[php] Parse error: syntax error, unexpected [

I have this simple function

  function render($template, $values = []) {     // if template exists, render it     if (file_exists("../templates/$template"))     {         // extract variables into local scope         extract($values);          // render header         require("../templates/header.php");          // render template         require("../templates/$template");          // render footer         require("../templates/footer.php");     }      // else err     else     {         trigger_error("Invalid template: $template", E_USER_ERROR);     } 

This works fine when I am working on my localhost, but when I uploaded the files on my webhost and this function is used in a php file as follows->

<?php     // configuration    require("../includes/config.php");      render("mainpage_template.php", ["title" => "Welcome "]);        ?> 

I get this parse error written in the title.Why is it working only on my localmachine?

This question is related to php hosting

The answer is

Are you using php 5.4 on your local? the render line is using the new way of initializing arrays. Try replacing ["title" => "Welcome "] with array("title" => "Welcome ")