[php] Pass PDO prepared statement to variables

I am using a prepared statement to upload submitted information into a MYSQL database. I would like to know how to pass my prepared statements to a separate variable so I can post a summary of what was uploaded. Here is the following code:

$stmt = $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO photos (Name, Type, Price, Description, Location,    status, id)  VALUES (:item_name, :item_type, :item_price, :item_description, :image_location, :status, :id)"); $stmt->bindValue(':item_name', $_POST['item_name']); $stmt->bindValue(':item_type', $_POST['item_type']); $stmt->bindValue(':item_price', $_POST['item_price']); $stmt->bindValue(':item_description', $_POST['item_description']); $stmt->bindValue(':image_location', 'images/'.$_FILES['file']['name']); $stmt->bindValue(':status', 0); $stmt->bindValue(':id', 0);  try{     $stmt->execute(); }catch(PDOException $e){     $errors[] = $item_name . "not saved in database.";     echo $e->getMessage(); 

I suppose my question is: How does PHP store the $stmt variable and then execute it? Is


being treated as an array? If so how can I access each prepared value so I can post a summary of each value?

Thank you!

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The answer is

You could do $stmt->queryString to obtain the SQL query used in the statement. If you want to save the entire $stmt variable (I can't see why), you could just copy it. It is an instance of PDOStatement so there is apparently no advantage in storing it.