[php] Read each line of txt file to new array element

I am trying to read every line of a text file into an array and have each line in a new element.
My code so far.

$file = fopen("members.txt", "r");
while (!feof($file)) {

$line_of_text = fgets($file);
$members = explode('\n', $line_of_text);


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The answer is

Just use this:

$array = explode("\n", file_get_contents('file.txt'));

    $file = file("links.txt");

This will be accept the txt file as array. So write anything to the links.txt file (use one line for one element) after, run this page :) your array will be $file

$file = fopen("members.txt", "r");
$members = array();

while (!feof($file)) {
   $members[] = fgets($file);



It's just easy as that:

$lines = explode("\n", file_get_contents('foo.txt'));

file_get_contents() - gets the whole file as string.

explode("\n") - will split the string with the delimiter "\n" - what is ASCII-LF escape for a newline.

But pay attention - check that the file has UNIX-Line endings.

If "\n" will not work properly you have another coding of newline and you can try "\r\n", "\r" or "\025"

This has been covered here quite well, but if you REALLY need even better performance than anything listed here, you can use this approach that uses strtok.

$Names_Keys = [];
$Name = strtok(file_get_contents($file), "\n");
while ($Name !== false) {
    $Names_Keys[$Name] = 0;
    $Name = strtok("\n");

Note, this assumes your file is saved with \n as the newline character (you can update that as need be), and it also stores the words/names/lines as the array keys instead of the values, so that you can use it as a lookup table, allowing the use of isset (much, much faster), instead of in_array.

You were on the right track, but there were some problems with the code you posted. First of all, there was no closing bracket for the while loop. Secondly, $line_of_text would be overwritten with every loop iteration, which is fixed by changing the = to a .= in the loop. Third, you're exploding the literal characters '\n' and not an actual newline; in PHP, single quotes will denote literal characters, but double quotes will actually interpret escaped characters and variables.

        $file = fopen("members.txt", "r");
        $i = 0;
        while (!feof($file)) {
            $line_of_text .= fgets($file);
        $members = explode("\n", $line_of_text);

$file = __DIR__."/file1.txt";
$f = fopen($file, "r");
$array1 = array();

while ( $line = fgets($f, 1000) )
    $nl = mb_strtolower($line,'UTF-8');
    $array1[] = $nl;


If you don't need any special processing, this should do what you're looking for

$lines = file($filename, FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES);

The fastest way that I've found is:

// Open the file
$fp = @fopen($filename, 'r'); 

// Add each line to an array
if ($fp) {
   $array = explode("\n", fread($fp, filesize($filename)));

where $filename is going to be the path & name of your file, eg. ../filename.txt.

Depending how you've set up your text file, you'll have might have to play around with the \n bit.

$yourArray = file("pathToFile.txt", FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES);

FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES avoid to add newline at the end of each array element
You can also use FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES to Skip empty lines

reference here

$lines = array();
while (($line = fgets($file)) !== false)
    array_push($lines, $line);

Obviously, you'll need to create a file handle first and store it in $file.

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