[c#] Better way to convert an int to a boolean

The input int value only consist out of 1 or 0. I can solve the problem by writing a if else statement.

Isn't there a way to cast the int into a boolean?

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The answer is

int i = 0;
bool b = Convert.ToBoolean(i);

Joking aside, if you're only expecting your input integer to be a zero or a one, you should really be checking that this is the case.

int yourInteger = whatever;
bool yourBool;
switch (yourInteger)
    case 0: yourBool = false; break;
    case 1: yourBool = true;  break;
        throw new InvalidOperationException("Integer value is not valid");

The out-of-the-box Convert won't check this; nor will yourInteger (==|!=) (0|1).

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