[windows] Atom menu is missing. How do I re-enable

The menu in Atom text editor is gone. I dont know how I disabled it. I tried F1-12 keys. How do I re enable it? Here's how it's looking now:


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The answer is

Get cursor on top, where white header with file name, then press Alt. To set top menu by default always visible. You needed in top menu selected: FILE -> Config... -> autoHideMenuBar: true (change it to autoHideMenuBar: false) Save it.

CONTROL + SHIFT + P and execute command "Tree View: Show"

Open atom editor and then press Alt and menu bar will appear. Now click on View tab and then click on Toggle Menu Bar as seen on this screenshot.

Same happened to me, I had to go into Packages and re-enable Tabs and Tree-View (both part of core).

Temporarily show Menu Bar on ATOM:

Press ALT Key to make the Menu bar appear but it is not permanent.

Always display the Menu Bar on ATOM:

To make the change permanent, press ALT + V and then select Toggle Menu Bar option from the "View" drop-down down.

[Tested on ATOM running on Ubuntu 16.04]

Open Atom and press ALT key you are done.

Press Alt + v and select Toggle menu bar option.

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