[svn] How change default SVN username and password to commit changes?

I need to commit my changes to repository, but on this laptop (svn configurations) I'm not default user.

How can I set my login and password as default in svn config?

OS_X 10.9 svn, version 1.7.10 (r1485443)

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The answer is

For Windows (7), the same folder is located at,


Type in the above in the Run(Win key + R) dialog box and hit Enter,

To check the existing username open the below file as a text file,


since your local username on your laptop frequently does not match the server's username, you can set this in the ~/.subversion/servers file

Add the server to the [groups] section with a name, then add a section with that name and provide a username.

for example, for a login like [email protected] this is what your config would look like:

exampleserver = svn.example.com

username = me

In TortiseSVN settings

right-click menu >> settings >> Saved data >> Authentication data [Clear]

The side effect is that it clears out all authentication data and you have to re-enter your own username/password.

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