[database] Insert data into hive table

Using a Cygwin distribution, I've installed Hadoop 0.20.3 and Hive 0.11.0.

First of all, I don't understand how to use the Hive CLI:

hive> show tables;

Then enter and nothing happens. I can execute queries using hive -e/-f.

Then, I've created a table:

CREATE TABLE tweet_table(
tweet STRING
COMMENT 'Table of string'

But how can I insert data into this table? I see some INSERT INTO examples but when I try:

INSERT INTO TABLE tweet_table (tweet) VALUES ("data")

I've got an error:

FAILED: ParseException line 1:30 cannot recognize input near '(' 'tweet' ')' in select clause

How can I append data in my table?

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The answer is

You can insert new data into table by two ways.

  1. Load the data of a file into table using load command.

  2. You can insert new data into table by using select query.

    INSERT INTO table tablename1 select columnlist FROM secondtable;

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