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Difference between IISRESET and IIS Stop-Start command

The following was tested for IIS 8.5 and Windows 8.1.

As of IIS 7, Windows recommends restarting IIS via net stop/start. Via the command prompt (as Administrator):

> net stop WAS
> net start W3SVC

net stop WAS will stop W3SVC as well. Then when starting, net start W3SVC will start WAS as a dependency.

The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document in a Silverlight application

I had the same problem - lost lot's of time trying to get debugging working in Visual Studio.

It ended up being Nuget - I had 3 versions of Newtonsoft.Json (across 7 C# projects). The solution would compile but wasn't debuggable.

I fixed the issue by running the following in Nuget's Package Manager Console:

PM> Update-Package Newtonsoft.Json

What does 'IISReset' do?

IISReset restarts the entire webserver (including all associated sites). If you're just looking to reset a single ASP.NET website, you should just recycle that Application Domain.

How to install JDK 11 under Ubuntu?

Now it is possible to install openjdk-11 this way:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk

(Previously it installed openjdk-10, but not anymore)

What is exactly the base pointer and stack pointer? To what do they point?

esp stands for "Extended Stack Pointer".....ebp for "Something Base Pointer"....and eip for "Something Instruction Pointer"...... The stack Pointer points to the offset address of the stack segment. The Base Pointer points to the offset address of the extra segment. The Instruction Pointer points to the offset address of the code segment. Now, about the segments...they are small 64KB divisions of the processors memory area.....This process is known as Memory Segmentation. I hope this post was helpful.

IIS 7, HttpHandler and HTTP Error 500.21

Luckily, it’s very easy to resolve. Run the follow command from an elevated command prompt:

%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe -i

If you’re on a 32-bit machine, you may have to use the following:

%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe -i

How to tell which disk Windows Used to Boot

  1. Go into Control Panel
  2. System and Security
  3. Administrative Tools
  4. Launch the System Configuration tool

If you have multiple copies of Windows installed, the one you are booted with will be named such as:

Windows 7 (F:\Windows)
Windows 7 (C:\Windows) : Current OS, Default OS

How to create an exit message

The abort function does this. For example:

abort("Message goes here")

Note: the abort message will be written to STDERR as opposed to puts which will write to STDOUT.

Hide header in stack navigator React navigation

With latest react-navigation-stack v4 you can hide the header with

import { createStackNavigator } from 'react-navigation-stack';

 stackName: {
  navigationOptions: {

How to define optional methods in Swift protocol?

Put the @optional in front of methods or properties.

javax.servlet.ServletException cannot be resolved to a type in spring web app

import javax.servlet


Go to properties of your project ( with Alt+Enter or righ-click )


check on Apache Tomcat v7.0 under Targeted Runtime and it works.


Spring Boot - How to log all requests and responses with exceptions in single place?

If somebody still need it here is simple implementation with Spring HttpTrace Actuator. But as they have told upper it doesn't log bodies.

import lombok.extern.slf4j.Slf4j;
import org.apache.commons.lang3.builder.ToStringBuilder;
import org.springframework.boot.actuate.trace.http.HttpTrace;
import org.springframework.boot.actuate.trace.http.InMemoryHttpTraceRepository;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Repository;

public class LoggingInMemoryHttpTraceRepository extends InMemoryHttpTraceRepository {
    public void add(HttpTrace trace) {
        super.add(trace);"Trace:" + ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString(trace));"Request:" + ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString(trace.getRequest()));"Response:" + ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString(trace.getResponse()));

Script to Change Row Color when a cell changes text

I used GENEGC's script, but I found it quite slow.

It is slow because it scans whole sheet on every edit.

So I wrote way faster and cleaner method for myself and I wanted to share it.

function onEdit(e) {
    if (e) { 
        var ss = e.source.getActiveSheet();
        var r = e.source.getActiveRange(); 

        // If you want to be specific
        // do not work in first row
        // do not work in other sheets except "MySheet"
        if (r.getRow() != 1 && ss.getName() == "MySheet") {

            // E.g. status column is 2nd (B)
            status = ss.getRange(r.getRow(), 2).getValue();

            // Specify the range with which You want to highlight
            // with some reading of API you can easily modify the range selection properties
            // (e.g. to automatically select all columns)
            rowRange = ss.getRange(r.getRow(),1,1,19);

            // This changes font color
            if (status == 'YES') {
            } else if (status == 'N/A') {
            // DEFAULT
            } else if (status == '') { 

CSS-Only Scrollable Table with fixed headers

I see this thread has been inactive for a while, but this topic interested me and now with some CSS3 selectors, this just became easier (and pretty doable with only CSS).

This solution relies on having a max height of the table container. But it is supported as long as you can use the :first-child selector.

Fiddle here.

If anyone can improve on this answer, please do! I plan on using this solution in a commercial app soon!


<div id="con">
            <th>Header 1</th>
            <th>Header 2</th>
            <th>Header 3</th>


thead tr:first-child {
tbody tr:first-child td{

Questions every good Java/Java EE Developer should be able to answer?

What is difference between String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder?

How to use Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel on a machine without installed MS Office?

Look for GSpread.NET. You can work with Google Spreadsheets by using API from Microsoft Excel. You don't need to rewrite old code with the new Google API usage. Just add a few row:

Set objExcel = CreateObject("GSpreadCOM.Application");

app.MailLogon(Name, ClientIdAndSecret, ScriptId);

It's an OpenSource project and it doesn't require Office to be installed.

The documentation available over here

Creating Duplicate Table From Existing Table

Use this query to create the new table with the values from existing table

CREATE TABLE New_Table_name AS SELECT * FROM Existing_table_Name; 

Now you can get all the values from existing table into newly created table.

Regular Expressions and negating a whole character group

Using a character class such as [^ab] will match a single character that is not within the set of characters. (With the ^ being the negating part).

To match a string which does not contain the multi-character sequence ab, you want to use a negative lookahead:


And the above expression disected in regex comment mode is:

(?x)    # enable regex comment mode
^       # match start of line/string
(?:     # begin non-capturing group
  (?!   # begin negative lookahead
    ab  # literal text sequence ab
  )     # end negative lookahead
  .     # any single character
)       # end non-capturing group
+       # repeat previous match one or more times
$       # match end of line/string

Is Java RegEx case-insensitive?

You also can lead your initial string, which you are going to check for pattern matching, to lower case. And use in your pattern lower case symbols respectively.

C# Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute

Any collection that you iterate over with foreach may not be modified during iteration.

So while you're running a foreach over rankings, you cannot modify its elements, add new ones or delete any.

How do I check when a UITextField changes?

You can use this delegate method from UITextFieldDelegate. It fires with every character change.

(Objective C) textField:shouldChangeCharactersInRange:replacementString:
(Swift) textField(_:shouldChangeCharactersInRange:replacementString:)

However THIS ONLY FIRES BEFORE a change is made (indeed, a change is only made if you do return true from here).

Error: ANDROID_HOME is not set and "android" command not in your PATH. You must fulfill at least one of these conditions.

Using Android Studio on Mac, run this on your terminal:

export ANDROID_HOME=/Applications/Android\
export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME/platforms-tools

Then, when you type


at your terminal, it will run something

How to pass data to all views in Laravel 5?

The documentation is hear but i will break it down

  1. Look for the directory app\Providers in the root directory of your application and create the file ComposerServiceProvider.php and copy and past the text below into it and save it.

        namespace App\Providers;
        use Illuminate\Support\Facades\View;
        use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
        class ComposerServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
            * Register bindings in the container.
            * @return void
        public function boot()
            // Using class based composers...
                'profile', 'App\Http\ViewComposers\ProfileComposer'
            // Using Closure based composers...
            View::composer('dashboard', function ($view) {
        * Register the service provider.
        * @return void
        public function register()
  2. From the root of your application open Config/app.php and look for the Providers section in the file and copy and past this 'App\Providers\ComposerServiceProvider', to the array.

By doing this, we have created the Composer Service Provider. When you run your application with the view Profile like so http://yourdomain/something/profile, the service provider ComposerServiceProvider is called and the class App\Http\ViewComposers\ProfileComposer is instantiated calling the method Composer due to the code below inside the boot method or function.

 // Using class based composers...
   'profile', 'App\Http\ViewComposers\ProfileComposer'
  1. If you refresh your application you will get an error because the class App\Http\ViewComposers\ProfileComposer does not exist yet. Now lets create it.

Go to the directory path app/Http

  • Create the directory called ViewComposers

  • Create the file ProfileComposer.php.

    class ProfileComposer
        * The user repository implementation.
        * @var UserRepository
        protected $users;
        * Create a new profile composer.
        * @param  UserRepository  $users
        * @return void
        public function __construct(UserRepository $users)
            // Dependencies automatically resolved by service container...
            $this->users = $users;
        * Bind data to the view.
        * @param  View  $view
        * @return void
        public function compose(View $view)
            $view->with('count', $this->users->count());

Now go to your view or in this case Profile.blade.php and add

{{ $count }}

and that will show the count of users on the profile page.

To show the count on all pages change

// Using class based composers...
    'profile', 'App\Http\ViewComposers\ProfileComposer'


// Using class based composers...
    '*', 'App\Http\ViewComposers\ProfileComposer'

SQL Server datetime LIKE select?

The LIKE operator does not work with date parts like month or date but the DATEPART operator does.

Command to find out all accounts whose Open Date was on the 1st:

  FROM Account 

*CASTING OpenDt because it's value is in DATETIME and not just DATE.

Finding what methods a Python object has

On top of the more direct answers, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention IPython.

Hit Tab to see the available methods, with autocompletion.

And once you've found a method, try:


to see the pydocs, method signature, etc.

Ahh... REPL.

YYYY-MM-DD format date in shell script

I use the following formulation:

TODAY=`date -I`
echo $TODAY

Checkout the man page for date, there is a number of other useful options:

man date

How to make the first option of <select> selected with jQuery

Here is how I would do it:

$("#target option")
    .find(':first')     // You can also use .find('[value=MyVal]')

How can I print message in Makefile?

$(info your_text) : Information. This doesn't stop the execution.

$(warning your_text) : Warning. This shows the text as a warning.

$(error your_text) : Fatal Error. This will stop the execution.

Python: How to pip install opencv2 with specific version 2.4.9?

If you're a Windows user, opencv can be installed using pip, like this:

pip install opencv-python==<python version>

ex - pip install opencv-python==3.6

If you're a Linux user:

sudo apt-get install python-opencv

At the same time, opencv can be installed using conda like this...

conda install -c opencv=3.6

Expression ___ has changed after it was checked

The article Everything you need to know about the ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedError error explains the behavior in great details.

The problem with you setup is that ngAfterViewInit lifecycle hook is executed after change detection processed DOM updates. And you're effectively changing the property that is used in the template in this hook which means that DOM needs to be re-rendered:

  ngAfterViewInit() {
    this.message = 'all done loading :)'; // needs to be rendered the DOM

and this will require another change detection cycle and Angular by design only runs one digest cycle.

You basically have two alternatives how to fix it:

  • update the property asynchronously either using setTimeout, Promise.then or asynchronous observable referenced in the template

  • perform the property update in a hook before the DOM update - ngOnInit, ngDoCheck, ngAfterContentInit, ngAfterContentChecked.

How to insert multiple rows from array using CodeIgniter framework?

Although it is too late to answer this question. Here are my answer on the same.

If you are using CodeIgniter then you can use inbuilt methods defined in query_builder class.


Generates an insert string based on the data you supply, and runs the query. You can either pass an array or an object to the function. Here is an example using an array:

$data = array(
            'title' => 'My title',
            'name' => 'My Name',
            'date' => 'My date'
            'title' => 'Another title',
            'name' => 'Another Name',
            'date' => 'Another date'

$this->db->insert_batch('mytable', $data);
// Produces: INSERT INTO mytable (title, name, date) VALUES ('My title', 'My name', 'My date'),  ('Another title', 'Another name', 'Another date')

The first parameter will contain the table name, the second is an associative array of values.

You can find more details about query_builder here

Error: [ng:areq] from angular controller

you forgot to include the controller in your index.html. The controller doesn't exist.

