[git] Bitbucket fails to authenticate on git pull

I use BitBucket and had to change my password because it was compromised.

git pull

remote: Invalid username or password. If you log in via a third party service you must ensure you have an account password set in your account profile.
fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://bitbucket.org/myusername/myproject.git/'

How can I change my password using command line?

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The answer is

I was facing same error, But I didn't need to change my password.

Just go to bitbucket->preferences->accounts select your account and check if your password is correct.

In my case, my password was messed up. Just corrected my password and it worked.

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  • Terminal will not accept your Bitbucket or Atlassian web app password if
    your account is associated with an Atlassian (Jira) account. If this is your case, you have a giant string generated for you that you can find in your MacOSX keychain app. This is the password Terminal accepts.
  • It is not clear how to re-generate this password or re-set it to match what Bitbucket will accept.
  • Changing password in SourceTree's settings did not work for me.
  • Changing password in Atlassian account profile did not work for me.
  • Bitbucket does not have a link or interface to change password for this case in the Bitbucket account profile - user has to go to Atlassian account profile.

In my case, nothing worked because I changed my username in Bitbucket.

Atlassian and Bitbucket are not completely integrated. Bitbucket uses the Atlassian user email and web app password, but allows you to have a different username.

There seems to be a bug in this process, especially since it's not clear which application or process is generating the authentication and where it's stored or editable. Changing the username breaks authentication.

There may be a way to update the username used by the credentials and Bitbucket, but I was already several hours behind when I discovered that changing my username back to what it was before restored authentication.

For me the issue was I changed my username so the git url also got changed. So I had to set the new git url using

git remote set-url origin <URL>

I needed to do this and run a git pull in order to set my password from the command line in order to get this working.

Note this method saves your password in a plain text file on your disk:

git config --global credential.helper store
git pull

Other solutions here: Is there a way to skip password typing when using https:// on GitHub?

First, edit your .git/config and remove your username from 'url'.

I had this:

url = https://[email protected]/pathto/myrepo.git

And after modification:

url = https://bitbucket.org/pathto/myrepo.git

Then try to pull (or push) and use your email and password credentials to login.

I know that this is an old question, but I thought I would provide the solution that worked for me. I signed up for bitbucket using my google account and did not have a password. Turns out the password is my Atlassian account password. If you have an Atlassian account then try this password to see if it works.

I think is only an authentication problem...

  1. Click on your Bitbucket account icon (up right) and go to "Manage account".
  2. Go to "Change password" option in left menu.
  3. Enter your password in "New password" and "Confirm password" fields.
  4. Click on "Change password".

That's all :)

You can update your Bitbucket credentials from the OSX Keychain.

Updating your cached credentials via the command line:

$ git credential-osxkeychain erase
[press return]

If it's successful, nothing will print out. To test that it works, try and clone a repository from Bitbucket. If you are prompted for a password, the keychain entry was deleted.

If you are a mac user this worked for me:

  1. open Keychain Access.
  2. Search for Bitbucket accounts.
  3. Delete them.

Then it will ask you for the password again.

I clicked on this button and it worked for me.

Here is the screenshot

If you've changed the password on Windows 10, go to credential manager and update the password:

go to credential manager and update the password

If you found authentication error problem when you entered correct password and username it's git problem. To solves this problem when you are installing the git in your machine uncheck the enable git credential manager enter image description here

Lately, BitBucket needs you to generate an App Password:

Settings/Access Management/App Passwords.


Sometimes it happens when you change the remote bitbucket account password.


Go to Control panel => User Accounts => Credential Manager => Windows Credentials => move to Generic credentials and change the password of account

  1. Firstly reset your password at "https://id.atlassian.com"
  2. Ensure you are able to login to Bitbucket Cloud - "https://bitbucket.org"
  3. Clear stored credentials on your machine a. Windows: Navigate to Credential Manager and clear stored credentials related to Bitbucket Cloud.
  4. Mac OS X: Navigate to Keychain Access and clear stored credentials related to Bitbucket
  5. Cloud Once this is done, try to login to perform a git operation authenticating to Bitbucket Cloud once again.