[mysql] select rows in sql with latest date for each ID repeated multiple times

I have a table where each ID is repeated 3 times. there is a date in front of each id in each row.
I want to select entire row for each ID where date is latest. There are total 370 columns in this table i want all columns to get selected when i select that row.

Sample -

ID   Name    Date        Marks    ..    ..  ..   
1     XY     4/3/2017     27
1     fv     4/3/2014     98
1     jk     4/3/2016     09
2     RF     4/12/2015    87
2     kk     4/3/2009     56
2     PP     4/3/2011     76
3     ee     4/3/2001     12
3     ppp    4/3/2003     09
3     lll    4/3/2011     23

The Answer should be

ID   Name    Date        Marks    ..    ..  ..   
1     XY     4/3/2017     27      
2     RF     4/12/2015    87
3     lll    4/3/2011     23  

I am attempting as below -

select distinct ID,*,max(date) as maxdate from table

Also i am trying this in Hive . so not sure if some sql functions dont work in Hive


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The answer is

This question has been asked before. Please see this question.

Using the accepted answer and adapting it to your problem you get:

FROM myTable tt
    (SELECT ID, MAX(Date) AS MaxDateTime
    FROM myTable
    GROUP BY ID) groupedtt 
ON tt.ID = groupedtt.ID 
AND tt.Date = groupedtt.MaxDateTime

One way is:

select table.* 
from table
    select ID, max(Date) as max_dt 
    from table
    group by ID
) t
on table.ID= t.ID and table.Date = t.max_dt 

Note that if you have multiple equally higher dates for same ID, then you will get all those rows in result

You can do this with a Correlated Subquery (That is a subquery wherein you reference a field in the main query). In this case:

FROM yourtable t1
WHERE date = (SELECT max(date) from yourtable WHERE id = t1.id)

Here we give the yourtable table an alias of t1 and then use that alias in the subquery grabbing the max(date) from the same table yourtable for that id.

Here's one way. The inner query gets the max date for each id. Then you can join that back to your main table to get the rows that match.

<your table>
inner join 
(select id, max(<date col> as max_date) m
where yourtable.id = m.id
and yourtable.datecolumn = m.max_date)

You can use a join to do this

SELECT t1.* from myTable t1
LEFT OUTER JOIN myTable t2 on t2.ID=t1.ID AND t2.`Date` > t1.`Date`
WHERE t2.`Date` IS NULL;

Only rows which have the latest date for each ID with have a NULL join to t2.

Have you tried the following:

SELECT ID, COUNT(*), max(date)
FROM table 

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