Setting query string using Fetch GET request

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Update March 2017:

URL.searchParams support has officially landed in Chrome 51, but other browsers still require a polyfill.

The official way to work with query parameters is just to add them onto the URL. From the spec, this is an example:

var url = new URL(""),
    params = {lat:35.696233, long:139.570431}
Object.keys(params).forEach(key => url.searchParams.append(key, params[key]))
fetch(url).then(/* … */)

However, I'm not sure Chrome supports the searchParams property of a URL (at the time of writing) so you might want to either use a third party library or roll-your-own solution.

Update April 2018:

With the use of URLSearchParams constructor you could assign a 2D array or a object and just assign that to the instead of looping over all keys and append them

var url = new URL('')

var params = {lat:35.696233, long:139.570431} // or:
var params = [['lat', '35.696233'], ['long', '139.570431']] = new URLSearchParams(params).toString();


Sidenote: URLSearchParams is also available in NodeJS

const { URL, URLSearchParams } = require('url');

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