<script src="js/controllers/Controller.js"></script>


if the database is InnoDB you dont need to do joins in deletion. only

DELETE FROM spawnlist WHERE spawnlist.type = "monster";

can be used to delete the all the records that linked with foreign keys in other tables, to do that you have to first linked your tables in design time.

  npc_templateid VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY


  idTemplate VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,

  FOREIGN KEY (idTemplate) REFERENCES spawnlist(npc_templateid) ON DELETE CASCADE


if you uses MyISAM you can delete records joining like this

FROM `spawnlist` a
JOIN `npc` b
ON a.`npc_templateid` = b.`idTemplate`
WHERE a.`type` = 'monster';

in first line i have initialized the two temp tables for delet the record, in second line i have assigned the existance table to both a and b but here i have linked both tables together with join keyword, and i have matched the primary and foreign key for both tables that make link, in last line i have filtered the record by field to delete.

Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common Version=

First install SQLSysClrTypes for Ms SQL 2014 and secondly install ReportViewer for ms sql 2014

Restart your application or project, in my case its resolved.

Calculate Age in MySQL (InnoDb)

I prefer use a function this way.

    CREATE FUNCTION `F_AGE`(in_dob datetime) RETURNS int(11)
        NO SQL
       DECLARE l_age INT;
       IF DATE_FORMAT(NOW(  ),'00-%m-%d') >= DATE_FORMAT(in_dob,'00-%m-%d') THEN
          -- This person has had a birthday this year
          SET l_age=DATE_FORMAT(NOW(  ),'%Y')-DATE_FORMAT(in_dob,'%Y');
          -- Yet to have a birthday this year
          SET l_age=DATE_FORMAT(NOW(  ),'%Y')-DATE_FORMAT(in_dob,'%Y')-1;
       END IF;
    END $$


now to use

SELECT F_AGE('1979-02-11') AS AGE; 


SELECT F_AGE(date) AS age FROM table;

PHP cURL GET request and request's body

The accepted answer is wrong. GET requests can indeed contain a body. This is the solution implemented by WordPress, as an example:

curl_setopt( $ch, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, 'GET' );
curl_setopt( $ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $body );

EDIT: To clarify, the initial curl_setopt is necessary in this instance, because libcurl will default the HTTP method to POST when using CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS (see documentation).

Cut Corners using CSS

I recently cut off the top right corner and overlaid the tabs like folders. Complete code noob, so ignore the shitty code, but I did this by combining a square, a triangle, and a rectangle... This may or may not be a new approach, but hopefully, someone finds it helpful.

Here is the HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang ="en">
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> 
        <div class="folders">
            <div class="container">
                <div class="triangleOne">
                    <p class="folderNames">Home</p>
                <div class="triangleOneCut">
                <div class="triangleOneFill">

            <div class="container2">
                <div class="triangleOne blue">
                    <p class="folderNames">About</p>
                <div class="triangleOneCut blueCut">
                <div class="triangleOneFill blue">

            <div class="container3">
                <div class="triangleOne green">
                    <p class="folderNames">Contact</p>
                <div class="triangleOneCut greenCut">
                <div class="triangleOneFill green">

Here is the CSS:

.triangleOne {
    height: 50px;
    width: 40px;
    background: red;
    border-radius: 5px 0px 0px 5px;
    position: absolute;

.triangleOneCut {
    content: '';
    position: absolute;
    top: 0; left: 40px;
    border-top: 10px solid transparent;
    border-left: 10px solid red;
    width: 0;

.triangleOneFill {
    content: '';
    position: absolute;
    top: 10px; left: 40px;
    width: 10px;
    height: 40px;
    background-color: red;
    border-radius: 0px 0px 5px 0px;

.container {
    position: relative;
    height: 50px;
    width: 50px;
    display: inline-block;
    z-index: 3;

.container2 {
    position: relative;
    height: 50px;
    width: 50px;
    display: inline-block;
    left: -10px;
    z-index: 2;

.container3 {
    position: relative;
    height: 50px;
    width: 50px;
    display: inline-block;
    left: -20px;
    z-index: 1;

.blue {
    background-color: blue;

.green {
    background-color: green;

.blueCut {
    border-left: 10px solid blue;

.greenCut {
    border-left: 10px solid green;

.folders {
    width: 160px;
    height: 50px;
    /* border: 10px solid white; */
    margin: auto;
    padding-left: 25px;
    margin-top: 100px;

.folderNames {
    text-align: right;
    padding-left: 2px;
    color: white;
    margin-top: 1.5px;
    font-family: monospace;
    font-size: 6.5px;
    border-bottom: double 1.5px white;

LOAD DATA INFILE Error Code : 13

If you're using cPanel or phpmyadmin to import the CSV using LOAD DATA then be sure to Enable Use LOCAL keyword. This worked for me in a shared server environment.

PHP: HTML: send HTML select option attribute in POST

<form name="add" method="post">
     <select name="age">
        <option value="1_sre">23</option>
        <option value="2_sam">24</option>
        <option value="5_john">25</option>
     <input type="submit" name="submit"/>

You will have the selected value in $_POST['age'], e.g. 1_sre. Then you will be able to split the value and get the 'stud_name'.

$stud = explode("_",$_POST['age']);
$stud_id = $stud[0];
$stud_name = $stud[1];

The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion

Specify the maxrecursion option at the end of the query:

from EmployeeTree
option (maxrecursion 0)

That allows you to specify how often the CTE can recurse before generating an error. Maxrecursion 0 allows infinite recursion.

How do I check if an element is hidden in jQuery?


How to use EditText onTextChanged event when I press the number?

To change the text;

multipleLine.addTextChangedListener(new TextWatcher() {
        public void beforeTextChanged(CharSequence s, int start, int count, int after) {


        public void onTextChanged(CharSequence s, int start, int before, int count) {

        public void afterTextChanged(Editable s) {



Try adding parentheses around the row in table1 e.g.

  FROM table1
 WHERE (stn, year(datum)) IN (SELECT stn, jaar FROM table2);

The above is Standard SQL-92 code. If that doesn't work, it could be that your SQL product of choice doesn't support it.

Here's another Standard SQL approach that is more widely implemented among vendors e.g. tested on SQL Server 2008:

MERGE INTO table1 AS t1
   USING table2 AS s1
      ON t1.stn = s1.stn
         AND s1.jaar = YEAR(t1.datum)

RegEx to match stuff between parentheses

Use this expression:



    var mts = "something/([0-9])/([a-z])".match(/\(([^()]+)\)/g );

How to find when a web page was last updated

There is another way to find the page update which could be useful for some occasions (if works:).

If the page has been indexed by Google, or by Wayback Machine you can try to find out what date(s) was(were) saved by them (these methods do not work for any page, and have some limitations, which are extensively investigated in this webmasters.stackexchange question's answers. But in many cases they can help you to find out the page update date(s):

  1. Google way: Go by link
    • You can change text in search field by any page URL you want.
    • For example, the current stackoverflow question page search gives us as a result May 14, 2014 - which is the question creation date: enter image description here
  2. Wayback machine way: Go by link*/
    • for this stackoverflow page wayback machine gives us more results: Saved 6 times between June 7, 2014 and November 23, 2016., and you can view all saved copies for each date

Semaphore vs. Monitors - what's the difference?

When a semaphore is used to guard a critical region, there is no direct relationship between the semaphore and the data being protected. This is part of the reason why semaphores may be dispersed around the code, and why it is easy to forget to call wait or notify, in which case the result will be, respectively, to violate mutual exclusion or to lock the resource permanently.

In contrast, niehter of these bad things can happen with a monitor. A monitor is tired directly to the data (it encapsulates the data) and, because the monitor operations are atomic actions, it is impossible to write code that can access the data without calling the entry protocol. The exit protocol is called automatically when the monitor operation is completed.

A monitor has a built-in mechanism for condition synchronisation in the form of condition variable before proceeding. If the condition is not satisfied, the process has to wait until it is notified of a change in the condition. When a process is waiting for condition synchronisation, the monitor implementation takes care of the mutual exclusion issue, and allows another process to gain access to the monitor.

Taken from The Open University M362 Unit 3 "Interacting process" course material.

How to terminate process from Python using pid?

Using the awesome psutil library it's pretty simple:

p = psutil.Process(pid)
p.terminate()  #or p.kill()

If you don't want to install a new library, you can use the os module:

import os
import signal

os.kill(pid, signal.SIGTERM) #or signal.SIGKILL 

See also the os.kill documentation.

If you are interested in starting the command python if it is not running, and killing it otherwise, you can use psutil to do this reliably.

Something like:

import psutil
from subprocess import Popen

for process in psutil.process_iter():
    if process.cmdline() == ['python', '']:
        print('Process found. Terminating it.')
    print('Process not found: starting it.')
    Popen(['python', ''])

Sample run:

$python contains the code above
Process not found: starting it.
Process found. Terminating it.
Process not found: starting it.
$killall python
Process not found: starting it.
Process found. Terminating it.
Process not found: starting it.

Note: In previous psutil versions cmdline was an attribute instead of a method.

RAW POST using cURL in PHP

I just found the solution, kind of answering to my own question in case anyone else stumbles upon it.

$ch = curl_init();

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL,            "http://url/url/url" );
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1 );
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST,           1 );
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS,     "body goes here" ); 
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER,     array('Content-Type: text/plain')); 

$result=curl_exec ($ch);

T-SQL STOP or ABORT command in SQL Server

Despite its very explicit and forceful description, RETURN did not work for me inside a stored procedure (to skip further execution). I had to modify the condition logic. Happens on both SQL 2008, 2008 R2:

create proc dbo.prSess_Ins
    @sSessID    varchar( 32 )
,   @idSess     int out
    set nocount on

    select  @id=    idSess
        from    tbSess
        where   sSessID = @sSessID

    if  @idSess > 0 return  -- exit sproc here

    begin   tran
        insert  tbSess  ( sSessID ) values  ( @sSessID )
        select  @idSess=    scope_identity( )

had to be changed into:

    if  @idSess is null
        begin   tran
            insert  tbSess  ( sSessID ) values  ( @sSessID )
            select  @idSess=    scope_identity( )

Discovered as a result of finding duplicated rows. Debugging PRINTs confirmed that @idSess had value greater than zero in the IF check - RETURN did not break execution!

Should import statements always be at the top of a module?

In addition to the excellent answers already given, it's worth noting that the placement of imports is not merely a matter of style. Sometimes a module has implicit dependencies that need to be imported or initialized first, and a top-level import could lead to violations of the required order of execution.

This issue often comes up in Apache Spark's Python API, where you need to initialize the SparkContext before importing any pyspark packages or modules. It's best to place pyspark imports in a scope where the SparkContext is guaranteed to be available.

How do I get the result of a command in a variable in windows?

You should use the for command, here is an example:

@echo off
rem Commands go here
exit /b
for /f "tokens=* useback" %%a in (`%~1`) do set "output=%%a"

and you can use call :output "Command goes here" then the output will be in the %output% variable.

Note: If you have a command output that is multiline, this tool will set the output to the last line of your multiline command.

How can I find which tables reference a given table in Oracle SQL Developer?

No. There is no such option available from Oracle SQL Developer.

You have to execute a query by hand or use other tool (For instance PLSQL Developer has such option). The following SQL is that one used by PLSQL Developer:

select table_name, constraint_name, status, owner
from all_constraints
where r_owner = :r_owner
and constraint_type = 'R'
and r_constraint_name in
   select constraint_name from all_constraints
   where constraint_type in ('P', 'U')
   and table_name = :r_table_name
   and owner = :r_owner
order by table_name, constraint_name

Where r_owner is the schema, and r_table_name is the table for which you are looking for references. The names are case sensitive

Be careful because on the reports tab of Oracle SQL Developer there is the option "All tables / Dependencies" this is from ALL_DEPENDENCIES which refers to "dependencies between procedures, packages, functions, package bodies, and triggers accessible to the current user, including dependencies on views created without any database links.". Then, this report have no value for your question.

