[svn] How do I create a branch?

How do I create a branch in SVN?

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The answer is

  • Create a new folder outside of your current project. You can give it any name. (Example: You have a checkout for a project named "Customization". And it has many projects, like "Project1", "Project2"....And you want to create a branch of "Project1". So first open the "Customization", right click and create a new folder and give it a name, "Project1Branch").
  • Right click on "Myproject1"....TortoiseSVN -> Branch/Tag.
  • Choose working copy.
  • Open browser....Just right of parallel on "To URL".
  • Select customization.....right click then Add Folder. and go through the folder which you have created. Here it is "Project1Branch". Now clik the OK button to add.
  • Take checkout of this new banch.
  • Again go to your project which branch you want to create. Right click TorotoiseSVN -> branch/tag. Then select working copy. And you can give the URL as your branch name. like {your IP address/svn/AAAA/Customization/Project1Branch}. And you can set the name in the URL so it will create the folder with this name only. Like {Your IP address/svn/AAAA/Customization/Project1Branch/MyProject1Branch}.
  • Press the OK button. Now you can see the logs in ...your working copy will be stored in your branch.
  • Now you can take a check out...and let you enjoy your work. :)

If you're repo is available via https, you can use this command to branch ...

svn copy https://host.example.com/repos/project/trunk \
       https://host.example.com/repos/project/branches/branch-name \
  -m "Creating a branch of project"

svn cp /trunk/ /branch/NEW_Branch

If you have some local changes in trunk then use Rsync to sync changes

rsync -r -v -p --exclude ".svn" /trunk/ /branch/NEW_Branch

If you even plan on merging your branch, I highly suggest you look at this:


I hear Subversion 1.5 builds more of the merge tracking in, I have no experience with that. My project is on 1.4.x and svnmerge.py is a life saver!

Top tip for new SVN users; this may help a little with getting the correct URLs quickly.

Run svn info to display useful information about the current checked-out branch.

The URL should (if you run svn in the root folder) give you the URL you need to copy from.

Also to switch to the newly created branch, use the svn switch command:

svn switch http://my.repo.url/myrepo/branches/newBranchName

Normally you'd copy it to svn+ssh://host.example.com/repos/project/branches/mybranch so that you can keep several branches in the repository, but your syntax is valid.

Here's some advice on how to set up your repository layout.

Create a new branch using the svn copy command as follows:

$ svn copy svn+ssh://host.example.com/repos/project/trunk \
           svn+ssh://host.example.com/repos/project/branches/NAME_OF_BRANCH \
      -m "Creating a branch of project"

Suppose you want to create a branch from a trunk name (as "TEST") then use:

svn cp -m "CREATE BRANCH TEST" $svn_url/trunk $svn_url/branches/TEST

Below are the steps to create a branch from trunk using TortoiseSVN in windows machine. This obviously needs TortoiseSVN client to be installed.

  1. Right Click on updated trunk from local windows machine
  2. Select TortoiseSVN
  3. Click branch/Tag
  4. Select the To path in SVN repository. Note that destination URL is updated according to the path and branch name given
  5. Do not create folder inside branches in repository browser
  6. Add branches path. For example, branches/
  7. Add a meaningful log message for your reference
  8. Click Ok, this creates new folder on local system
  9. Checkout the branch created into new folder

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