[mysql] Difference between VARCHAR and TEXT in MySQL

When we create a table in MySQL with a VARCHAR column, we have to set the length for it. But for TEXT type we don't have to provide the length.

What are the differences between VARCHAR and TEXT?

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The answer is

There is an important detail that has been omitted in the answer above.

MySQL imposes a limit of 65,535 bytes for the max size of each row. The size of a VARCHAR column is counted towards the maximum row size, while TEXT columns are assumed to be storing their data by reference so they only need 9-12 bytes. That means even if the "theoretical" max size of your VARCHAR field is 65,535 characters you won't be able to achieve that if you have more than one column in your table.

Also note that the actual number of bytes required by a VARCHAR field is dependent on the encoding of the column (and the content). MySQL counts the maximum possible bytes used toward the max row size, so if you use a multibyte encoding like utf8mb4 (which you almost certainly should) it will use up even more of your maximum row size.

Correction: Regardless of how MySQL computes the max row size, whether or not the VARCHAR/TEXT field data is ACTUALLY stored in the row or stored by reference depends on your underlying storage engine. For InnoDB the row format affects this behavior. (Thanks Bill-Karwin)

Reasons to use TEXT:

  • If you want to store a paragraph or more of text
  • If you don't need to index the column
  • If you have reached the row size limit for your table

Reasons to use VARCHAR:

  • If you want to store a few words or a sentence
  • If you want to index the (entire) column
  • If you want to use the column with foreign-key constraints

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