[php] Exception: Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed

So I am not sure exactly what I would have to show you guys, how ever if you need more code please do not hesitate to ask:

So this method will set up the initMailer for Zend with in our application:

protected function _initMailer()
    if ('testing' !==  APPLICATION_ENV) {
        $options = $this->getOptions();
        $mail = new Zend_Application_Resource_Mail($options['mail']);
    }elseif ('testing'  ===  APPLICATION_ENV) {
        //change the mail transport only if dev or test
        if (APPLICATION_ENV <> 'production') {

            $callback = function()
                return 'ZendMail_' . microtime(true) .'.tmp';

            $mail = new Zend_Mail_Transport_File(
                array('path' => '/tmp/mail/',


    return $mail;

You can see the closure that lies with in. When I run any tests that use this code I get:

Exception: Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed 

and thus all the tests in relation to this "closure" fails. So I am here asking you guys what I should do.

For clarification on the above, all were doing is saying that any email we send out we want to store information about that email in a folder in the /tmp/mail/ directory in a file.

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The answer is

Direct Closure serialisation is not allowed by PHP. But you can use powefull class like PHP Super Closure : https://github.com/jeremeamia/super_closure

This class is really simple to use and is bundled into the laravel framework for the queue manager.

From the github documentation :

$helloWorld = new SerializableClosure(function ($name = 'World') use ($greeting) {
    echo "{$greeting}, {$name}!\n";

$serialized = serialize($helloWorld);

As already stated: closures, out of the box, cannot be serialized.

However, using the __sleep(), __wakeup() magic methods and reflection u CAN manually make closures serializable. For more details see extending-php-5-3-closures-with-serialization-and-reflection

This makes use of reflection and the php function eval. Do note this opens up the possibility of CODE injection, so please take notice of WHAT you are serializing.

You have to disable Globals

 * @backupGlobals disabled

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