[java] Comparing two joda DateTime instances

I have a problem with the comparing two DateTime objects.

System.out.println(response.getCreationDate().toString()); // will return "2013-12-31T22:59:21.000+01:00", but...  assertThat(response.getCreationDate(), equalTo(new DateTime("2013-12-31T22:59:21+01:00"))); // will throw an assertation error with the following error  Expected: <2013-12-31T22:59:21.000+01:00>  but: was <2013-12-31T22:59:21.000+01:00> 

Anyone has an idea what am I missing here?

Btw, if you are wondering why the DateTime is displayed in GMT+1:00 zone, cause that's the timezone in which I want my DateTime objects to be by default.


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The answer is

DateTime inherits its equals method from AbstractInstant. It is implemented as such

public boolean equals(Object readableInstant) {     // must be to fulfil ReadableInstant contract     if (this == readableInstant) {         return true;     }     if (readableInstant instanceof ReadableInstant == false) {         return false;     }     ReadableInstant otherInstant = (ReadableInstant) readableInstant;     return         getMillis() == otherInstant.getMillis() &&         FieldUtils.equals(getChronology(), otherInstant.getChronology()); } 

Notice the last line comparing chronology. It's possible your instances' chronologies are different.

This code (example) :

    Chronology ch1 = GregorianChronology.getInstance();     Chronology ch2 = ISOChronology.getInstance();      DateTime dt = new DateTime("2013-12-31T22:59:21+01:00",ch1);     DateTime dt2 = new DateTime("2013-12-31T22:59:21+01:00",ch2);      System.out.println(dt);     System.out.println(dt2);      boolean b = dt.equals(dt2);      System.out.println(b); 

Will print :

2013-12-31T16:59:21.000-05:00 2013-12-31T16:59:21.000-05:00 false 

You are probably comparing two DateTimes with same date but different Chronology.

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