Remove a modified file from pull request


I have 3 modified files (no new files) in a pull request at the moment.

I would like to remove one of those files from the pull request, so that the pull request only contains changes to two files and leaves the third in its original, untouched state.

I have tried a couple things (checking out the original version of the file, etc...) but it still shows as a changed file in the PR.

Is there a solution to this?

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~ Asked on 2016-09-12 22:03:25

The Best Answer is


Switch to the branch from which you created the pull request:

$ git checkout pull-request-branch

Overwrite the modified file(s) with the file in another branch, let's consider it's master:

git checkout origin/master -- src/main/java/

Commit and push it to the remote:

git commit -m "Removed a modified file from pull request"
git push origin pull-request-branch

~ Answered on 2017-06-04 15:29:37


You would want to amend the commit and then do a force push which will update the branch with the PR.

Here's how I recommend you do this:

  1. Close the PR so that whomever is reviewing it doesn't pull it in until you've made your changes.
  2. Do a Soft reset to the commit before your unwanted change (if this is the last commit you can use git reset --soft HEAD^ or if it's a different commit, you would want to replace 'HEAD^' with the commit id)
  3. Discard (or undo) any changes to the file that you didn't intend to update
  4. Make a new commit git commit -a -c ORIG_HEAD
  5. Force Push to your branch
  6. Re-Open Pull Request

The now that your branch has been updated, the Pull Request will include your changes.

Here's a link to Gits documentation where they have a pretty good example under Undo a commit and redo.

~ Answered on 2016-09-12 23:13:04

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