Changing cursor to waiting in javascript/jquery

The following is my preferred way, and will change the cursor everytime a page is about to change i.e. beforeunload

$(window).on('beforeunload', function(){
   $('*').css("cursor", "progress");

What is the difference between resource and endpoint?

Consider a server which has the information of users, missions and their reward points.

  1. Users and Reward Points are the resources
  2. An end point can relate to more than one resource
  3. Endpoints can be described using either a description or a full or partial URL

enter image description here

Source: API Endpoints vs Resources

Ways to eliminate switch in code

Switch-statements are not an antipattern per se, but if you're coding object oriented you should consider if the use of a switch is better solved with polymorphism instead of using a switch statement.

With polymorphism, this:

foreach (var animal in zoo) {
    switch (typeof(animal)) {
        case "dog":
            echo animal.bark();

        case "cat":
            echo animal.meow();

becomes this:

foreach (var animal in zoo) {
    echo animal.speak();

Java: Difference between the setPreferredSize() and setSize() methods in components

Usage depends on whether the component's parent has a layout manager or not.

  • setSize() -- use when a parent layout manager does not exist;
  • setPreferredSize() (also its related setMinimumSize and setMaximumSize) -- use when a parent layout manager exists.

The setSize() method probably won't do anything if the component's parent is using a layout manager; the places this will typically have an effect would be on top-level components (JFrames and JWindows) and things that are inside of scrolled panes. You also must call setSize() if you've got components inside a parent without a layout manager.

Generally, setPreferredSize() will lay out the components as expected if a layout manager is present; most layout managers work by getting the preferred (as well as minimum and maximum) sizes of their components, then using setSize() and setLocation() to position those components according to the layout's rules.

For example, a BorderLayout tries to make the bounds of its "north" region equal to the preferred size of its north component---they may end up larger or smaller than that, depending on the size of the JFrame, the size of the other components in the layout, and so on.

GET parameters in the URL with CodeIgniter

You simply need to enable it in the config.php and you can use $this->input->get('param_name'); to get parameters.

What does mscorlib stand for?

It stands for

Microsoft's Common Object Runtime Library

and it is the primary assembly for the Framework Common Library.

It contains the following namespaces:


Interesting info about MSCorlib:

  • The .NET 2.0 assembly will reference and use the 2.0 mscorlib.The .NET 1.1 assembly will reference the 1.1 mscorlib but will use the 2.0 mscorlib at runtime (due to hard-coded version redirects in theruntime itself)
  • In GAC there is only one version of mscorlib, you dont find 1.1 version on GAC even if you have 1.1 framework installed on your machine. It would be good if somebody can explain why MSCorlib 2.0 alone is in GAC whereas 1.x version live inside framework folder
  • Is it possible to force a different runtime to be loaded by the application by making a config setting in your app / web.config? you won’t be able to choose the CLR version by settings in the ConfigurationFile – at that point, a CLR will already be running, and there can only be one per process. Immediately after the CLR is chosen the MSCorlib appropriate for that CLR is loaded.

How can I make a ComboBox non-editable in .NET?

To make the text portion of a ComboBox non-editable, set the DropDownStyle property to "DropDownList". The ComboBox is now essentially select-only for the user. You can do this in the Visual Studio designer, or in C# like this:

stateComboBox.DropDownStyle = ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList;

Link to the documentation for the ComboBox DropDownStyle property on MSDN.

Android difference between Two Dates

DateTimeUtils obj = new DateTimeUtils();
SimpleDateFormat simpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/M/yyyy hh:mm:ss");

try {
    Date date1 = simpleDateFormat.parse("10/10/2013 11:30:10");
    Date date2 = simpleDateFormat.parse("13/10/2013 20:35:55");

    obj.printDifference(date1, date2);

} catch (ParseException e) {

//1 minute = 60 seconds
//1 hour = 60 x 60 = 3600
//1 day = 3600 x 24 = 86400
public void printDifference(Date startDate, Date endDate) { 
    long different = endDate.getTime() - startDate.getTime();

    System.out.println("startDate : " + startDate);
    System.out.println("endDate : "+ endDate);
    System.out.println("different : " + different);

    long secondsInMilli = 1000;
    long minutesInMilli = secondsInMilli * 60;
    long hoursInMilli = minutesInMilli * 60;
    long daysInMilli = hoursInMilli * 24;

    long elapsedDays = different / daysInMilli;
    different = different % daysInMilli;

    long elapsedHours = different / hoursInMilli;
    different = different % hoursInMilli;

    long elapsedMinutes = different / minutesInMilli;
    different = different % minutesInMilli;

    long elapsedSeconds = different / secondsInMilli;

        "%d days, %d hours, %d minutes, %d seconds%n", 
        elapsedDays, elapsedHours, elapsedMinutes, elapsedSeconds);

out put is :

startDate : Thu Oct 10 11:30:10 SGT 2013
endDate : Sun Oct 13 20:35:55 SGT 2013
different : 291945000
3 days, 9 hours, 5 minutes, 45 seconds

Infinity symbol with HTML

Use the HTML entity &infin; or &#8734;.

Locking a file in Python

Locking is platform and device specific, but generally, you have a few options:

  1. Use flock(), or equivalent (if your os supports it). This is advisory locking, unless you check for the lock, its ignored.
  2. Use a lock-copy-move-unlock methodology, where you copy the file, write the new data, then move it (move, not copy - move is an atomic operation in Linux -- check your OS), and you check for the existence of the lock file.
  3. Use a directory as a "lock". This is necessary if you're writing to NFS, since NFS doesn't support flock().
  4. There's also the possibility of using shared memory between the processes, but I've never tried that; it's very OS-specific.

For all these methods, you'll have to use a spin-lock (retry-after-failure) technique for acquiring and testing the lock. This does leave a small window for mis-synchronization, but its generally small enough to not be an major issue.

If you're looking for a solution that is cross platform, then you're better off logging to another system via some other mechanism (the next best thing is the NFS technique above).

Note that sqlite is subject to the same constraints over NFS that normal files are, so you can't write to an sqlite database on a network share and get synchronization for free.

How to create a label inside an <input> element?

If you're using HTML5, you can use the placeholder attribute.

<input type="text" name="user" placeholder="Username">

How can one print a size_t variable portably using the printf family?

Extending on Adam Rosenfield's answer for Windows.

I tested this code with on both VS2013 Update 4 and VS2015 preview:

// test.c

#include <stdio.h>
#include <BaseTsd.h> // see the note below

int main()
    size_t x = 1;
    SSIZE_T y = 2;
    printf("%zu\n", x);  // prints as unsigned decimal
    printf("%zx\n", x);  // prints as hex
    printf("%zd\n", y);  // prints as signed decimal
    return 0;

VS2015 generated binary outputs:


while the one generated by VS2013 says:


Note: ssize_t is a POSIX extension and SSIZE_T is similar thing in Windows Data Types, hence I added <BaseTsd.h> reference.

Additionally, except for the follow C99/C11 headers, all C99 headers are available in VS2015 preview:

C11 - <stdalign.h>
C11 - <stdatomic.h>
C11 - <stdnoreturn.h>
C99 - <tgmath.h>
C11 - <threads.h>

Also, C11's <uchar.h> is now included in latest preview.

For more details, see this old and the new list for standard conformance.

How to change button text in Swift Xcode 6?

You can Use sender argument

  @IBAction func TickToeButtonClick(sender: AnyObject) {

        sender.setTitle("my text here", forState: .normal)


PHP, Get tomorrows date from date

echo date ('Y-m-d',strtotime('+1 day', strtotime($your_date)));

How to detect a docker daemon port

By default, the docker daemon will use the unix socket unix:///var/run/docker.sock (you can check this is the case for you by doing a sudo netstat -tunlp and note that there is no docker daemon process listening on any ports). It's recommended to keep this setting for security reasons but it sounds like Riak requires the daemon to be running on a TCP socket.

To start the docker daemon with a TCP socket that anybody can connect to, use the -H option:

sudo docker -H -d &

Warning: This means machines that can talk to the daemon through that TCP socket can get root access to your host machine.

Related docs:

How to send a model in jQuery $.ajax() post request to MVC controller method

I think you need to explicitly pass the data attribute. One way to do this is to use the data = $('#your-form-id').serialize();

This post may be helpful. Post with jquery and ajax

Have a look at the doc here.. Ajax serialize

How to concatenate string and int in C?

Strings are hard work in C.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
   int i;
   char buf[12];

   for (i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
      snprintf(buf, 12, "pre_%d_suff", i); // puts string into buffer
      printf("%s\n", buf); // outputs so you can see it

The 12 is enough bytes to store the text "pre_", the text "_suff", a string of up to two characters ("99") and the NULL terminator that goes on the end of C string buffers.

This will tell you how to use snprintf, but I suggest a good C book!

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError no *****.dll in java.library.path

Changing 'java.library.path' variable at runtime is not enough because it is read only once by JVM. You have to reset it like:

System.setProperty("java.library.path", path);
//set sys_paths to null
final Field sysPathsField = ClassLoader.class.getDeclaredField("sys_paths");
sysPathsField.set(null, null);

Please, take a loot at: Changing Java Library Path at Runtime.

How to pass url arguments (query string) to a HTTP request on Angular?

Angular 6

You can pass in parameters needed for get call by using params:

this.httpClient.get<any>(url, { params: x });

where x = { property: "123" }.

As for the api function that logs "123":

router.get('/example', (req, res) => {

Dynamically Add Variable Name Value Pairs to JSON Object

With ECMAScript 6 there is a better way.

You can use computed property names in object property definitions, for example:

var name1 = 'John'; 
var value1 = '42'; 
var name2 = 'Sarah'; 
var value2 = '35';

var ipID = { 
             [name1] : value1, 
             [name2] : value2 

This is equivalent to the following, where you have variables for the property names.

var ipID = { 
             John: '42', 
             Sarah: '35' 

NuGet behind a proxy

Above Solution by @arcain Plus below steps solved me the issue

  1. Modifying the "package sources" under Nuget package manger settings to check the checkbox to use the settings resolved my issue.

  2. I did also changed to use that( as the first choice of package source
    I did uncheck my company package sources to ensure the nuget was always picked up from global sources.

Show and hide divs at a specific time interval using jQuery

Loop through divs every 10 seconds.

$(function () {

    var counter = 0,
        divs = $('#div1, #div2, #div3');

    function showDiv () {
        divs.hide() // hide all divs
            .filter(function (index) { return index == counter % 3; }) // figure out correct div to show
            .show('fast'); // and show it

    }; // function to loop through divs and show correct div

    showDiv(); // show first div    

    setInterval(function () {
        showDiv(); // show next div
    }, 10 * 1000); // do this every 10 seconds    


What does "connection reset by peer" mean?

This means that a TCP RST was received and the connection is now closed. This occurs when a packet is sent from your end of the connection but the other end does not recognize the connection; it will send back a packet with the RST bit set in order to forcibly close the connection.

This can happen if the other side crashes and then comes back up or if it calls close() on the socket while there is data from you in transit, and is an indication to you that some of the data that you previously sent may not have been received.

It is up to you whether that is an error; if the information you were sending was only for the benefit of the remote client then it may not matter that any final data may have been lost. However you should close the socket and free up any other resources associated with the connection.

How to disable textbox from editing?

As mentioned above, you can change the property of the textbox "Read Only" to "True" from the properties window.

enter image description here

Get Today's date in Java at midnight time

Here is a Java 8 based solution, using the new java.time package (Tutorial).

If you can use Java 8 objects in your code, use LocalDateTime:

LocalDateTime now =; // current date and time
LocalDateTime midnight = now.toLocalDate().atStartOfDay();

If you require legacy dates, i.e. java.util.Date:

Convert the LocalDateTime you created above to Date using these conversions:

LocalDateTime -> ZonedDateTime -> Instant -> Date

  1. Call atZone(zone) with a specified time-zone (or ZoneId.systemDefault() for the system default time-zone) to create a ZonedDateTime object, adjusted for DST as needed.

