[mysql] Rename MySQL database

I created a database with the name of hrms. Now I need to change database name to sunhrm. But, It is disabled in MySQL workbench. Can I do that on the Linux server itself?

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The answer is

In case you need to do that from the command line, just copy, adapt & paste this snippet:

mysql -e "CREATE DATABASE \`new_database\`;"
for table in `mysql -B -N -e "SHOW TABLES;" old_database`
  mysql -e "RENAME TABLE \`old_database\`.\`$table\` to \`new_database\`.\`$table\`"
mysql -e "DROP DATABASE \`old_database\`;"

It's possible to copy database via mysqldump command without storing dump into file:

  1. mysql -u root -p -e "create database my_new_database"
  2. mysqldump -u root -p original_database | mysql -u root -p my_new_database
  3. mysql -u root -p -e "drop database original_database"

You can create a new database exactly as the previous database existed and then drop the old database when you're done. Use the mysqldump tool to create a .sql backup of the database via mysqldump orig_db > orig_db.sql or if you need to use a username and password then run mysqldump -u root -p orig_db > orig_db.sql. orig_db is the name of the database you want to "rename", root would be the user you're logging in as and orig_db.sql would be the file created containing the backup. Now create a new, empty database with the name you want for the database. For example, mysql -u root -p -e "create database new_db". Once that's done, then run mysql -u root -p new_db < orig_db.sql. new_db now exists as a perfect copy of orig_db. You can then drop the original database as you now have it existing in the new database with the database name you wanted.

The short, quick steps without all the above explanation are:

  1. mysqldump -u root -p original_database > original_database.sql
  2. mysql -u root -p -e "create database my_new_database"
  3. mysql -u root -p my_new_database < original_database.sql
  4. mysql -u root -p -e drop database originl_database

Hope this helps and this is a reliable means to accomplish it without using some ad-hoc method that will corrupt your data and create inconsistencies.

You can do it by RENAME statement for each table in your "current_db" after create the new schema "other_db"

RENAME TABLE current_db.tbl_name TO other_db.tbl_name

Source Rename Table Syntax

Well there are 2 methods:

Method 1: A well-known method for renaming database schema is by dumping the schema using Mysqldump and restoring it in another schema, and then dropping the old schema (if needed).

From Shell

 mysqldump emp > emp.out
 mysql -e "CREATE DATABASE employees;"
 mysql employees < emp.out 
 mysql -e "DROP DATABASE emp;"

Although the above method is easy, it is time and space consuming. What if the schema is more than a 100GB? There are methods where you can pipe the above commands together to save on space, however it will not save time.

To remedy such situations, there is another quick method to rename schemas, however, some care must be taken while doing it.

Method 2: MySQL has a very good feature for renaming tables that even works across different schemas. This rename operation is atomic and no one else can access the table while its being renamed. This takes a short time to complete since changing a table’s name or its schema is only a metadata change. Here is procedural approach at doing the rename:

  1. Create the new database schema with the desired name.
  2. Rename the tables from old schema to new schema, using MySQL’s “RENAME TABLE” command.
  3. Drop the old database schema.

If there are views, triggers, functions, stored procedures in the schema, those will need to be recreated too. MySQL’s “RENAME TABLE” fails if there are triggers exists on the tables. To remedy this we can do the following things :

1) Dump the triggers, events and stored routines in a separate file. This done using -E, -R flags (in addition to -t -d which dumps the triggers) to the mysqldump command. Once triggers are dumped, we will need to drop them from the schema, for RENAME TABLE command to work.

