[c#] DataRow: Select cell value by a given column name

I have a problem with a DataRow that I'm really struggling with.

The datarow is read in from an Excel spreadsheet using an OleDbConnection.

If I try to select data from the DataRow using the column name, it returns DBNull even though there is data there.

But it's not quite that simple.

datarow.Table.Columns[5].ColumnName returns "my column".
datarow["my column"] returns DBNull.
datarow[5] returns 500.
datarow[datarow.Table.Columns[5].ColumnName] returns DBNull. (just to make sure its not a typo!)

I could just select things from the datarow using the column number, but I dislike doing that since if the column ordering changes, the software will break.

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The answer is

Which version of .NET are you using? Since .NET 3.5, there's an assembly System.Data.DataSetExtensions, which contains various useful extensions for dataTables, dataRows and the like.

You can try using


if that doesn't work, you can do this:

DataTable table = new DataTable();
var myColumn = table.Columns.Cast<DataColumn>().SingleOrDefault(col => col.ColumnName == "myColumnName");
if (myColumn != null)
    // just some roww
    var tableRow = table.AsEnumerable().First();
    var myData = tableRow.Field<string>(myColumn);
    // or if above does not work
    myData = tableRow.Field<string>(table.Columns.IndexOf(myColumn));

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