    ZonedDateTime zdt = midnight.atZone(ZoneId.of("America/Montreal"));
  2. Call toInstant() to convert the ZonedDateTime to an Instant:

    Instant i = zdt.toInstant()
  3. Finally, call Date.from(instant) to convert the Instant to a Date:

    Date d1 = Date.from(i)

In summary it will look similar to this for you:

LocalDateTime now =; // current date and time
LocalDateTime midnight = now.toLocalDate().atStartOfDay();
Date d1 = Date.from(midnight.atZone(ZoneId.systemDefault()).toInstant());
Date d2 = Date.from(now.atZone(ZoneId.systemDefault()).toInstant());

See also section Legacy Date-Time Code (The Java™ Tutorials) for interoperability of the new java.time functionality with legacy java.util classes.

Trimming text strings in SQL Server 2008

I know this is an old question but I just found a solution which creates a user defined function using LTRIM and RTRIM. It does not handle double spaces in the middle of a string.

The solution is however straight forward:

User Defined Trim Function

Format cell if cell contains date less than today

Your first problem was you weren't using your compare symbols correctly.

< less than
> greater than
<= less than or equal to
>= greater than or equal to

To answer your other questions; get the condition to work on every cell in the column and what about blanks?

What about blanks?

Add an extra IF condition to check if the cell is blank or not, if it isn't blank perform the check. =IF(B2="","",B2<=TODAY())

Condition on every cell in column

enter image description here

How to set the context path of a web application in Tomcat 7.0

The below trick worked for me.

1) Comment/delete the below configuration from server.xml file (inside conf folder) of tomcat.

2) Delete the existing ROOT folder (If any) residing inside tomcat webapps folder. And rename your war (e.g: test.war ) file to ROOT.war.

Remember that while renaming war file to ROOT.war "ROOT" should be in caps.

Limitation: You can deploy only one application inside one tomcat instance.

How can I find the version of php that is running on a distinct domain name?

I suggest you much easier and platform independent solution to the problem - wappalyzer for Google Chrome:

See here

How can I write maven build to add resources to classpath?

A cleaner alternative of putting your config file into a subfolder of src/main/resources would be to enhance your classpath locations. This is extremely easy to do with Maven.

For instance, place your property file in a new folder src/main/config, and add the following to your pom:


From now, every files files under src/main/config is considered as part of your classpath (note that you can exclude some of them from the final jar if needed: just add in the build section:


so that can be found in your classpath when you run your app from your IDE, but will remain external from your jar in your final distribution).

How to update column with null value

Remember to look if your column can be null. You can do that using

mysql> desc my_table;

If your column cannot be null, when you set the value to null it will be the cast value to it.

Here a example

mysql> create table example ( age int not null, name varchar(100) not null );
mysql> insert into example values ( null, "without num" ), ( 2 , null );
mysql> select * from example;
| age | name        |
|   0 | without num |
|   2 |             |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select * from example where age is null or name is null;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

8080 port already taken issue when trying to redeploy project from Spring Tool Suite IDE

If you got any error on your console by saying, “Embedded servlet container failed to start. Port 8080 was already in use.” Then go to file and add this property “server.port = 8090”.

Actually the default port for spring boot is 8080, if you have something else on that port, the above error will occur. So we are asking spring boot to run on other port by adding “server.port = 8090” in file.

Are dictionaries ordered in Python 3.6+?

To fully answer this question in 2020, let me quote several statements from official Python docs:

Changed in version 3.7: Dictionary order is guaranteed to be insertion order. This behavior was an implementation detail of CPython from 3.6.

Changed in version 3.7: Dictionary order is guaranteed to be insertion order.

Changed in version 3.8: Dictionaries are now reversible.

Dictionaries and dictionary views are reversible.

A statement regarding OrderedDict vs Dict:

Ordered dictionaries are just like regular dictionaries but have some extra capabilities relating to ordering operations. They have become less important now that the built-in dict class gained the ability to remember insertion order (this new behavior became guaranteed in Python 3.7).

What is object slicing?

If You have a base class A and a derived class B, then You can do the following.

void wantAnA(A myA)
   // work with myA

B derived;
// work with the object "derived"

Now the method wantAnA needs a copy of derived. However, the object derived cannot be copied completely, as the class B could invent additional member variables which are not in its base class A.

Therefore, to call wantAnA, the compiler will "slice off" all additional members of the derived class. The result might be an object you did not want to create, because

  • it may be incomplete,
  • it behaves like an A-object (all special behaviour of the class B is lost).

Entity Framework - Generating Classes

  1. Open the EDMX model
  2. Right click -> Update Model from Browser -> Stored Procedure -> Select your stored procedure -> Finish
  3. See the Model Browser popping up next to Solution Explorer.
  4. Go to Function Imports -> Right click on your Stored Procedure -> Add Function Import
  5. Select the Entities under Return a Collection of -> Select your Entity name from the drop down
  6. Build your Solution.

How to make a window always stay on top in .Net?

Form.TopMost will work unless the other program is creating topmost windows.

There is no way to create a window that is not covered by new topmost windows of another process. Raymond Chen explained why.

Getting the parent of a directory in Bash

This would go up to the parent folder

cd ../

How to get a resource id with a known resource name?

A simple way to getting resource ID from string. Here resourceName is the name of resource ImageView in drawable folder which is included in XML file as well.

int resID = getResources().getIdentifier(resourceName, "id", getPackageName());
ImageView im = (ImageView) findViewById(resID);
Context context = im.getContext();
int id = context.getResources().getIdentifier(resourceName, "drawable",

How to use the ConfigurationManager.AppSettings

ConfigurationManager.AppSettings is actually a property, so you need to use square brackets.

Overall, here's what you need to do:

SqlConnection con= new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ConnectionString"]);

The problem is that you tried to set con to a string, which is not correct. You have to either pass it to the constructor or set con.ConnectionString property.

White space showing up on right side of page when background image should extend full length of page

I added:

    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    overflow-x: hidden; 

into your CSS at the very top above the other classes and it seemed to fix your issue.

Your updated .css file is available here

How to set up datasource with Spring for HikariCP?

I found it in and it works.

Your pom.xml


Your data.xml

<bean id="hikariConfig" class="com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariConfig">
    <property name="driverClassName" value="${jdbc.driverClassName}"/>
    <property name="jdbcUrl" value="${jdbc.databaseurl}"/>
    <property name="username" value="${jdbc.username}"/>
    <property name="password" value="${jdbc.password}"/>
<bean id="dataSource" class="com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource" destroy-method="close">
    <constructor-arg ref="hikariConfig" />
<bean id="jdbcTemplate" class="org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate"



Python strip() multiple characters?

Because strip() only strips trailing and leading characters, based on what you provided. I suggest:

>>> import re
>>> name = "Barack (of Washington)"
>>> name = re.sub('[\(\)\{\}<>]', '', name)
>>> print(name)
Barack of Washington

How can I make a link from a <td> table cell

Yes, that's possible, albeit not literally the <td>, but what's in it. The simple trick is, to make sure that the content extends to the borders of the cell (it won't include the borders itself though).

As already explained, this isn't semantically correct. An a element is an inline element and should not be used as block-level element. However, here's an example (but JavaScript plus a td:hover CSS style will be much neater) that works in most browsers:

  <a href="">
    <div style="height:100%;width:100%">
      hello world

PS: it's actually neater to change a in a block-level element using CSS as explained in another solution in this thread. it won't work well in IE6 though, but that's no news ;)

Alternative (non-advised) solution

If your world is only Internet Explorer (rare, nowadays), you can violate the HTML standard and write this, it will work as expected, but will be highly frowned upon and be considered ill-advised (you haven't heard this from me). Any other browser than IE will not render the link, but will show the table correctly.

        <a href=""><td  width="200">hello world</td></a>

AsyncTask Android example

How to memorize the parameters used in AsyncTask?


If you are new to AsyncTask then it is very common to get confused while writing an AsyncTask. The main culprits are the parameters used in the AsyncTask, i.e., AsyncTask<A, B, C>. Based on the A, B, C (arguments) signature of the methods differs which makes things even more confusing.

Keep it simple!

The key is don't memorize. If you can visualize what your task really needs to do then writing the AsyncTask with the correct signature at the first attempt would be a piece of cake. Just figure out what your Input, Progress, and Output are, and you will be good to go.

So what is an AsyncTask?

AsyncTask is a background task that runs in the background thread. It takes an Input, performs Progress and gives an Output.

I.e., AsyncTask<Input, Progress, Output>.

For example:

Enter image description here

What is the relationship with methods?

Between AsyncTask and doInBackground()

Enter image description here

doInBackground() and onPostExecute(),onProgressUpdate()` are also related

Enter image description here

How to write that in the code?

DownloadTask extends AsyncTask<String, Integer, String>{

    // Always same signature
    public void onPreExecute()

    public String doInbackGround(String... parameters)
        // Download code
        int downloadPerc = // Calculate that

        return "Download Success";

    public void onPostExecute(String result)

    public void onProgressUpdate(Integer... parameters)
        // Show in spinner, and access UI elements


How will you run this Task?

new DownLoadTask().execute("Paradise.mp3");

How do I run a node.js app as a background service?

If you are running OSX, then the easiest way to produce a true system process is to use launchd to launch it.

Build a plist like this, and put it into the /Library/LaunchDaemons with the name top-level-domain.your-domain.application.plist (you need to be root when placing it):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">






When done, issue this (as root):

launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/top-level-domain.your-domain.application.plist
launchctl start top-level-domain.your-domain.application

and you are running.

And you will still be running after a restart.

For other options in the plist look at the man page here:

How to check if mysql database exists


If you just need to know if a db exists so you won't get an error when you try to create it, simply use (From here):


Docker-Compose persistent data MySQL

Adding on to the answer from @Ohmen, you could also add an external flag to create the data volume outside of docker compose. This way docker compose would not attempt to create it. Also you wouldn't have to worry about losing the data inside the data-volume in the event of $ docker-compose down -v. The below example is from the official page.

version: "3.8"

    image: postgres
      - data:/var/lib/postgresql/data

    external: true

Use FontAwesome or Glyphicons with css :before

<ul class="icons-ul">
<li><i class="icon-play-sign"></i> <a>option</a></li>
<li><i class="icon-play-sign"></i> <a>option</a></li>
<li><i class="icon-play-sign"></i> <a>option</a></li>
<li><i class="icon-play-sign"></i> <a>option</a></li>
<li><i class="icon-play-sign"></i> <a>option</a></li>

All the font awesome icons comes default with Bootstrap.


If you are using WebView in Android developing the problem is that you didn't add uses permission

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

Encrypt and decrypt a String in java

    public String encrypt(String str) {
        try {
            // Encode the string into bytes using utf-8
            byte[] utf8 = str.getBytes("UTF8");

            // Encrypt
            byte[] enc = ecipher.doFinal(utf8);

            // Encode bytes to base64 to get a string
            return new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode(enc);
        } catch (javax.crypto.BadPaddingException e) {
        } catch (IllegalBlockSizeException e) {
        } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
        } catch ( e) {
        return null;

    public String decrypt(String str) {
        try {
            // Decode base64 to get bytes
            byte[] dec = new sun.misc.BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(str);

            // Decrypt
            byte[] utf8 = dcipher.doFinal(dec);

            // Decode using utf-8
            return new String(utf8, "UTF8");
        } catch (javax.crypto.BadPaddingException e) {
        } catch (IllegalBlockSizeException e) {
        } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
        } catch ( e) {
        return null;

Here's an example that uses the class:

try {
    // Generate a temporary key. In practice, you would save this key.
    // See also Encrypting with DES Using a Pass Phrase.
    SecretKey key = KeyGenerator.getInstance("DES").generateKey();

    // Create encrypter/decrypter class
    DesEncrypter encrypter = new DesEncrypter(key);

    // Encrypt
    String encrypted = encrypter.encrypt("Don't tell anybody!");

    // Decrypt
    String decrypted = encrypter.decrypt(encrypted);
} catch (Exception e) {

Import mysql DB with XAMPP in command LINE

I think the OP's problem was not escaping the slashes. on windows a path like: "c:\user\folderss\myscript.sql" should in the command line be written like either:




therefore "\u" from "c:\user" was interpreted as a command.

see: for more info

Could not find method compile() for arguments Gradle

It should be exclude module: 'net.milkbowl:vault:1.2.27'(add module:) as explained in documentation for DependencyHandler linked from because ModuleDependency.exclude(java.util.Map) method is used.

