[sql-server-2008] SQL Server - calculate elapsed time between two datetime stamps in HH:MM:SS format

I have a SQL Server table that has a "Time" column. The table is a log table the houses status messages and timestamps for each message. The log table is inserted into via a batch file. There is an ID column that groups rows together. Each time the batch file runs it initializes the ID and writes records. What I need to do is get the elapsed time from the first record in an ID set to the last record of the same ID set. I started toying with select Max(Time) - Min(Time) from logTable where id = but couldn't figure out how to format it correctly. I need it in HH:MM:SS.

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The answer is


Correctly calculate a timespan in SQL Server, even if more than 24 hours:

-- Setup test data
declare @minDate datetime = '2012-12-12 20:16:47.160'
declare @maxDate datetime = '2012-12-13 15:10:12.050'

-- Get timespan in hh:mi:ss
select cast(
        (cast(cast(@maxDate as float) - cast(@minDate as float) as int) * 24) /* hours over 24 */
        + datepart(hh, @maxDate - @minDate) /* hours */
        as varchar(10))
    + ':' + right('0' + cast(datepart(mi, @maxDate - @minDate) as varchar(2)), 2) /* minutes */
    + ':' + right('0' + cast(datepart(ss, @maxDate - @minDate) as varchar(2)), 2) /* seconds */

-- Returns 18:53:24

Edge cases that show inaccuracy are especially welcome!

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