[python] Data-frame Object has no Attribute

I know that this kind of question was asked before and I've checked all the answers and I have tried several times to find a solution but in vain. In fact I call a Dataframe using Pandas. I've uploaded a csv.file.

dataset from csv

When I type data.Country and data.Year, I get the 1st Column and the second one displayed. However when I type data.Number, everytime it gives me this error:

AttributeError: 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'Number'.

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The answer is

Check your DataFrame with data.columns

It should print something like this

Index([u'regiment', u'company',  u'name',u'postTestScore'], dtype='object')

Check for hidden white spaces..Then you can rename with

data = data.rename(columns={'Number ': 'Number'})

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