How to check if all inputs are not empty with jQuery

Like this:

if ($('input[value=""]').length > 0) {
   console.log('some fields are empty!')

Opening a new tab to read a PDF file

<a href="newsletter_01.pdf" target="_blank">Read more</a>

Target _blank will force the browser to open it in a new window

Cannot run Eclipse; JVM terminated. Exit code=13

I just hit this too. Turns out that at least for me, this was due to trying to use a win64 version of the JRE with a win32 Eclipse. I seems that win32 Eclipse requires a win32 Java (what is called -586 in the list of Java installers from Oracle/Sun).

The reason I was using both is that I was trying to pinpoint a bug that only manifested itself in 64-bit Eclipse, so I needed a 32-bit to compare to.

Once I installed BOTH the "x64" (win64) and "i586" (win32) versions of the JRE on my machine, things work fine and no error 13. You can apparently have both installed at the same time.

How to lay out Views in RelativeLayout programmatically?

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        final RelativeLayout relativeLayout = new RelativeLayout(this);
        final TextView tv1 = new TextView(this);
        tv1.setText("tv1 is here");
        // Setting an ID is mandatory.

        final TextView tv2 = new TextView(this);
        tv2.setText("tv2 is here");

        // We are defining layout params for tv2 which will be added to its  parent relativelayout.
        // The type of the LayoutParams depends on the parent type.
        RelativeLayout.LayoutParams tv2LayoutParams = new  RelativeLayout.LayoutParams(

        //Also, we want tv2 to appear below tv1, so we are adding rule to tv2LayoutParams.
        tv2LayoutParams.addRule(RelativeLayout.BELOW, tv1.getId());

        //Now, adding the child view tv2 to relativelayout, and setting tv2LayoutParams to be set on view tv2.
        //Or we can combined the above two steps in one line of code
        //relativeLayout.addView(tv2, tv2LayoutParams);



Getting Index of an item in an arraylist;

Basically you need to look up ArrayList element based on name getName. Two approaches to this problem:

1- Don't use ArrayList, Use HashMap<String,AutionItem> where String would be name

2- Use getName to generate index and use index based addition into array list list.add(int index, E element). One way to generate index from name would be to use its hashCode and modulo by ArrayList current size (something similar what is used inside HashMap)

Passing arguments to an interactive program non-interactively

For more complex tasks there is expect ( ). It basically simulates a user, you can code a script how to react to specific program outputs and related stuff.

This also works in cases like ssh that prohibits piping passwords to it.

Get name of currently executing test in JUnit 4

Try this instead:

public class MyTest {
        public TestName testName = new TestName();

        public TestWatcher testWatcher = new TestWatcher() {
            protected void starting(final Description description) {
                String methodName = description.getMethodName();
                String className = description.getClassName();
                className = className.substring(className.lastIndexOf('.') + 1);
                System.err.println("Starting JUnit-test: " + className + " " + methodName);

        public void testA() {
                assertEquals("testA", testName.getMethodName());

        public void testB() {
                assertEquals("testB", testName.getMethodName());

The output looks like this:

Starting JUnit-test: MyTest testA
Starting JUnit-test: MyTest testB

NOTE: This DOES NOT work if your test is a subclass of TestCase! The test runs but the @Rule code just never runs.

What are the differences between a multidimensional array and an array of arrays in C#?

In addition to the other answers, note that a multidimensional array is allocated as one big chunky object on the heap. This has some implications:

  1. Some multidimensional arrays will get allocated on the Large Object Heap (LOH) where their equivalent jagged array counterparts would otherwise not have.
  2. The GC will need to find a single contiguous free block of memory to allocate a multidimensional array, whereas a jagged array might be able to fill in gaps caused by heap fragmentation... this isn't usually an issue in .NET because of compaction, but the LOH doesn't get compacted by default (you have to ask for it, and you have to ask every time you want it).
  3. You'll want to look into <gcAllowVeryLargeObjects> for multidimensional arrays way before the issue will ever come up if you only ever use jagged arrays.

passing argument to DialogFragment

I used to send some values from my listview

How to send

mListview.setOnItemLongClickListener(new AdapterView.OnItemLongClickListener() {
        public boolean onItemLongClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position, long id) {
            Favorite clickedObj = (Favorite) parent.getItemAtPosition(position);

            Bundle args = new Bundle();
            args.putString("tar_name", clickedObj.getNameTarife());
            args.putString("fav_name", clickedObj.getName());

            FragmentManager fragmentManager = getSupportFragmentManager();
            TarifeDetayPopup userPopUp = new TarifeDetayPopup();
  , "sam");

            return false;

How to receive inside onCreate() method of DialogFragment

    Bundle mArgs = getArguments();
    String nameTrife = mArgs.getString("tar_name");
    String nameFav = mArgs.getString("fav_name");
    String name = "";

// Kotlin upload

 val fm = supportFragmentManager
        val dialogFragment = AddProgFargmentDialog() // my custom FargmentDialog
        var args: Bundle? = null
        args?.putString("title", model.title);
        dialogFragment.setArguments(args), "Sample Fragment")

// receive

 override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        if (getArguments() != null) {
            val mArgs = arguments
            var myDay= mArgs.getString("title")

Is there an R function for finding the index of an element in a vector?

the function Position in funprog {base} also does the job. It allows you to pass an arbitrary function, and returns the first or last match.

Position(f, x, right = FALSE, nomatch = NA_integer)

VBA (Excel) Initialize Entire Array without Looping

For VBA you need to initialise in two lines.

Sub TestArray()

Dim myArray
myArray = Array(1, 2, 4, 8)

End Sub

Difference between break and continue in PHP?

break ends a loop completely, continue just shortcuts the current iteration and moves on to the next iteration.

while ($foo) {   <--------------------+
    continue;    --- goes back here --+
    break;       ----- jumps here ----+
}                                     |

This would be used like so:

while ($droid = searchDroids()) {
    if ($droid != $theDroidYoureLookingFor) {
        continue; // ..the search with the next droid

    $foundDroidYoureLookingFor = true;
    break; // the search

Adding a simple UIAlertView

Simple alert with array data:

NSString *name = [[YourArray objectAtIndex:indexPath.row ]valueForKey:@"Name"];

NSString *msg = [[YourArray objectAtIndex:indexPath.row ]valueForKey:@"message"];

UIAlertView *alert = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:name
[alert show];

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug' in android studio

Duplicate name Classes


class BackGroundTask extends AsyncTask<String, Void, Void> {


class BackgroundTask extends AsyncTask<String, Void, Void> {

List files ONLY in the current directory

this can be done with os.walk()

python 3.5.2 tested;

import os
for root, dirs, files in os.walk('.', topdown=True):
    dirs.clear() #with topdown true, this will prevent walk from going into subs
    for file in files:
      #do some stuff

remove the dirs.clear() line and the files in sub folders are included again.

update with references;

os.walk documented here and talks about the triple list being created and topdown effects.

.clear() documented here for emptying a list

so by clearing the relevant list from os.walk you can effect its result to your needs.

Change visibility of ASP.NET label with JavaScript

Continuing with what Dave Ward said:

  • You can't set the Visible property to false because the control will not be rendered.
  • You should use the Style property to set it's display to none.

Page/Control design

<asp:Label runat="server" ID="Label1" Style="display: none;" />

<asp:Button runat="server" ID="Button1" />

Code behind

Somewhere in the load section:

Label label1 = (Label)FindControl("Label1");
((Label)FindControl("Button1")).OnClientClick = "ToggleVisibility('" + label1.ClientID + "')";

Javascript file

function ToggleVisibility(elementID)
    var element = document.getElementByID(elementID);

    if ( = 'none')
    { = 'inherit';
    { = 'none';

Of course, if you don't want to toggle but just to show the button/label then adjust the javascript method accordingly.

The important point here is that you need to send the information about the ClientID of the control that you want to manipulate on the client side to the javascript file either setting global variables or through a function parameter as in my example.

Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';' in Entity,

Another possibile solution is,maybe your file is ASCII type file,just change the type of your files.

Performing a query on a result from another query?

Usually you can plug a Query's result (which is basically a table) as the FROM clause source of another query, so something like this will be written:

  SELECT availables.bookdate AS Date, DATEDIFF(now(),availables.updated_at) as Age
  FROM availables
  INNER JOIN rooms
  WHERE availables.bookdate BETWEEN '2009-06-25' AND date_add('2009-06-25', INTERVAL 4 DAY) AND rooms.hostel_id = 5094
  GROUP BY availables.bookdate

Split a string by another string in C#

There's an overload of String.Split for this:

"THExxQUICKxxBROWNxxFOX".Split(new [] {"xx"}, StringSplitOptions.None);

Fast way to concatenate strings in nodeJS/JavaScript

There is not really any other way in JavaScript to concatenate strings.
You could theoretically use .concat(), but that's way slower than just +

Libraries are more often than not slower than native JavaScript, especially on basic operations like string concatenation, or numerical operations.

Simply put: + is the fastest.

jQuery.ajax returns 400 Bad Request

Late answer, but I figured it's worth keeping this updated. Expanding on Andrea Turri answer to reflect updated jQuery API and .success/.error deprecated methods.

As of jQuery 1.8.* the preferred way of doing this is to use .done() and .fail(). Jquery Docs


$('#my_get_related_keywords').click(function() {

    var ajaxRequest = $.ajax({
        type: "POST",
        contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
        dataType: "json"});

    //When the request successfully finished, execute passed in function
           //do something

    //When the request failed, execute the passed in function, status){
        //do something else

Python: Continuing to next iteration in outer loop

I think you could do something like this:

for ii in range(200):
    restart = False
    for jj in range(200, 400):
        if something:
            restart = True
    if restart:

Disable-web-security in Chrome 48+

Mac OS:

open -a Google\ Chrome --args --disable-web-security --user-data-dir=

UPD: add = to --user-data-dir because newer chrome versions require it in order to work

How can I add a hint or tooltip to a label in C# Winforms?

just another way to do it.

Label lbl = new Label();
new ToolTip().SetToolTip(lbl, "tooltip text here");

Android: Create a toggle button with image and no text

create toggle_selector.xml in res/drawable

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 
<selector xmlns:android="">
  <item android:drawable="@drawable/toggle_on" android:state_checked="true"/>
  <item android:drawable="@drawable/toggle_off" android:state_checked="false"/>

apply the selector to your toggle button


Note: for removing the text i used following in above code


How to Get Element By Class in JavaScript?

I think something like:

function ReplaceContentInContainer(klass,content) {
var elems = document.getElementsByTagName('*');
for (i in elems){
    if(elems[i].getAttribute('class') == klass || elems[i].getAttribute('className') == klass){
        elems[i].innerHTML = content;

would work

Replace non-numeric with empty string

for the best performance and lower memory consumption , try this:

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Text;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

public class Program
    private static Regex digitsOnly = new Regex(@"[^\d]");

    public static void Main()

        string phone = "001-12-34-56-78-90";

        var sw = new Stopwatch();
        for (int i = 0; i < 1000000; i++)
        Console.WriteLine("Time: " + sw.ElapsedMilliseconds);

        var sw2 = new Stopwatch();
        for (int i = 0; i < 1000000; i++)
        Console.WriteLine("Time: " + sw2.ElapsedMilliseconds);


    public static string DigitsOnly(string phone, string replace = null)
        if (replace == null) replace = "";
        if (phone == null) return null;
        var result = new StringBuilder(phone.Length);
        foreach (char c in phone)
            if (c >= '0' && c <= '9')
        return result.ToString();

    public static string DigitsOnlyRegex(string phone)
        return digitsOnly.Replace(phone, "");

The result in my computer is:
Time: 307
Time: 2178

How to remove single character from a String

When I have these kinds of questions I always ask: "what would the Java Gurus do?" :)

And I'd answer that, in this case, by looking at the implementation of String.trim().

Here's an extrapolation of that implementation that allows for more trim characters to be used.

However, note that original trim actually removes all chars that are <= ' ', so you may have to combine this with the original to get the desired result.

