[c#] Change File Extension Using C#

I have many file types: pdf, tiff, jpeg, bmp. etc. My question is how can I change file extension? I tried this:

my file= c:/my documents/my images/cars/a.jpg;
string extension = Path.GetExtension(myffile);

No matter what type of file it is, the format I specify must be with the file name. But it does not work. I get file path from browser like c:\..\..\a.jpg, and the file format is a.jpeg. So, when I try to delete it, it gives me an error: Cannot find the file on specified path'. So, I am thinking it has something to do with the file extension that does not match. So, I am trying to convert .jpg to .jpeg and delete the file then.

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The answer is

There is: Path.ChangeExtension method. E.g.:

var result = Path.ChangeExtension(myffile, ".jpg");

In the case if you also want to physically change the extension, you could use File.Move method:

File.Move(myffile, Path.ChangeExtension(myffile, ".jpg"));

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