[mysql] How to insert image in mysql database(table)?

I want to insert image into a table like

                       ,IMAGE BLOB);

So can you help out form how to insert image into the above table.

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The answer is

If I use the following query,


Error: no such function: LOAD_FILE

I tried all above solution and fail, it just added a null file to the DB.

However, I was able to get it done by moving the image(fileName.jpg) file first in to below folder(in my case) C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\Uploads and then I executed below command and it works for me,

INSERT INTO xx_BLOB(ID,IMAGE) VALUES(1,LOAD_FILE('C:/ProgramData/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/Uploads/fileName.jpg'));

Hope this helps.

You can try something like this..

CREATE TABLE 'sample'.'picture' ( 
'caption' VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL, 
 PRIMARY KEY('idpicture')) TYPE = InnoDB;

or refer to the following links for tutorials and sample, that might help you.




I have three answers to this question:

  1. It is against user experience UX best practice to use BLOB and CLOB data types in string and retrieving binary data from an SQL database thus it is advised that you use the technique that involves storing the URL for the image( or any Binary file in the database). This URL will help the user application to retrieve and use this binary file.

  2. Second the BLOB and CLOB data types are only available to a number of SQL versions thus functions such as LOAD_FILE or the datatypes themselves could miss in some versions.

  3. Third DON'T USE BLOB OR CLOB. Store the URL; let the user application access the binary file from a folder in the project directory.

You should use LOAD_FILE like so:


Step 1: open your mysql workbench application select table. choose image cell right click select "Open value in Editor" enter image description here

Step 2: click on the load button and choose image file enter image description here

Step 3:then click apply buttonenter image description here

Step 4: Then apply the query to save the image .Don't forgot image data type is "BLOB". Step 5: You can can check uploaded image enter image description here

This is on mysql workbench -- give the image file path:

INSERT INTO XX_SAMPLE(id,image) VALUES(3,'/home/ganesan-pc/Documents/aios_database/confe.jpg');

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