How to sort List of objects by some property

The Solution to How to sort List of objects by some property is

Either make ActiveAlarm implement Comparable<ActiveAlarm> or implement Comparator<ActiveAlarm> in a separate class. Then call:



Collections.sort(list, comparator);

In general, it's a good idea to implement Comparable<T> if there's a single "natural" sort order... otherwise (if you happen to want to sort in a particular order, but might equally easily want a different one) it's better to implement Comparator<T>. This particular situation could go either way, to be honest... but I'd probably stick with the more flexible Comparator<T> option.

EDIT: Sample implementation:

public class AlarmByTimesComparer implements Comparator<ActiveAlarm> {
  public int compare(ActiveAlarm x, ActiveAlarm y) {
    // TODO: Handle null x or y values
    int startComparison = compare(x.timeStarted, y.timeStarted);
    return startComparison != 0 ? startComparison
                                : compare(x.timeEnded, y.timeEnded);

  // I don't know why this isn't in Long...
  private static int compare(long a, long b) {
    return a < b ? -1
         : a > b ? 1
         : 0;

~ Answered on 2011-04-27 14:21:03

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