[php] Removing "http://" from a string

I have a PHP script that removes the "http://" from user input url strings.

My Script:

$url= "http://techcrunch.com/startups/"; $url = str_replace('http://', '', $url); 


$url= techcrunch.com/startups/ 

This works great, except that sometimes urls have "https://" instead. Is there a way I can just remove everything before the domain name, no matter what it is?

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The answer is

$new_website = substr($str, ($pos = strrpos($str, '//')) !== false ? $pos + 2 : 0); 

This would remove everything before the '//'.


This one is tested. Using strrpos() instead or strpos().


some results:

input: http://php.net/preg_replace output: php.net/preg_replace  input: https://www.php.net/preg_replace output: www.php.net/preg_replace  input: ftp://www.php.net/preg_replace output: www.php.net/preg_replace  input: https://php.net/preg_replace?url=http://whatever.com output: php.net/preg_replace?url=http://whatever.com  input: php.net/preg_replace?url=http://whatever.com output: php.net/preg_replace?url=http://whatever.com  input: php.net?site=http://whatever.com output: php.net?site=http://whatever.com 

Something like this ought to do:

$url = preg_replace("|^.+?://|", "", $url); 

Removes everything up to and including the ://

Use look behinds in preg_replace to remove anything before //.

preg_replace('(^[a-z]+:\/\/)', '', $url); 

This will only replace if found in the beginning of the string, and will ignore if found later

Try this out:

$url = 'http://techcrunch.com/startups/'; $url = str_replace(array('http://', 'https://'), '', $url); 


Or, a simple way to always remove the protocol:

$url = 'https://www.google.com/'; $url = preg_replace('@^.+?\:\/\/@', '', $url);