String trim(String string, String toTrim) {
    // input checks removed
    if (toTrim.length() == 0)
        return string;

    final char[] trimChars = toTrim.toCharArray();

    int start = 0;
    int end = string.length();

    while (start < end && 
        Arrays.binarySearch(trimChars, string.charAt(start)) >= 0)

    while (start < end && 
        Arrays.binarySearch(trimChars, string.charAt(end - 1)) >= 0)

    return string.substring(start, end);

Is an HTTPS query string secure?

Yes, your query strings will be encrypted.

The reason behind is that query strings are part of the HTTP protocol which is an application layer protocol, while the security (SSL/TLS) part comes from the transport layer. The SSL connection is established first and then the query parameters (which belong to the HTTP protocol) are sent to the server.

When establishing an SSL connection, your client will perform the following steps in order. Suppose you're trying to log in to a site named and want to send your credentials using query parameters. Your complete URL may look like the following:
  1. Your client (e.g., browser/mobile app) will first resolve your domain name to an IP address ( using a DNS request. When querying that information, only domain specific information is used, i.e., only will be used.
  2. Now, your client will try to connect to the server with the IP address and will attempt to connect to port 443 (SSL service port not the default HTTP port 80).
  3. Now, the server at will send its certificates to your client.
  4. Your client will verify the certificates and start exchanging a shared secret key for your session.
  5. After successfully establishing a secure connection, only then will your query parameters be sent via the secure connection.

Therefore, you won't expose sensitive data. However, sending your credentials over an HTTPS session using this method is not the best way. You should go for a different approach.

How to get current url in view in core 1.0

There is a clean way to get the current URL from a Razor page or PageModel class. That is:


Please note that I meant, the "ASP.NET Core Razor Pages", not the MVC.

I use this method when I want to print the canonical URL meta tag in the ASP.NET Core razor pages. But there is a catch. It will give you the URL which is supposed to be the right URL for that page. Let me explain.

Say, you have defined a route named "id" for your page and therefore, your URL should look like

The Url.PageLink() will give you exactly that URL as shown above.

Now, if the user adds anything extra on that URL, say,

Then, you will not get that "somethingElse" from this method. And that is why it is exactly good for printing canonical URL meta tag in the HTML page.

How to check if a word is an English word with Python?

With pyEnchant.checker SpellChecker:

from enchant.checker import SpellChecker

def is_in_english(quote):
    d = SpellChecker("en_US")
    errors = [err.word for err in d]
    return False if ((len(errors) > 4) or len(quote.split()) < 3) else True

print(is_in_english('“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I\'m not sure about the universe.”'))

> False
> True

Remove row lines in twitter bootstrap

The other way around, if you have problems ADDING the lines to your panel dont forget to add the to your TABLE. By default (, it is suppose to add the line but It helped me to add the tag so now the row lines are shown.

The following example "probably" wont display the lines between rows:

<div class="panel panel-default">
    <!-- Default panel contents -->
    <div class="panel-heading">Panel heading</div>
    <!-- Table -->
    <table class="table">
        <tr><td> Hi 1! </td></tr>
        <tr><td> Hi 2! </td></tr>

The following example WILL display the lines between rows:

<div class="panel panel-default">
    <!-- Default panel contents -->
    <div class="panel-heading">Panel heading</div>
    <!-- Table -->
    <table class="table">
        <tr><td> Hi 1! </td></tr>
        <tr><td> Hi 2! </td></tr>

Best way to check for IE less than 9 in JavaScript without library

bah to conditional comments! Conditional code all the way!!! (silly IE)

<script type="text/javascript">
   var IE_LT_9 = (@_jscript_version < 9);

Seriously though, just throwing this out there in case it suits you better... they're the same thing, this can just be in a .js file instead of inline HTML

Note: it is entirely coincidental that the jscript_version check is "9" here. Setting it to 8, 7, etc will NOT check "is IE8", you'd need to lookup the jscript versions for those browsers.

Proxies with Python 'Requests' module

The accepted answer was a good start for me, but I kept getting the following error:

AssertionError: Not supported proxy scheme None

Fix to this was to specify the http:// in the proxy url thus:

http_proxy  = ""
https_proxy  = ""
ftp_proxy   = ""

proxyDict = {
              "http"  : http_proxy,
              "https" : https_proxy,
              "ftp"   : ftp_proxy

I'd be interested as to why the original works for some people but not me.

Edit: I see the main answer is now updated to reflect this :)

500.19 - Internal Server Error - The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid

**Enable** All Features under **Application Development Features** and Refresh the **IIS**

Goto Windows Features on or Off . Enable All Features under Application Development Features and Refresh the IIS. Its Working

how to sort order of LEFT JOIN in SQL query?

Several other answer give the solution using MAX. In some scenarios using an agregate function is either not possilbe, or not performant.

The alternative that I use a lot is to use a correlated sub-query in the join...

FROM `users`
LEFT JOIN `cars`
ON = (
  SELECT id FROM `cars` WHERE BelongsToUser = ORDER BY carPrice DESC LIMIT 1
WHERE `id`='4'

In PHP how can you clear a WSDL cache?

Just for the reason of documentation:

I have now (2014) observed that from all these valuable and correct approaches only one was successful. I've added a function to the WSDL on the server, and the client wasn't recognizing the new function.

  • Adding WSDL_CACHE_NONE to the parameters didn't help.
  • Adding the cache-buster didn't help.
  • Setting soap.wsdl_cache_enabled to the PHP ini helped.

I am now unsure if it is the combination of all three, or if some features are terribly implemented so they may remain useless randomly, or if there is some hierarchy of features not understood.

So finally, expect that you have to check all three to solve problems like these.

How to check if there exists a process with a given pid in Python?

Building upon ntrrgc's I've beefed up the windows version so it checks the process exit code and checks for permissions:

def pid_exists(pid):
    """Check whether pid exists in the current process table."""
    if == 'posix':
        import errno
        if pid < 0:
            return False
            os.kill(pid, 0)
        except OSError as e:
            return e.errno == errno.EPERM
            return True
        import ctypes
        kernel32 = ctypes.windll.kernel32
        HANDLE = ctypes.c_void_p
        DWORD = ctypes.c_ulong
        LPDWORD = ctypes.POINTER(DWORD)
        class ExitCodeProcess(ctypes.Structure):
            _fields_ = [ ('hProcess', HANDLE),
                ('lpExitCode', LPDWORD)]

        SYNCHRONIZE = 0x100000
        process = kernel32.OpenProcess(SYNCHRONIZE, 0, pid)
        if not process:
            return False

        ec = ExitCodeProcess()
        out = kernel32.GetExitCodeProcess(process, ctypes.byref(ec))
        if not out:
            err = kernel32.GetLastError()
            if kernel32.GetLastError() == 5:
                # Access is denied.
                logging.warning("Access is denied to get pid info.")
            return False
        elif bool(ec.lpExitCode):
            # print ec.lpExitCode.contents
            # There is an exist code, it quit
            return False
        # No exit code, it's running.
        return True

Simple line plots using seaborn

Since seaborn also uses matplotlib to do its plotting you can easily combine the two. If you only want to adopt the styling of seaborn the set_style function should get you started:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import seaborn as sns



enter image description here

Java image resize, maintain aspect ratio

I have found the selected answer to have problems with upscaling, and so I have made (yet) another version (which I have tested):

public static Point scaleFit(Point src, Point bounds) {
  int newWidth = src.x;
  int newHeight = src.y;
  double boundsAspectRatio = bounds.y / (double) bounds.x;
  double srcAspectRatio = src.y / (double) src.x;

  // first check if we need to scale width
  if (boundsAspectRatio < srcAspectRatio) {
    // scale width to fit
    newWidth = bounds.x;
    //scale height to maintain aspect ratio
    newHeight = (newWidth * src.y) / src.x;
  } else {
    //scale height to fit instead
    newHeight = bounds.y;
    //scale width to maintain aspect ratio
    newWidth = (newHeight * src.x) / src.y;

  return new Point(newWidth, newHeight);

Written in Android terminology :-)

as for the tests:

@Test public void scaleFit() throws Exception {
  final Point displaySize = new Point(1080, 1920);
  assertEquals(displaySize, Util.scaleFit(displaySize, displaySize));
  assertEquals(displaySize, Util.scaleFit(new Point(displaySize.x / 2, displaySize.y / 2), displaySize));
  assertEquals(displaySize, Util.scaleFit(new Point(displaySize.x * 2, displaySize.y * 2), displaySize));
  assertEquals(new Point(displaySize.x, displaySize.y * 2), Util.scaleFit(new Point(displaySize.x / 2, displaySize.y), displaySize));
  assertEquals(new Point(displaySize.x * 2, displaySize.y), Util.scaleFit(new Point(displaySize.x, displaySize.y / 2), displaySize));
  assertEquals(new Point(displaySize.x, displaySize.y * 3 / 2), Util.scaleFit(new Point(displaySize.x / 3, displaySize.y / 2), displaySize));

Android, getting resource ID from string?

The Kotlin approach

inline fun <reified T: Class<R.drawable>> T.getId(resourceName: String): Int {
            return try {
                val idField = getDeclaredField (resourceName)
            } catch (e:Exception) {


val resId ="icon")

Get Current Session Value in JavaScript?

<script type="text/javascript">_x000D_
   var userId=<%: Session["userId"] %>;_x000D_
    alert(userId);   _x000D_
})   _x000D_
**Get the current session value in jQuery**

What is the easiest way to remove all packages installed by pip?

(adding this as an answer, because I do not have enough reputation to comment on @blueberryfields 's answer)

@blueberryfields 's answer works well, but fails if there is no package to uninstall (which can be a problem if this "uninstall all" is part of a script or makefile). This can be solved with xargs -r when using GNU's version of xargs:

pip freeze --exclude-editable | xargs -r pip uninstall -y

from man xargs:

-r, --no-run-if-empty

If the standard input does not contain any nonblanks, do not run the command. Normally, the command is run once even if there is no input. This option is a GNU extension.

Way to go from recursion to iteration

Usually, I replace a recursive algorithm by an iterative algorithm by pushing the parameters that would normally be passed to the recursive function onto a stack. In fact, you are replacing the program stack by one of your own.

var stack = [];

// while not empty
while (stack.length) {

    // Pop off end of stack.
    obj = stack.pop();

    // Do stuff.
    // Push other objects on the stack as needed.


Note: if you have more than one recursive call inside and you want to preserve the order of the calls, you have to add them in the reverse order to the stack:


has to be replaced by


Edit: The article Stacks and Recursion Elimination (or Article Backup link) goes into more details on this subject.

How to get script of SQL Server data?

SQL Server Management Studio

This is your best tool for performing this task. You can generate a script that will build whichever tables you wish from a database as well as insert the data in those tables (as far as I know you have to export all of the data in the selected tables however).

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on your database and select Tasks > Generate Scripts

  2. In the Generate and Publish Scripts wizard, select the "Select specific database objects" option

  3. Expand the "Tables" tree and select all of the tables you wish to export the scheme and data for, then click Next

  4. In the next screen choose how you wish to save the script (the Output Type must remain set as "Save scripts to a specific location"), then click the Advanced button in the top right corner

  5. In the newly opened window, under the General section is a setting called "Types of data to script", set this to "Scheme and data" and click OK

  6. Click Next, review the export summary and click Next again. This will generate the script to your selected destination.

To restore your database, simply create a new database and change the first line of your generated script to USE [Your.New.Database.Name], then execute. Your new database will now have all of the tables and data you selected from the original database.

Ordering issue with date values when creating pivot tables

Go into options. You most likely have 'Manual Sort" turned on. You need to go and change to radio button to "ascending > date". You can also right click the row/column, "more sorting options". It took me forever to find this solution...

Arduino Sketch upload issue - avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

If you are connecting your Arduino through a USB Hub, try to connect it directly into one of the USB ports on the Mac instead.
That worked for me.

Getting first value from map in C++

A map will not keep insertion order. Use *(myMap.begin()) to get the value of the first pair (the one with the smallest key when ordered).

You could also do myMap.begin()->first to get the key and myMap.begin()->second to get the value.

