[bash] Running script upon login mac

I am wondering if anyone is able to help me out with getting a .sh file to run when I log in to my account on my computer. I am running Mac OS X 10.6.7.

I have a file "Example.sh" that I want to run when I log onto my computer. I do not have a problem running it when I am already logged in, but I want this to run automatically.

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The answer is

Follow this:

  • start Automator.app
  • select Application
  • click Show library in the toolbar (if hidden)
  • add Run shell script (from the Actions/Utilities)
  • copy & paste your script into the window
  • test it
  • save somewhere (for example you can make an Applications folder in your HOME, you will get an your_name.app)

  • go to System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login items

  • add this app
  • test & done ;)


I've recently earned a "Good answer" badge for this answer. While my solution is simple and working, the cleanest way to run any program or shell script at login time is described in @trisweb's answer, unless, you want interactivity.

With automator solution you can do things like next: automator screenshot login application

so, asking to run a script or quit the app, asking passwords, running other automator workflows at login time, conditionally run applications at login time and so on...

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