[javascript] How to post query parameters with Axios?

I am trying to post on an API with some query params. This is working on PostMan / Insomnia when I am trying to by passing mail and firstname as query parameters :


However, when I am trying to do it with my react native app, I got a 400 error (Invalid Query Parameters).

This is the post method :

.post(`/mails/users/sendVerificationMail`, {
.then(response => response.status)
.catch(err => console.warn(err));

(my mail and firstname are console.logged as follow: [email protected] and myFirstName).

So I don't know how to pass Query Parameters with Axios in my request (because right now, it's passing data: { mail: "[email protected]", firstname: "myFirstName" }.

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The answer is

In my case, the API responded with a CORS error. I instead formatted the query parameters into query string. It successfully posted data and also avoided the CORS issue.

        var data = {};

        const params = new URLSearchParams({
          contact: this.ContactPerson,
          phoneNumber: this.PhoneNumber,
          email: this.Email

        const url =
          "https://test.com/api/UpdateProfile?" +

          .post(url, data, {
            headers: {
              aaid: this.ID,
              token: this.Token
          .then(res => {
            this.Info = JSON.parse(res.data);
          .catch(err => {

As of 2021 insted of null i had to add {} in order to make it work!

          params: {
      .then(response => {
        return success(response);
      .catch(error => {
        return fail(error);

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