[git] What I can do to resolve "1 commit behind master"?

After pushing I've been seeing this message at remote repository:

1 commit behind master.

This merge has conflicts that must be resolved before it can be committed.

To manually merge these changes into TA20footerLast run the following commands:

git checkout 7c891f50c557

Note: This will create a detached head!

git merge remotes/origin/master

The answer is

Before you begin, if you are uncomfortable with a command line, you can do all the following steps using SourceTree, GitExtension, GitHub Desktop, or your favorite tool.

To solve the issue, you might have two scenarios:

1) Fix only remote repository branch which is behind commit

Example: Both branches are on the remote side

ahead === Master branch

behind === Develop branch


  1. Clone the repository to the local workspace: this will give you the Master branch which is ahead with commit

    git clone repositoryUrl
  2. Create a branch with Develop name and checkout to that branch locally

    git checkout -b DevelopBranchName // this command creates and checkout the branch
  3. Pull from the remote Develop branch. Conflict might occur. if so, fix the conflict and commit the changes.

     git pull origin DevelopBranchName
  4. Merge the local Develop branch with the remote Develop branch

      git merge origin develop
  5. Push the merged branch to the remote Develop branch

      git push origin develop

2) Local Master branch is behind the remote Master branch

This means every locally created branch is behind.

Before preceding, you have to commit or stash all the changes you made on the branch that is behind commits.


  1. Checkout your local Master branch

    git checkout master
  2. Pull from remote Master branch

    git pull origin master

Now your local Master is in sync with the remote Branch but other local branches, that branched from the local Master branch, are not in sync with your local Master branch because of the above command. To fix that:

  1. Checkout the branch that is behind your local Master branch

    git checkout BranchNameBehindCommit
  2. Merge with the local Master branch

    git merge master  // Now your branch is in sync with local Master branch

If this branch is on the remote repository, you have to push your changes

    git push origin branchBehindCommit

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