[svn] How to rename a file using svn?

When I try svn mv old_file_name new_file_name, I get

 svn: Path 'new_file_name' is not a directory

What's the correct way? (sorry, this seems so trivial, but I'm stuck).

PS. using svn version 1.6.11

EDIT it seems I get this error only if new_file_name refers to the name of a file that is currently under version control. In this case, of course, I can simply

 mv old_file_name new_file_name
 svn delete old_file_name

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The answer is

It can be if you created new directory at the disk BEFORE create/commit it in the SVN. All that you need is just create it in SVN and do move after:

$ svn mv etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/cs/us0101ccs001.cfg etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs/
svn: E155010: Path '/home/dyr/svn/nagioscore/etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs' is not a directory

$ svn status
?       etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs

$ rm -rvf etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs
removed directory 'etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs'

$ svn mkdir etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs
A         etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs

$ svn move etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/cs/us0101ccs001.cfg etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs/us0101accs001.cfg
A         etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs/us0101accs001.cfg
D         etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/cs/us0101ccs001.cfg

$ svn status
A       etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs
A  +    etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs/us0101accs001.cfg
        > moved from etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/cs/us0101ccs001.cfg
D       etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/cs/us0101ccs001.cfg
        > moved to etc/nagios/hosts/us0101/ccs/us0101accs001.cfg

This message will appear if you are using a case-insensitive file system (e.g. on a Mac) and you're trying to capitalize the name (or another change of case). In which case you need to rename to a third, dummy, name:

svn mv file-name file-name_
svn mv file-name_ FILE_Name
svn commit

Using TortoiseSVN worked easily on Windows for me.


Right click file -> TortoiseSVN menu -> Repo-browser -> right click file in repository -> rename -> press Enter -> click Ok

Using SVN 1.8.8 TortoiseSVN version 1.8.5

You can do it by following 3 steps:

 - svn rm old_file_name
 - svn add new_file_name
 - svn commit