[database] phpMyAdmin - Error > Incorrect format parameter?

I have a WordPress production website.

I've exported the database by the following commands: select database > export > custom > select all tables > select .zip compression > 'Go'

I've downloaded the file which is example.sql.zip but when I upload to my localhost I get this error: phpMyAdmin - Error > Incorrect format parameter

I've tried to export with other formats and I get the same error.

I've tried with other SQL Databases and it exports/ imports just fine.

What could it be? A corrupt database or other?


This question is related to database mysql

The answer is

If you can't upload import file due to big size and you can't modify parameters because you are in a shared hosting try to install on your computer HeidiSQL and load file from there.

None of the above answers solved it for me.

I cant even find the 'libraries' folder in my xampp - ubuntu also.

So, I simply restarted using the following commands:

sudo service apache2 restart


sudo service mysql restart

Just restarted apache and mysql. Logged in phpmyadmin again and it worked as usual.

Thanks me..!!

Compress your .sql file, and make sure to name it .[format].[compression], i.e. database.sql.zip.

As noted above, PhpMyAdmin throws this error if your .sql file is larger than the Maximum allowed upload size -- but, in my case the maximum was 50MiB despite that I had set all options noted in previous answers (look for the "Max: 50MiB" next to the upload button in PhpMyAdmin).

Just gone through the same problem when trying to import a CSV (400 MBs) and was also getting an error in red saying

Error - incorrect format parameter

Initially thought it could have been the parameters and tested again. Faster, from my previous experince with it, I realized that it was due to other reasons (size of the file, execution of script has a maximum time defined, etc).

So, I've gone to php.ini


and changed the values from the following settings

max_execution_time = 3000
max_input_time = 120
memory_limit = 512M
post_max_size = 1500M
upload_max_filesize = 1500M 

After this modification, stoped MySQL and Apache and started them again, went to phpmyadmin trying to import. Then I reached another error

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded

which was fixed by simply setting in xampp/phpmyadmin/libraries/config.default.php


$cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 0;

Setting it to 0 disables execution time limits.

Then, after a while, the import happened without problems.

I had this error and as I'm on shared hosting I don't have access to the php.ini so wasn't sure how I could fix it, the host didn't seem to have a clue either. In the end I emptied my browser cache and reloaded phpmyadmin and it came back!

I was able to resolve this by following the steps posted here: xampp phpmyadmin, Incorrect format parameter

Because I'm not using XAMPP, I also needed to update my php.ini.default to php.ini which finally did the trick.

If you use docker-compose just set UPLOAD_LIMIT

    image: phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin
        UPLOAD_LIMIT: 1G

None of these answers worked for me. I had to use the command line:

mysql -u root db_name < db_dump.sql
SET NAMES 'utf8';
SOURCE db_dump.sql;


Without any problems, I imported directly from the command line.

mysql -uroot -hURLServer -p DBName< filename.sql

I had this problem but with a docker container (phpmyadmin users),


  • Enter in the phpmyadmin container docker exec -it idcontainer /bin/bash
  • Move cd /usr/local/etc/php/
  • Create php.ini file
  • Modify it upload_max_filesize=128M post_max_size=128M max_execution_time=1000
  • Save and restart container.

This problem was in a Windows pc, at Linux i didnt need to do this.

Note: If you're using MAMP you MUST edit the file using the built-in editor.

Select PHP in the languages section (LH Menu Column) Next, in the main panel next to the default version drop-down click the small arrow pointing to the right. This will launch the php.ini file using the MAMP text editor. Any changes you make to this file will persist after you restart the servers.

Editing the file through Application->MAMP->bin->php->{choosen the version}->php.ini would not work. Since the application overwrites any changes you make.

Needless to say: "Here be dragons!" so please cut and paste a copy of the original and store it somewhere safe in case of disaster.enter image description here

For me, adjusting the 2 values was not enough. If the file is too big, you also need to adjust the execution time variables.

First, ../php/php.ini


Then, ../phpMyAdmin\libraries\config.default.php

$cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 1000;

This did the trick for me. The variables can be choosen differently of course. Maybe the execution time has to be even higher. And the size depends on your filesize.

If you prefer to edit the file php.ini in your favorite editor than the Editor created by MAMP, you would need to stop the Servers first.

Then head to Library->Application Support->appsolute->MAMP PRO->templates->php{version_number}.ini.temp and effect any change you would want to have especially the below

max_execution_time = 3000
max_input_time = 60
memory_limit = 128M
post_max_size = 256M
upload_max_filesize 256M

And also make changes in your PHPMyAdmin if it is what you are using in Cpanel.

$cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 300;

Make sure you make a copy of the original file. You can navigate under conf!here

enter image description here

This error is caused by the fact that the maximum upload size is (Max: 2,048KiB). If your file is bigger than this, you will get an error. Zip the file and upload it again, you will not get the error.