[sql-server] SQL Server date format yyyymmdd

I have a varchar column where some values are in mm/dd/yyyy format and some are in yyyymmdd.

I want to convert all mm/dd/yyyy dates into the yyyymmdd format. What is the best way to do this? Thanks

Table is Employees and column is DOB

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The answer is


Tested in SQL Server 2012


DECLARE @v DATE= '3/15/2013'


you can convert any date format or date time format to YYYYMMDD with no delimiters

try this....


Assuming your "date" column is not actually a date.

Select convert(varchar(8),cast('12/24/2016' as date),112)


Select format(cast('12/24/2016' as date),'yyyyMMdd')



SELECT YEAR(getdate()) * 10000 + MONTH(getdate()) * 100 + DAY(getdate())

You can do as follows:

Select Format(test.Time, 'yyyyMMdd')
From TableTest test

In SQL Server, you can do:

select coalesce(format(try_convert(date, col, 112), 'yyyyMMdd'), col)

This attempts the conversion, keeping the previous value if available.

Note: I hope you learned a lesson about storing dates as dates and not strings.

SELECT TO_CHAR(created_at, 'YYYY-MM-DD') FROM table; //converts any date format to YYYY-MM-DD

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