[deployment] Hot deploy on JBoss - how do I make JBoss "see" the change?

I am developing a Java EE application that I deploy over and over again on a local JBoss installation during development. I want to speed up the build by hot deploying my application straight into [JBOSS]/server/default/deploy/myApp

It seems to work - but there also seems to be a somewhat arbitrary delay between the hard deploy and when JBoss starts using the new classes. I am not very familiar with JBoss, but I assume it caches classes, and that this is what causes the problem.

Am I correct, and if so, how do I make JBoss flush it's cache?

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The answer is

I had the same problem in my bundle: (Eclipse IDE + JBoss server adapter) + JBoss AS 7.0.1 (community project).

My solution is very simple - you should go to JBoss administrative panel (by default localhost:9990), there in profile settings open Core - Deployment Scanners. Turn on Autodeploy-Exploded (set to true), and by your wishes you can set scanner time (by default 5000 ms) to appropriate for your (I set to 2000, for more fast incremental publish in Eclipse when I make changes to projects). That's it. Now JBoss makes HOT deploy not only for HTML (JSF, XHTML and so on) files, but also takes care of POJO classes (beans and so on) files.

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