How to pass form input value to php function

you must have read about function call . here i give you example of it.

 funtion pr($n)
echo $n;
<form action="<?php $f=$_POST['input'];pr($f);?>" method="POST">
<input name=input type=text></input>

Best way to simulate "group by" from bash?

The canonical solution is the one mentioned by another respondent:

sort | uniq -c

It is shorter and more concise than what can be written in Perl or awk.

You write that you don't want to use sort, because the data's size is larger than the machine's main memory size. Don't underestimate the implementation quality of the Unix sort command. Sort was used to handle very large volumes of data (think the original AT&T's billing data) on machines with 128k (that's 131,072 bytes) of memory (PDP-11). When sort encounters more data than a preset limit (often tuned close to the size of the machine's main memory) it sorts the data it has read in main memory and writes it into a temporary file. It then repeats the action with the next chunks of data. Finally, it performs a merge sort on those intermediate files. This allows sort to work on data many times larger than the machine's main memory.

ValueError : I/O operation on closed file

file = open("filename.txt", newline='')
for row in

Save data to a variable(file), so you need a with.

React-router: How to manually invoke Link?

In the version 5.x, you can use useHistory hook of react-router-dom:

// Sample extracted from
import { useHistory } from "react-router-dom";

function HomeButton() {
  const history = useHistory();

  function handleClick() {

  return (
    <button type="button" onClick={handleClick}>
      Go home

How to construct a set out of list items in python?

You can do

my_set = set(my_list)

or, in Python 3,

my_set = {*my_list}

to create a set from a list. Conversely, you can also do

my_list = list(my_set)

or, in Python 3,

my_list = [*my_set]

to create a list from a set.

Just note that the order of the elements in a list is generally lost when converting the list to a set since a set is inherently unordered. (One exception in CPython, though, seems to be if the list consists only of non-negative integers, but I assume this is a consequence of the implementation of sets in CPython and that this behavior can vary between different Python implementations.)

Array vs. Object efficiency in JavaScript

With ES6 the most performant way would be to use a Map.

var myMap = new Map();

myMap.set(1, 'myVal');
myMap.set(2, { catName: 'Meow', age: 3 });


You can use ES6 features today using a shim (

Performance will vary depending on the browser and scenario. But here is one example where Map is most performant:


Get String in YYYYMMDD format from JS date object?

I don't like modifying native objects, and I think multiplication is clearer than the string padding the accepted solution.

function yyyymmdd(dateIn) {_x000D_
  var yyyy = dateIn.getFullYear();_x000D_
  var mm = dateIn.getMonth() + 1; // getMonth() is zero-based_x000D_
  var dd = dateIn.getDate();_x000D_
  return String(10000 * yyyy + 100 * mm + dd); // Leading zeros for mm and dd_x000D_
var today = new Date();_x000D_


CSS image resize percentage of itself?

function shrinkImage(idOrClass, className, percentShrinkage){
'use strict';
        var shrunkenWidth=this.naturalWidth;
        var shrunkenHeight=this.naturalHeight;

    'use strict';
     shrinkImage(".","anyClass",.5);  //CHANGE THE VALUES HERE ONLY. 

This solution uses js and jquery and resizes based only on the image properties and not on the parent. It can resize a single image or a group based using class and id parameters.

for more, go here:

In practice, what are the main uses for the new "yield from" syntax in Python 3.3?

A short example will help you understand one of yield from's use case: get value from another generator

def flatten(sequence):
    """flatten a multi level list or something
    >>> list(flatten([1, [2], 3]))
    [1, 2, 3]
    >>> list(flatten([1, [2], [3, [4]]]))
    [1, 2, 3, 4]
    for element in sequence:
        if hasattr(element, '__iter__'):
            yield from flatten(element)
            yield element

print(list(flatten([1, [2], [3, [4]]])))

Timeout jQuery effects

I just figured it out below:

   .fadeIn( function() 
      setTimeout( function()
      }, 2000);

I will keep the post for other users!

Python: Importing urllib.quote

If you need to handle both Python 2.x and 3.x you can catch the exception and load the alternative.

    from urllib import quote  # Python 2.X
except ImportError:
    from urllib.parse import quote  # Python 3+

You could also use the python compatibility wrapper six to handle this.

from six.moves.urllib.parse import quote

Hadoop "Unable to load native-hadoop library for your platform" warning

This line right here:


From KunBetter's answer, worked for me. Just append it to .bashrc file and reload .bashrc contents

$ source ~/.bashrc

How do you recursively unzip archives in a directory and its subdirectories from the Unix command-line?

You could use find along with the -exec flag in a single command line to do the job

find . -name "*.zip" -exec unzip {} \;

How to change the timeout on a .NET WebClient object

You need to use HttpWebRequest rather than WebClient as you can't set the timeout on WebClient without extending it (even though it uses the HttpWebRequest). Using the HttpWebRequest instead will allow you to set the timeout.

What's the best way to check if a String represents an integer in Java?

You can use the matches method of the string class. The [0-9] represents all the values it can be, the + means it must be at least one character long, and the * means it can be zero or more characters long.

boolean isNumeric = yourString.matches("[0-9]+"); // 1 or more characters long, numbers only
boolean isNumeric = yourString.matches("[0-9]*"); // 0 or more characters long, numbers only

Fit image into ImageView, keep aspect ratio and then resize ImageView to image dimensions?

May not be answer for this specific question, but if someone is, like me, searching for answer how to fit image in ImageView with bounded size (for example, maxWidth) while preserving Aspect Ratio and then get rid of excessive space occupied by ImageView, then the simplest solution is to use the following properties in XML:


How to set Python's default version to 3.x on OS X?

$ sudo ln -s -f $(which python3) $(which python)


How to add the text "ON" and "OFF" to toggle button

You could do it like this:

.switch {
  position: relative;
  display: inline-block;
  width: 90px;
  height: 34px;

.switch input {display:none;}

.slider {
  position: absolute;
  cursor: pointer;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  background-color: #ca2222;
  -webkit-transition: .4s;
  transition: .4s;

.slider:before {
  position: absolute;
  content: "";
  height: 26px;
  width: 26px;
  left: 4px;
  bottom: 4px;
  background-color: white;
  -webkit-transition: .4s;
  transition: .4s;

input:checked + .slider {
  background-color: #2ab934;

input:focus + .slider {
  box-shadow: 0 0 1px #2196F3;

input:checked + .slider:before {
  -webkit-transform: translateX(55px);
  -ms-transform: translateX(55px);
  transform: translateX(55px);

/*------ ADDED CSS ---------*/
  display: none;

.on, .off
  color: white;
  position: absolute;
  transform: translate(-50%,-50%);
  top: 50%;
  left: 50%;
  font-size: 10px;
  font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;

input:checked+ .slider .on
{display: block;}

input:checked + .slider .off
{display: none;}

/*--------- END --------*/

/* Rounded sliders */
.slider.round {
  border-radius: 34px;

.slider.round:before {
  border-radius: 50%;}
<label class="switch">
 <input type="checkbox" id="togBtn">
 <div class="slider round">
  <!--ADDED HTML -->
  <span class="on">ON</span>
  <span class="off">OFF</span>

Or pure CSS:

.switch {
  position: relative;
  display: inline-block;
  width: 90px;
  height: 34px;

.switch input {display:none;}

.slider {
  position: absolute;
  cursor: pointer;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  background-color: #ca2222;
  -webkit-transition: .4s;
  transition: .4s;
   border-radius: 34px;

.slider:before {
  position: absolute;
  content: "";
  height: 26px;
  width: 26px;
  left: 4px;
  bottom: 4px;
  background-color: white;
  -webkit-transition: .4s;
  transition: .4s;
  border-radius: 50%;

input:checked + .slider {
  background-color: #2ab934;

input:focus + .slider {
  box-shadow: 0 0 1px #2196F3;

input:checked + .slider:before {
  -webkit-transform: translateX(26px);
  -ms-transform: translateX(26px);
  transform: translateX(55px);

/*------ ADDED CSS ---------*/
 color: white;
 display: block;
 position: absolute;
 transform: translate(-50%,-50%);
 top: 50%;
 left: 50%;
 font-size: 10px;
 font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;

input:checked + .slider:after

/*--------- END --------*/
<label class="switch">
<input type="checkbox" id="togBtn">
<div class="slider round"></div>

Bootstrap dropdown menu not working (not dropping down when clicked)

I had the same issue I remove the following script and it worked for me.

<script src=""></script>

@import vs #import - iOS 7

There is a few benefits of using modules. You can use it only with Apple's framework unless module map is created. @import is a bit similar to pre-compiling headers files when added to .pch file which is a way to tune app the compilation process. Additionally you do not have to add libraries in the old way, using @import is much faster and efficient in fact. If you still look for a nice reference I will highly recommend you reading this article.

How to set or change the default Java (JDK) version on OS X?

This tool will do the work for you:

It's a simple JavaOne that can be used to define the current Java Version. The version can be used in a shell that is opened after a version was selected in the tool.

Create controller for partial view in ASP.NET MVC

If it were me, I would simply create a new Controller with a Single Action and then use RenderAction in place of Partial:

// Assuming the controller is named NewController
                      new { routeValueOne = "SomeValue" });

Angularjs checkbox checked by default on load and disables Select list when checked

Do it in the controller

$scope.checked = true;
}, 1);

then remove ng-checked.

Implicit function declarations in C

Implicit declarations are not valid in C.

C99 removed this feature (present in C89).

gcc chooses to only issue a warning by default with -std=c99 but a compiler has the right to refuse to translate such a program.

iPhone UITextField - Change placeholder text color

For Xamarin.iOS developers, I found it from this document

textField.AttributedPlaceholder = new NSAttributedString ("Hello, world",new UIStringAttributes () { ForegroundColor =  UIColor.Red });

sys.argv[1] meaning in script

sys.argv is a list containing the script path and command line arguments; i.e. sys.argv[0] is the path of the script you're running and all following members are arguments.

MySQL's now() +1 day

You can use:


If you are only interested in the date, not the date and time then you can use CURDATE instead of NOW:


How to wait in a batch script?

I actually found the right command to use.. its called timeout:

Why does CSS not support negative padding?

I would like to describe a very good example of why negative padding would be useful and awesome.

As all of us CSS developers know, vertically aligning a dynamically sizing div within another is a hassle, and for the most part, viewed as being impossible only using CSS. The incorporation of negative padding could change this.

Please review the following HTML:

<div style="height:600px; width:100%;">
    <div class="vertical-align" style="width:100%;height:auto;" >
        This DIV's height will change based the width of the screen.

With the following CSS, we would be able to vertically center the content of the inner div within the outer div:

.vertical-align {
    position: absolute;
    overflow: visible;

Allow me to explain...

Absolutely positioning the inner div's top at 50% places the top edge of the inner div at the center of the outer div. Pretty simple. This is because percentage based positioning is relative to the inner dimensions of the parent element.

Percentage based padding, on the other hand, is based on the inner dimensions of the targeted element. So, by applying the property of padding-top: -50%; we have shifted the content of the inner div upward by a distance of 50% of the height of the inner div's content, therefore centering the inner div's content within the outer div and still allowing the height dimension of the inner div to be dynamic!

If you ask me OP, this would be the best use-case, and I think it should be implemented just so I can do this hack. lol. Or, they should just fix the functionality of vertical-align and give us a version of vertical-align that works on all elements.

Using PI in python 2.7

Python 2.7.5 (default, May 15 2013, 22:44:16) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import math
>>> math.pi

Check out the Python tutorial on modules and how to use them.

As for the second part of your question, Python comes with batteries included, of course:

>>> math.radians(90)
>>> math.radians(180)

MySQL SELECT last few days?


use quotes on the -3 value

Pass variables by reference in JavaScript

JavaScript not being strong type. It allows you to resolve problems in many different ways, as it seem in this question.

However, for a maintainability point of view, I would have to agree with Bart Hofland. A function should get arguments to do something with and return the result. Making them easily reusable.

If you feel that variables need to be passed by reference, you may be better served building them into objects, IMHO.

