[php] Problems with installation of Google App Engine SDK for php in OS X

I'm trying to create Google App Engine environment in my Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Downloaded the Googleapplauncher.dmg file. While I tried to unzip the file it shows "the following disk images couldn't be opened" . Reason: "Not recognised".

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The answer is

It's likely that the download was corrupted if you are getting an error with the disk image. Go back to the downloads page at https://developers.google.com/appengine/downloads and look at the SHA1 checksum. Then, go to your Terminal app on your mac and run the following:

openssl sha1 [put the full path to the file here without brackets] 

For example:

openssl sha1 /Users/me/Desktop/myFile.dmg 

If you get a different value than the one on the Downloads page, you know your file is not properly downloaded and you should try again.

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