How to add a line to a multiline TextBox?

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@Casperah pointed out that i'm thinking about it wrong:

  • A TextBox doesn't have lines
  • it has text
  • that text can be split on the CRLF into lines, if requested
  • but there is no notion of lines

The question then is how to accomplish what i want, rather than what WinForms lets me.

There are subtle bugs in the other given variants:

  • textBox1.AppendText("Hello" + Environment.NewLine);
  • textBox1.AppendText("Hello" + "\r\n");
  • textBox1.Text += "Hello\r\n"
  • textbox1.Text += System.Environment.NewLine + "brown";

They either append or prepend a newline when one (might) not be required.

So, extension helper:

public static class WinFormsExtensions
   public static void AppendLine(this TextBox source, string value)
      if (source.Text.Length==0)
         source.Text = value;

So now:



textBox1.AppendLine(String.Format("Processing file {0}", filename));

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~ Answered on 2011-12-16 17:02:21

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