[python] How can I extract all values from a dictionary in Python?

I have a dictionary d = {1:-0.3246, 2:-0.9185, 3:-3985, ...}.

How do I extract all of the values of d into a list l?

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The answer is

For Python 3, you need:

list_of_dict_values = list(dict_name.values())

If you want all of the values, use this:


If you want all of the keys, use this:


IF you want all of the items (both keys and values), I would use this:


If you want all of the values, use this:


d = <dict>
values = d.values()

Normal Dict.values()

will return something like this



If you want only Values use

  • Use this

list(Dict.values())[0] # Under the List

Pythonic duck-typing should in principle determine what an object can do, i.e., its properties and methods. By looking at a dictionary object one may try to guess it has at least one of the following: dict.keys() or dict.values() methods. You should try to use this approach for future work with programming languages whose type checking occurs at runtime, especially those with the duck-typing nature.

Use values()

>>> d = {1:-0.3246, 2:-0.9185, 3:-3985}

>>> d.values()
<<< [-0.3246, -0.9185, -3985]

For nested dicts, lists of dicts, and dicts of listed dicts, ... you can use

def get_all_values(d):
    if isinstance(d, dict):
        for v in d.values():
            yield from get_all_values(v)
    elif isinstance(d, list):
        for v in d:
            yield from get_all_values(v)
        yield d 

An example:

d = {'a': 1, 'b': {'c': 2, 'd': [3, 4]}, 'e': [{'f': 5}, {'g': 6}]}

list(get_all_values(d)) # returns [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

PS: I love yield. ;-)

To see the keys:

for key in d.keys():

To get the values that each key is referencing:

for key in d.keys():

Add to a list:

for key in d.keys():

Call the values() method on the dict.


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