[python] Data-frame Object has no Attribute

I know that this kind of question was asked before and I've checked all the answers and I have tried several times to find a solution but in vain. In fact I call a Dataframe using Pandas. I've uploaded a csv.file.

dataset from csv

When I type data.Country and data.Year, I get the 1st Column and the second one displayed. However when I type data.Number, everytime it gives me this error:

AttributeError: 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'Number'.

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The answer is

I'd like to make it simple for you. the reason of " 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'Number'/'Close'/or any col name " is because you are looking at the col name and it seems to be "Number" but in reality it is " Number" or "Number " , that extra space is because in the excel sheet col name is written in that format. You can change it in excel or you can write data.columns = data.columns.str.strip() / df.columns = df.columns.str.strip() but the chances are that it will throw the same error in particular in some cases after the query. changing name in excel sheet will work definitely.

data=pd.read_csv('/your file name', delim_whitespace=True)


now you can run this code with no error.

Quick fix: Change how excel converts imported files. Go to 'File', then 'Options', then 'Advanced'. Scroll down and uncheck 'Use system seperators'. Also change 'Decimal separator' to '.' and 'Thousands separator' to ',' . Then simply 're-save' your file in the CSV (Comma delimited) format. The root cause is usually associated with how the csv file is created. Trust that helps. Point is, why use extra code if not necessary? Cross-platform understanding and integration is key in engineering/development.

I'm going to take a guess. I think the column name that contains "Number" is something like " Number" or "Number ". Notice that I'm assuming you might have a residual space in the column name somewhere. Do me a favor and run print "<{}>".format(data.columns[1]) and see what you get. Is it something like < Number>? If so, then my guess was correct. You should be able to fix it with this:

data.columns = data.columns.str.strip()

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