  $ mysqldump <old_schema_name> -d -t -R -E > stored_routines_triggers_events.out

2) Generate a list of only “BASE” tables. These can be found using a query on information_schema.TABLES table.

 mysql> select TABLE_NAME from information_schema.tables where 
    table_schema='<old_schema_name>' and TABLE_TYPE='BASE TABLE';

3) Dump the views in an out file. Views can be found using a query on the same information_schema.TABLES table.

mysql> select TABLE_NAME from information_schema.tables where 
   table_schema='<old_schema_name>' and TABLE_TYPE='VIEW';
 $ mysqldump <database> <view1> <view2> … > views.out

4) Drop the triggers on the current tables in the old_schema.

mysql> DROP TRIGGER <trigger_name>;

5) Restore the above dump files once all the “Base” tables found in step #2 are renamed.

mysql> RENAME TABLE <old_schema>.table_name TO <new_schema>.table_name;
$ mysql <new_schema> < views.out
$ mysql <new_schema> < stored_routines_triggers_events.out

Intricacies with above methods : We may need to update the GRANTS for users such that they match the correct schema_name. These could fixed with a simple UPDATE on mysql.columns_priv, mysql.procs_priv, mysql.tables_priv, mysql.db tables updating the old_schema name to new_schema and calling “Flush privileges;”. Although “method 2" seems a bit more complicated than the “method 1", this is totally scriptable. A simple bash script to carry out the above steps in proper sequence, can help you save space and time while renaming database schemas next time.

The Percona Remote DBA team have written a script called “rename_db” that works in the following way :

[root@dba~]# /tmp/rename_db
rename_db <server> <database> <new_database>

To demonstrate the use of this script, used a sample schema “emp”, created test triggers, stored routines on that schema. Will try to rename the database schema using the script, which takes some seconds to complete as opposed to time consuming dump/restore method.

mysql> show databases;
| Database           |
| information_schema |
| emp                |
| mysql              |
| performance_schema |
| test               |

[root@dba ~]# time /tmp/rename_db localhost emp emp_test
create database emp_test DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1
drop trigger salary_trigger
rename table emp.__emp_new to emp_test.__emp_new
rename table emp._emp_new to emp_test._emp_new
rename table emp.departments to emp_test.departments
rename table emp.dept to emp_test.dept
rename table emp.dept_emp to emp_test.dept_emp
rename table emp.dept_manager to emp_test.dept_manager
rename table emp.emp to emp_test.emp
rename table emp.employees to emp_test.employees
rename table emp.salaries_temp to emp_test.salaries_temp
rename table emp.titles to emp_test.titles
loading views
loading triggers, routines and events
Dropping database emp

real    0m0.643s
user    0m0.053s
sys     0m0.131s

mysql> show databases;
| Database           |
| information_schema |
| emp_test           |
| mysql              |
| performance_schema |
| test               |

As you can see in the above output the database schema “emp” was renamed to “emp_test” in less than a second. Lastly, This is the script from Percona that is used above for “method 2".