SQL Server Express CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'

  1. Log into on your Server/PC with administrator account

  2. Log into SQL Server Management Studio as "Windows Authentication"

  3. Click Security -> Logins -> choose your -> right click then choose Properties or Double click -> click Server Roles -> then checklist 'dbcreator' and 'sysadmin' then click the OK button.

  4. Refresh your databases.

Now, you can create new database.

Remove last characters from a string in C#. An elegant way?

You could use LastIndexOf and Substring combined to get all characters to the left of the last index of the comma within the sting.

string var = var.Substring(0, var.LastIndexOf(','));

Highlight all occurrence of a selected word?

For example this plugIns:

Just search for under cursor in

The key, as clagccs mentioned, is that the highlight does NOT conflict with your search:

Screen-shot of how it does NOT conflict with search: enter image description here Notes:

  • vim-illuminate highlights by default, in my screen-shot I switched to underline
  • vim-illuminate highlights/underlines word under cursor by default, in my screen-shot I unset it
  • my colorschemes are very grey-ish. Check yours to customize it too.

How to require a controller in an angularjs directive

I got lucky and answered this in a comment to the question, but I'm posting a full answer for the sake of completeness and so we can mark this question as "Answered".

It depends on what you want to accomplish by sharing a controller; you can either share the same controller (though have different instances), or you can share the same controller instance.

Share a Controller

Two directives can use the same controller by passing the same method to two directives, like so:

app.controller( 'MyCtrl', function ( $scope ) {
  // do stuff...

app.directive( 'directiveOne', function () {
  return {
    controller: 'MyCtrl'

app.directive( 'directiveTwo', function () {
  return {
    controller: 'MyCtrl'

Each directive will get its own instance of the controller, but this allows you to share the logic between as many components as you want.

Require a Controller

If you want to share the same instance of a controller, then you use require.

require ensures the presence of another directive and then includes its controller as a parameter to the link function. So if you have two directives on one element, your directive can require the presence of the other directive and gain access to its controller methods. A common use case for this is to require ngModel.

^require, with the addition of the caret, checks elements above directive in addition to the current element to try to find the other directive. This allows you to create complex components where "sub-components" can communicate with the parent component through its controller to great effect. Examples could include tabs, where each pane can communicate with the overall tabs to handle switching; an accordion set could ensure only one is open at a time; etc.

In either event, you have to use the two directives together for this to work. require is a way of communicating between components.

Check out the Guide page of directives for more info:

How do I mock an autowired @Value field in Spring with Mockito?

It was now the third time I googled myself to this SO post as I always forget how to mock an @Value field. Though the accepted answer is correct, I always need some time to get the "setField" call right, so at least for myself I paste an example snippet here:

Production class:

private String defaultUrl;

Test class:

import org.springframework.test.util.ReflectionTestUtils;

ReflectionTestUtils.setField(instanceUnderTest, "defaultUrl", "http://foo");
// Note: Don't use MyClassUnderTest.class, use the instance you are testing itself
// Note: Don't use the referenced string "#{myProps[‘some.default.url']}", 
//       but simply the FIELDs name ("defaultUrl")

Switch between python 2.7 and python 3.5 on Mac OS X

How to set the python version back to 2.7 if you have installed Anaconda3 (Python 3.6) on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5

Edit the .bash_profile file in your home directory.

vi $HOME/.bash_profile

hash out the line # export PATH="/Users/YOURUSERNAME/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"

Close the shell open again you should see 2.7 when you run python.

Then if you want 3.6 you can simply uncomment your anaconda3 line in your bash profile.

Trying to unlink python will end in tears in Mac OSX.

You will something like this

unlink: /usr/bin/python: Operation not permitted

Hope that helps someone out !! :) :)

How to to send mail using gmail in Laravel?

The problem for me is that for some reason the username/password came NULL from mail config. To check that before sending a email check with the follow code:


If your username/password came nulled just set with:

Config::set('mail.username', 'yourusername');
Config::set('mail.password', 'yourpassword');

Hide Spinner in Input Number - Firefox 29

/* for chrome */
    input[type=number]::-webkit-outer-spin-button {
    -webkit-appearance: none;
    margin: 0;}             

/* for mozilla */  
   input[type=number] {-moz-appearance: textfield;}

What are the differences between ArrayList and Vector?

There are 2 major differentiation's between Vector and ArrayList.

  1. Vector is synchronized by default, and ArrayList is not. Note : you can make ArrayList also synchronized by passing arraylist object to Collections.synchronizedList() method. Synchronized means : it can be used with multiple threads with out any side effect.

  2. ArrayLists grow by 50% of the previous size when space is not sufficient for new element, where as Vector will grow by 100% of the previous size when there is no space for new incoming element.

Other than this, there are some practical differences between them, in terms of programming effort:

  1. To get the element at a particular location from Vector we use elementAt(int index) function. This function name is very lengthy. In place of this in ArrayList we have get(int index) which is very easy to remember and to use.
  2. Similarly to replace an existing element with a new element in Vector we use setElementAt() method, which is again very lengthy and may irritate the programmer to use repeatedly. In place of this ArrayList has add(int index, object) method which is easy to use and remember. Like this they have more programmer friendly and easy to use function names in ArrayList.

When to use which one?

  1. Try to avoid using Vectors completely. ArrayLists can do everything what a Vector can do. More over ArrayLists are by default not synchronized. If you want, you can synchronize it when ever you need by using Collections util class.
  2. ArrayList has easy to remember and use function names.

Note : even though arraylist grows by 100%, you can avoid this by ensurecapacity() method to make sure that you are allocating sufficient memory at the initial stages itself.

Hope it helps.

Adding an onclicklistener to listview (android)

You are doing

Object o = prestListView.getItemAtPosition(position);
String str=(String)o;//As you are using Default String Adapter

The o that you get back is not a String, but a prestationEco so you get a CCE when doing the (String)o

UICollectionView current visible cell index

Just want to add for others : for some reason, I didnt not get the cell that was visible to the user when I was scrolling to previous cell in collectionView with pagingEnabled.

So I insert the code inside dispatch_async to give it some "air" and this works for me.

-(void)scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:(UIScrollView *)scrollView
    dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
            UICollectionViewCell * visibleCell= [[self.collectionView visibleCells] objectAtIndex:0];

            [visibleCell doSomthing];

Better way to find control in ASP.NET

Late as usual. If anyone is still interested in this there are a number of related SO questions and answers. My version of recursive extension method for resolving this:

public static IEnumerable<T> FindControlsOfType<T>(this Control parent)
                                                        where T : Control
    foreach (Control child in parent.Controls)
        if (child is T)
            yield return (T)child;
        else if (child.Controls.Count > 0)
            foreach (T grandChild in child.FindControlsOfType<T>())
                yield return grandChild;

How to adjust layout when soft keyboard appears

This code works for me. When keyboard appears, you can scroll screen

In AndroidManifest.xml

<activity android:name=".signup.screen_2.SignUpNameAndPasswordActivity"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>







        <!--RelativeLayout is scaled when keyboard appears-->




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<selector xmlns:android="">
    <item android:state_activated="true">
        <shape android:shape="rectangle">
            <solid android:color="#F6F6F6"/>
            <corners android:radius="3dp"/>
    <item android:state_activated="false">
        <shape android:shape="rectangle">
            <solid android:color="#F6F6F6"/>
            <corners android:radius="3dp"/>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<selector xmlns:android="">
    <item android:state_enabled="true" android:state_pressed="true">
        <shape android:shape="rectangle">
            <corners android:radius="3dp"/>
            <solid android:color="@color/colorBlueLight"/>
            <stroke android:width="1dp" android:color="@color/colorBlueLight"/>
    <item android:state_enabled="true">
        <shape android:shape="rectangle">
            <corners android:radius="3dp"/>
            <solid android:color="@color/colorBlue"/>
            <stroke android:width="1dp" android:color="@color/colorBlue"/>
    <item android:state_enabled="false">
        <shape android:shape="rectangle">
            <corners android:radius="3dp"/>
            <solid android:color="@color/colorBlueAlpha"/>
            <stroke android:width="0dp" android:color="@color/colorBlueAlpha"/>

Illegal mix of collations MySQL Error

You should set both your table encoding and connection encoding to UTF-8:

ALTER TABLE keywords CHARACTER SET UTF8; -- run once



Python: pandas merge multiple dataframes

@everestial007 's solution worked for me. This is how I improved it for my use case, which is to have the columns of each different df with a different suffix so I can more easily differentiate between the dfs in the final merged dataframe.

from functools import reduce
import pandas as pd
dfs = [df1, df2, df3, df4]
suffixes = [f"_{i}" for i in range(len(dfs))]
# add suffixes to each df
dfs = [dfs[i].add_suffix(suffixes[i]) for i in range(len(dfs))]
# remove suffix from the merging column
dfs = [dfs[i].rename(columns={f"date{suffixes[i]}":"date"}) for i in range(len(dfs))]
# merge
dfs = reduce(lambda left,right: pd.merge(left,right,how='outer', on='date'), dfs)

Change the background color of a row in a JTable

This is basically as simple as repainting the table. I haven't found a way to selectively repaint just one row/column/cell however.

In this example, clicking on the button changes the background color for a row and then calls repaint.

public class TableTest {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        JFrame frame = new JFrame();

        final Color[] rowColors = new Color[] {
                randomColor(), randomColor(), randomColor()
        final JTable table = new JTable(3, 3);
        table.setDefaultRenderer(Object.class, new TableCellRenderer() {
            public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable table,
                    Object value, boolean isSelected, boolean hasFocus,
                    int row, int column) {
                JPanel pane = new JPanel();
                return pane;
        frame.setLayout(new BorderLayout());

        JButton btn = new JButton("Change row2's color");
        btn.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
            public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                rowColors[1] = randomColor();

        frame.add(table, BorderLayout.NORTH);
        frame.add(btn, BorderLayout.SOUTH);

    private static Color randomColor() {
        Random rnd = new Random();
        return new Color(rnd.nextInt(256),
                rnd.nextInt(256), rnd.nextInt(256));

How to change the application launcher icon on Flutter?

Follow these steps:-

1. Add dependencies of flutter_luncher_icons in pubspec.yaml file.You can find this plugin from here.

2. Add your required images in asstes folder and pubspec.yaml file as below .


description: A new Flutter application.

# The following line prevents the package from being accidentally published to
# using `pub publish`. This is preferred for private packages.
publish_to: 'none' # Remove this line if you wish to publish to
version: 1.0.0+1

  sdk: ">=2.7.0 <3.0.0"

      sdk: flutter

  # The following adds the Cupertino Icons font to your application.
  # Use with the CupertinoIcons class for iOS style icons.
  cupertino_icons: ^1.0.1
  fluttertoast: ^7.1.6
  toast: ^0.1.5
  flutter_launcher_icons: ^0.8.0

    sdk: flutter

  image_path: "assets/icon/newsicon.png"
  android: true
  ios: false

# The following section is specific to Flutter.

  # The following line ensures that the Material Icons font is
  # included with your application, so that you can use the icons in
  # the material Icons class.
  uses-material-design: true
    - assets/images/dropbox.png

    - family: LangerReguler
        - asset: assets/langer_reguler.ttf

  # fonts:
  #   - family: Schyler
  #     fonts:
  #       - asset: fonts/Schyler-Regular.ttf
  #       - asset: fonts/Schyler-Italic.ttf
  #         style: italic
  #   - family: Trajan Pro
  #     fonts:
  #       - asset: fonts/TrajanPro.ttf
  #       - asset: fonts/TrajanPro_Bold.ttf
  #         weight: 700
  # For details regarding fonts from package dependencies,
  # see

3. Then run the command in terminal flutter pub get and then flutter_luncher_icon.This is what I get the result after the successfully run the command . And luncher icon is also generated successfully.

My Terminal

[E:\AndroidStudioProjects\FlutterProject\NewsFlutter\news_flutter>flutter pub get
Running "flutter pub get" in news_flutter...                       881ms

E:\AndroidStudioProjects\FlutterProject\NewsFlutter\news_flutter>flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main

• Creating default icons Android
• Overwriting the default Android launcher icon with a new icon

? Successfully generated launcher icons