[php] Laravel: PDOException: could not find driver

I am developing a website on a server I only have access to MySQL and FTP, so all commands I run are through the b374k php shell . I am experiencing a Laravel problem with SQL driver. I tried switching to file-hosted SQLite (in database/database.sqlite), but the thrown exception is the same as when using MySQL. The input & output of the console is as follows:

   php artisan migrate:refresh --seed
could not find driver (SQL: select * from sqlite_master where type = 'table ' and name = migrations)
could not find driver
could not find driver

The Apache extensions installed on the server are:

/etc/php/5.6/apache2/conf.d/20-ftp.ini, /etc/php/5.6/apache2/conf.d/20-gd.ini, 

What can be the problem and how can I fix it? (I don't have access to root bash)

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The answer is

If you can, run :

composer update

composer require doctrine/dbal

It looks like you have a missing dependency


You might need to comment out the following in your php.ini file.


Taken from this post: Laravel 5 PDOException Could Not Find Driver . I think I had to do something exactly like this when setting up laravel on digital ocean.

In Linux Download Mysql and Php

sudo apt install php-mysql

Then the problem will be solved.

Some Additional information for people who upgraded their php version.

This is for laravel framework using MySql or MariaDB.

I had issues after upgrading php version from 7.2 to 7.4.

  1. Make sure you completely install php extentions and packages for php version 7.4 (Or your installed php version).
  2. Make sure you enable these extentions. pdo_mysql, xmlrpc, mbstring, mysqli, openssl, fileinfo, gd2, curl at php.ini.
  3. Then clear cache, config
  4. Restart all services such as apache, supervisor

in ubuntu or windows

  • path php.ini

  • php -i enter image description here

  • Remove the ; from ;extension=pdo_mysql or extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll and add extension=pdo_mysql.so

    restart xampp or wampp

  • install sudo apt-get install php-mysql


php artisan migrate

You need to enable these extensions in the php.ini file





It is advisable that you also activate the fileinfo extension, many packages require this.

if you have installed new version of php 7.2+ then you have to uncomment this line in php.ini ;extension=pdo_mysql

For me, these steps worked in Ubuntu with PHP 7.3:

1. vi /etc/php/7.3/apache2/php.ini > uncomment:
2. sudo apt-get install php7.3-sqlite3
3. sudo service apache2 restart

I had the same issue, and I uncomment extension=pdo_sqlite and ran the migration and everything worked fine.

Your database driver is missing. To solve the probelm

First install the driver

For ubuntu: For mysql database.

sudo apt-get install php5.6-mysql/php7.2-mysql

You also can search for other database systems.

You also can search for the driver:

sudo apt-cache search drivername

Then Run the cmd php artisan migrate

You are probably missing sqlite or the specific DB driver you are trying to migrate.

Install the DB driver and you'd be fine. You don't necessarily need to edit your php.ini file (it's one way to fix it too though).

For sqlite do --> sudo apt-get install php-sqlite3 Then php artisan migrate

NB: I assume you have PHP and MySql already installed

In window OS. I have uncomment extension=pdo_mysql for php.ini file that locate at same directory of php.exe. after that it work fine.

For me, php.ini was OK, but I needed to restart php artisan serve.

In case that you run test in sqlite run

sudo apt install sqlite3 && sudo apt install php-sqlite3

If you run test in window, you dont need install nothing. Only config your phpunit.xml

I faced the same problem while using sqlite 3:

  1. Make sure the changes made on .env.example and the same on the .env file.
  2. Then run $ sudo apt-get install php-sqlite3 on terminal.
  3. Finally $ php artisan migrate.

In my case I'm using Ubuntu so I found that my system is not installed php-sqlite3, after installation its got fixed.

sudo apt-get install php7.2-sqlite3

On Windows, I followed the same path as the previous answers. The difference is that the path to php.ini is usually different from the traditional ones, usually in Apache.

To find php.ini, I used the following path: C:\tools\php80\php.ini

After that, I uncommented the pdo extension files and the migration worked.

ERROR: could not find driver (SQL: select * from tests where slug = a limit 1)

I was getting the above error in my laravel project, i am using nginx server on ubuntu 16.04

This error is because, php-mysql driver is missing. To install it type following command.

sudo apt-get install php7.2-mysql

Please specify your current php version in above command.

Open php.ini file and uncomment the followling line of code(Remove Semicolon).


Then Restart the nginx and php service

sudo systemctl restart php7.2-fpm
sudo systemctl restart nginx

It worked for me.

Solution 1:

1. php -v

Output: PHP 7.3.11-1+ubuntu16.04.1+deb.sury.org+1 (cli)

2. sudo apt-get install php7.3-mysql

Solution 2:

Check your DB credentials like DB Name, DB User, DB Password

Even simpler in Ubuntu (18.04)

apt install php-mysql

Done. No need to edit any .ini files.

Happy coding!

I got the same error when running my test suite. It was working before but it stopped working after I upgraded php. So I did

sudo apt-get install php-sqlite3

and it worked.

In CentOS7,I try this: yum install php-mysql, then edit php.ini

I had a similar issue in Ubuntu 16.04 and what help me was that i installed php-mysql for php 7.2. I would recommend you run the following command if you have php 7.2 or install php mysql depending on your version of PHP. Make sure that you have installed the DBAL packege

apt-get install php7.2-mysql

systemctl restart apache2

First check php -m
.If you don't see mysql driver install mysql sudo apt-cache search php-mysql
Your results will be similar to:

php-mysql - MySQL module for PHP [default]

install php- mysql Driver

sudo apt-get install php7.1-mysql

Finally I fixed this. There was a typo in the server configuration and all paths to php extecutables were fine except the path to php-cli, which caused the error. When I fixed the path, everything worked fine.

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