Hadoop/Hive : Loading data from .csv on a local machine

The Solution to Hadoop/Hive : Loading data from .csv on a local machine is

Let me work you through the following simple steps:


First, create a table on hive using the field names in your csv file. Lets say for example, your csv file contains three fields (id, name, salary) and you want to create a table in hive called "staff". Use the below code to create the table in hive.

hive> CREATE TABLE Staff (id int, name string, salary double) row format delimited fields terminated by ',';

Second, now that your table is created in hive, let us load the data in your csv file to the "staff" table on hive.

hive>  LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH '/home/yourcsvfile.csv' OVERWRITE INTO TABLE Staff;

Lastly, display the contents of your "Staff" table on hive to check if the data were successfully loaded

hive> SELECT * FROM Staff;


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