[javascript] Push method in React Hooks (useState)?

How to push element inside useState array React hook? Is that as an old method in react state? Or something new?

E.g. setState push example ?

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The answer is

// Save search term state to React Hooks with spread operator and wrapper function

// Using .concat(), no wrapper function (not recommended)

// Using .concat(), wrapper function (recommended)
setSearches(searches => searches.concat(query))

// Spread operator, no wrapper function (not recommended)
setSearches([...searches, query])

// Spread operator, wrapper function (recommended)
setSearches(searches => [...searches, query])


setTheArray([...theArray, newElement]); is the simplest answer but be careful for the mutation of items in theArray. Use deep cloning of array items.

I tried the above methods for pushing an object into an array of objects in useState but had the following error when using TypeScript:

Type 'TxBacklog[] | undefined' must have a 'Symbol.iterator' method that returns an iterator.ts(2488)

The setup for the tsconfig.json was apparently right:

   "compilerOptions": {
   "target": "es6",
   "lib": [

This workaround solved the problem (my sample code):


   interface TxBacklog {
      status: string,
      txHash: string,

State variable:

    const [txBacklog, setTxBacklog] = React.useState<TxBacklog[]>();

Push new object into array:

    // Define new object to be added
    const newTx = {
       txHash: '0x368eb7269eb88ba86..',
       status: 'pending'
    // Push new object into array
       ? setTxBacklog(prevState => [ ...prevState!, newTx ])
       : setTxBacklog([newTx]);

if you want to push after specific index you can do as below:

   const handleAddAfterIndex = index => {
       setTheArray(oldItems => {
            const copyItems = [...oldItems];
            const finalItems = [];
            for (let i = 0; i < copyItems.length; i += 1) {
                if (i === index) {
                } else {
            return finalItems;

Most recommended method is using wrapper function and spread operator together. For example, if you have initialized a state called name like this,

const [names, setNames] = useState([])

You can push to this array like this,

setNames(names => [...names, newName])

Hope that helps.

The same way you do it with "normal" state in React class components.


function App() {
  const [state, setState] = useState([]);

  return (
      <p>You clicked {state.join(" and ")}</p>
      <button onClick={() => setState([...state, "again"])}>Click me</button>
      //old way
      <button onClick={() => setState(state.concat("again"))}>Click me</button>

To expand a little further, here are some common examples. Starting with:

const [theArray, setTheArray] = useState(initialArray);
const [theObject, setTheObject] = useState(initialObject);

Push element at end of array

setTheArray(prevArray => [...prevArray, newValue])

Push/update element at end of object

setTheObject(prevState => ({ ...prevState, currentOrNewKey: newValue}));

Push/update element at end of array of objects

setTheArray(prevState => [...prevState, {currentOrNewKey: newValue}]);

Push element at end of object of arrays

let specificArrayInObject = theObject.array.slice();
const newObj = { ...theObject, [event.target.name]: specificArrayInObject };

Here are some working examples too. https://codesandbox.io/s/reacthooks-push-r991u

You can append array of Data at the end of custom state:

  const [vehicleData, setVehicleData] = React.useState<any[]>([]);
  setVehicleData(old => [...old, ...newArrayData]);

For example, In below, you appear an example of axios:

  useEffect(() => {
    const fetchData = async () => {
      const result = await axios(
          url: `http://localhost:4000/api/vehicle?page=${page + 1}&pageSize=10`,
          method: 'get',
      setVehicleData(old => [...old, ...result.data.data]);

  }, [page]);

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