values from text file and insert them to 2 arrays, the first column to one array and the second column to another array.

For example:

Text file:    0x223    0x2342342  0x21323  0x983298  0x908938 0x8382AA   arr1 :  0x223, 0x21323 , 0x908938  arr2 :  0x2342342,0x983298,0x8382AA 

How can I do it?

This question is related to c#

The answer is

var Text = File.ReadAllLines("Path"); foreach (var i in Text) {    var SplitText = i.Split().Where(x=> x.Lenght>1).ToList();    //@Array1 add SplitText[0]    //@Array2 add SpliteText[1]   }