[jquery] jQuery: serialize() form and other parameters

Is it possible to send form elements (serialized with .serialize() method) and other parameters with a single AJAX request?


    type : 'POST',
    url : 'url',
    data : {
        par1 : 1,
        par2 : '2',
        par3: 232

If not what's the best way to submit a form together with other parameters?


This question is related to jquery ajax forms serialization

The answer is

If you want to send data with form serialize you may try this

var form= $("#formId");
    type: form.attr('method'),
    url: form.attr('action'),
    data: form.serialize()+"&variable="+otherData,
    success: function (data) {
    var result=data;


pass value of parameter like this

data : $('#form_id').serialize() + "&parameter1=value1&parameter2=value2"

and so on.

I fix the problem with under statement ; send data with url same GET methode

    url: 'includes/get_ajax_function.php?value=jack&id='+id,
    type: 'post',
    data: $('#b-info1').serializeArray(),

and get value with $_REQUEST['value'] OR $_GET['id']

Alternatively you could use form.serialize() with $.param(object) if you store your params in some object variable. The usage would be:

var data = form.serialize() + '&' + $.param(object)

See http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.param for further reference.

You can create an auxiliar form using jQuery with the content of another form and then add thath form other params so you only have to serialize it in the ajax call.

function createInput(name,value){
    return $('<input>').attr({
        name: name,
        value: value
$form = $("<form></form>");
$form.append($("#your_form input").clone());
$form.append(createInput('input_name', 'input_value'));
$form.append(createInput('input_name_2', 'input_value_2'));

    type : 'POST',
    url : 'url',
    data : $form.serialize()

You can also use serializeArray function to do the same.

Following Rory McCrossan answer, if you want to send an array of integer (almost for .NET), this is the code:

// ...

url: "MyUrl",       //  For example --> @Url.Action("Method", "Controller")
method: "post",
traditional: true,  
    $('#myForm').serialize() +
    "&param1="xxx" +
    "&param2="33" +
    "&" + $.param({ paramArray: ["1","2","3"]}, true)

// ...

I dont know but none of the above worked for me, Then i used this and it worked :

In form's serialized array it is stored as key value pair

We pushed the new value or values here in form variable and then we can pass this variable directly now.

var form = $('form.sigPad').serializeArray();
var uniquekey = {
      name: "uniquekey",
      value: $('#UniqueKey').val()

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