[javascript] How to get old Value with onchange() event in text box

I have a text Box and a Value poplulated in it when page loads. Now If user chanegs any thing in text box, then I want to get the Changed Value(New Value) and Old Value but when I do ELEMENT.value then its giving only changed Value

any Suggestions to get old value?

below is my code

    <script type="text/javascript">
      function onChangeTest(changeVal) {
        alert("Value is " + changeVal.value);
          <input type="text" id="test" value ="ABS" onchange="onChangeTest(this)">  

Thanks in Advance

This question is related to javascript html validation

The answer is

Maybe you can store the previous value of the textbox into a hidden textbox. Then you can get the first value from hidden and the last value from textbox itself. An alternative related to this, at onfocus event of your textbox set the value of your textbox to an hidden field and at onchange event read the previous value.

You'll need to store the old value manually. You could store it a lot of different ways. You could use a javascript object to store values for each textbox, or you could use a hidden field (I wouldn't recommend it - too html heavy), or you could use an expando property on the textbox itself, like this:

<input type="text" onfocus="this.oldvalue = this.value;" onchange="onChangeTest(this);this.oldvalue = this.value;" />

Then your javascript function to handle the change looks like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function onChangeTest(textbox) {
        alert("Value is " + textbox.value + "\n" + "Old Value is " + textbox.oldvalue);

A dirty trick I somtimes use, is hiding variables in the 'name' attribute (that I normally don't use for other purposes):

select onFocus=(this.name=this.value) onChange=someFunction(this.name,this.value)><option...

Somewhat unexpectedly, both the old and the new value is then submitted to someFunction(oldValue,newValue)

I would suggest:

function onChange(field){

  //we have available old value here;

You can do this: add oldvalue attribute to html element, add set oldvalue when user click. Then onchange event use oldvalue.

<input type="text" id="test" value ="ABS" onchange="onChangeTest(this)" onclick="setoldvalue(this)" oldvalue="">

function setoldvalue(element){

function onChangeTest(element){

Maybe you can try to save the old value with the "onfocus" event to afterwards compare it with the new value with the "onchange" event.

I am not sure, but maybe this logic would work.

var d = 10;
var prevDate = "";
var x = 0;
var oldVal = "";
var func = function (d) {
    if (x == 0 && d != prevDate && prevDate == "") {
        oldVal = d;
        prevDate = d;
    else if (x == 1 && prevDate != d) {
        oldVal = prevDate;
        prevDate = d;
    x = 1;

You should use HTML5 data attributes. You can create your own attributes and save different values in them.

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