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The best place to find answers to general (and somewhat easy questions) such as this is to read up on PHP docs. Specifically in your case you can read more on objects. You can store stdObject and instantiated objects within an array. In fact, there is a process known as 'hydration' which populates the member variables of an object with values from a database row, then the object is stored in an array (possibly with other objects) and returned to the calling code for access.

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class Car
    public $color;
    public $type;

$myCar = new Car();
$myCar->color = 'red';
$myCar->type = 'sedan';

$yourCar = new Car();
$yourCar->color = 'blue';
$yourCar->type = 'suv';

$cars = array($myCar, $yourCar);

foreach ($cars as $car) {
    echo 'This car is a ' . $car->color . ' ' . $car->type . "\n";

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