# Copyright 2013 Percona LLC and/or its affiliates
set -e
if [ -z "$3" ]; then
    echo "rename_db <server> <database> <new_database>"
    exit 1
db_exists=`mysql -h $1 -e "show databases like '$3'" -sss`
if [ -n "$db_exists" ]; then
    echo "ERROR: New database already exists $3"
    exit 1
TIMESTAMP=`date +%s`
character_set=`mysql -h $1 -e "show create database $2\G" -sss | grep ^Create | awk -F'CHARACTER SET ' '{print $2}' | awk '{print $1}'`
TABLES=`mysql -h $1 -e "select TABLE_NAME from information_schema.tables where table_schema='$2' and TABLE_TYPE='BASE TABLE'" -sss`
if [ "$STATUS" != 0 ] || [ -z "$TABLES" ]; then
    echo "Error retrieving tables from $2"
    exit 1
echo "create database $3 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET $character_set"
mysql -h $1 -e "create database $3 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET $character_set"
TRIGGERS=`mysql -h $1 $2 -e "show triggers\G" | grep Trigger: | awk '{print $2}'`
VIEWS=`mysql -h $1 -e "select TABLE_NAME from information_schema.tables where table_schema='$2' and TABLE_TYPE='VIEW'" -sss`
if [ -n "$VIEWS" ]; then
    mysqldump -h $1 $2 $VIEWS > /tmp/${2}_views${TIMESTAMP}.dump
mysqldump -h $1 $2 -d -t -R -E > /tmp/${2}_triggers${TIMESTAMP}.dump
    echo "drop trigger $TRIGGER"
    mysql -h $1 $2 -e "drop trigger $TRIGGER"
for TABLE in $TABLES; do
    echo "rename table $2.$TABLE to $3.$TABLE"
    mysql -h $1 $2 -e "SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; rename table $2.$TABLE to $3.$TABLE"
if [ -n "$VIEWS" ]; then
    echo "loading views"
    mysql -h $1 $3 < /tmp/${2}_views${TIMESTAMP}.dump
echo "loading triggers, routines and events"
mysql -h $1 $3 < /tmp/${2}_triggers${TIMESTAMP}.dump
TABLES=`mysql -h $1 -e "select TABLE_NAME from information_schema.tables where table_schema='$2' and TABLE_TYPE='BASE TABLE'" -sss`
if [ -z "$TABLES" ]; then
    echo "Dropping database $2"
    mysql -h $1 $2 -e "drop database $2"
if [ `mysql -h $1 -e "select count(*) from mysql.columns_priv where db='$2'" -sss` -gt 0 ]; then
    COLUMNS_PRIV="    UPDATE mysql.columns_priv set db='$3' WHERE db='$2';"
if [ `mysql -h $1 -e "select count(*) from mysql.procs_priv where db='$2'" -sss` -gt 0 ]; then
    PROCS_PRIV="    UPDATE mysql.procs_priv set db='$3' WHERE db='$2';"
if [ `mysql -h $1 -e "select count(*) from mysql.tables_priv where db='$2'" -sss` -gt 0 ]; then
    TABLES_PRIV="    UPDATE mysql.tables_priv set db='$3' WHERE db='$2';"
if [ `mysql -h $1 -e "select count(*) from mysql.db where db='$2'" -sss` -gt 0 ]; then
    DB_PRIV="    UPDATE mysql.db set db='$3' WHERE db='$2';"
if [ -n "$COLUMNS_PRIV" ] || [ -n "$PROCS_PRIV" ] || [ -n "$TABLES_PRIV" ] || [ -n "$DB_PRIV" ]; then
    if [ -n "$COLUMNS_PRIV" ]; then echo "$COLUMNS_PRIV"; fi
    if [ -n "$PROCS_PRIV" ]; then echo "$PROCS_PRIV"; fi
    if [ -n "$TABLES_PRIV" ]; then echo "$TABLES_PRIV"; fi
    if [ -n "$DB_PRIV" ]; then echo "$DB_PRIV"; fi
    echo "    flush privileges;"

In short no. It is generally thought to be too dangerous to rename a database. MySQL had that feature for a bit, but it was removed. You would be better off using the workbench to export both the schema and data to SQL then changing the CREATE DATABASE name there before you run/import it.

I used following method to rename the database

  1. take backup of the file using mysqldump or any DB tool eg heidiSQL,mysql administrator etc

  2. Open back up (eg backupfile.sql) file in some text editor.

  3. Search and replace the database name and save file.

  4. Restore the edited SQL file

For impatient mysql users (like me), the solution is:

/etc/init.d/mysql stop
mv /var/lib/mysql/old_database /var/lib/mysql/new_database 
/etc/init.d/mysql start

If your DB contains only MyISAM tables (do not use this method if you have InnoDB tables):

  1. shut down the MySQL server
  2. go to the mysql data directory and rename the database directory (Note: non-alpha characters need to be encoded in a special way)
  3. restart the server
  4. adjust privileges if needed (grant access to the new DB name)

You can script it all in one command so that downtime is just a second or two.

First backup the old database called HRMS and edit the script file with replace the word HRMS to SUNHRM. After this step import the database file to the mysql

Another way to rename the database or taking image of the database is by using Reverse engineering option in the database tab. It will create a ERR diagram for the database. Rename the schema there.

after that go to file menu and go to export and forward engineer the database.

Then you can import the database.

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